Lexi Ray Playboy Coed of the Week March 4

Lexi Ray is the Playboy Coed of the Week for March 4. Lexi Ray is studying Nursing at the University of Kentucky.

Q and A with Playboy

Playboy: How’s your bedside manner?
Lexi: Nursing is very hands-on, so being attractive and knowing what you’re… doing definitely helps.

Playboy: What’s your prescription for fun?
Lexi: I think girls’ nights are very important. Recently one of my roommates and I got all dressed up in our cute little dresses and heels and had a blast. We danced and drank and just didn’t care what anyone else thought!

Playboy: How else do you like to blow off steam?
Lexi: I’m surprisingly good at shooting a gun! I love to go deer hunting and just practice my shot during the off-season. It’s a great way to get rid of stress.

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Playboy Blog Comments (4)


  1. Ken says:

    I really hope that Lexi Ray wins Coed of the Month!!!!!!!!

    She is one of the sexiest women I have ever seen. If she doesn’t win, the Universe will be thrown competely out of balance, and life as we know it will spontaneously implode!!!

    No, not really. But, she better win or the voters (or whoever else makes the final decision) is completely insane off their rocker!!!!!!!

    Yes, that little pinay (filapina girl) is smoking hot [despite her chosen hairstyle], but next to Lexi, she shouldn’t stand a chance!

    Lexi, if you are reading this, you can be the nurse at my bedside anytime!!!

    LEXI RAY MUST WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Adam says:

    HAHAHA!!!!!! i so went to high school with her!!!

  3. mspminyel says:

    Lexi’s photo shoot is incredibly hot…she looks great in the glasses and I love that well-placed tattoo!

  4. budiman says:

    How are you Miss Lexi? Miss Lexi,you have a beautiful face with or without glasses & amazing hot body. Miss Lexi,thank you for this photo. I hope will be another photo of your beauty&sexy body.

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