Sasckya Porto Playboy Playmate December 2007

Sasckya Porto is the Playboy Playmate for December 2007. Today Playboy re-released her exclusive online pictorial, restored for you in high def, along with her movies, so get in there and enjoy hi quality Playboy pics of Sasckya Porto.

“I like to wear no clothes,” says Sasckya Porto. “If it weren’t illegal to walk naked in the streets on a hot day, I would do it. For me it’s natural.” We can only imagine the riot Sasckya would cause if she were to climb nude out of a taxi onto a busy street in New York City, where she makes her home. She lures all eyes even when she’s fully clothed. The 23-year-old statuesque beauty stands five feet 10 inches, and that’s without heels. When she saunters down Fifth Avenue, she doesn’t so much walk as catwalk. And when she speaks, her Brazilian accent weakens the knees.

Why did Sasckya want to be a Playmate? “Why not?” she says, laughing. “In Brazil we are not ashamed of our bodies. I love nude beaches because you don’t get any marks on your body when you sun. So for me to pose for Playboy was not hard. Don’t get me wrong: Playboy is a classy magazine, the only one I would take my clothes off for.” When asked if she prefers Brazilian men to Americans, she answers, “I like all men–Brazilian, American, Chinese, Japanese, all of them! I like to talk to Americans most; they are more respectful than the others.”

Sasckya Porto Bio

Name: Sasckya Porto
Birthplace: Brazil
Bust: 34″ C
Waist: 23
Hips: 35
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 123 lbs

Ambitions: Since I have been a model for 10 years, I see my career going a little longer. Then I will start acting.
Turn-Ons: A serious, well-educated, masculine man. People who make me laugh.
Turnoffs: People who show off and smell bad.
My Favorite Song To Sing: Dido’s “Thank You.”
Sports I Play And Watch: Volleyball, golf and soccer. I enjoy watching baseball.
A Little About My Family: My parents were born in Brazil, and I have a younger brother and sister.
The Sexiest City In The World: New York City.
Myself In A Few Words: Classic, funny, simple, smart.

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  1. Dale A. Wood says:


    or however you say it in Portuguese!

    Zehr heiss in German !


  2. the black hawk says:

    i love sasckya porto

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