Hiromi Oshima Playboy Playmate June 2004

Hiromi Oshima is the Playboy Playmate for June 2004. Hiromi Oshima made several appearances in the Playboy Special Editions, and I found a set today that just had to be posted! Hiromi Oshima finds herself naked with a mad motorbike with a fat ass tire.. her naked body against the shiny chrome.. Hiromi Oshima looks amazingly sexy in these pictures.

In Japan, where curvaceous figures are not the fashion norm, Hiromi Oshima never entertained the idea of becoming a model. “I’m too buxom to be a Japanese model,” she says. “There it doesn’t matter if you have nice breasts or a booty. All the models are tiny and super skinny.” Hiromi’s life took a new turn when, during a trip to Florida, she had a chance meeting with a Playboy photographer, who was impressed with her looks. Convinced she should make a go of it in the States, she graduated from college with a degree in communications, moved to the Sunshine State and posed in several Playboy special editions before being picked as Miss June.

Hiromi Oshima Bio

Name: Hiromi Oshima
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Bust: 34″
Waist: 22″
Hips: 34″
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: 108 lbs

Ambitions: To pursue modeling and be a successful model.
Turn-Ons: Intelligence, positivity, sweetness, a good massage, confidence.
Turnoffs: Rude show-offs, bad breath.
Favorite Book: Catcher in the Rye, J. D. Salinger.
Who Makes Me Want To Dance: Outkast, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Nirvana, Justin Timberlake.
My Mtv Moment: A music video by Nelly, P. Diddy and Murphy Lee: “Shake Ya Tailfeather.”
Pets: I love cats and dogs, but I’m allergic.
Favorite Foods: Sushi, Thai — Pad Thai and Tom Kha Kai, Pizza! (Who doesn’t love it!?)

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Playboy Blog Comments (15)


  1. Cheek Terrence says:


  2. Ron says:

    She is a beautiful work of art! The smile, the hair, the breast, the clit, and the legs all compliment her sexiness!

  3. madkono says:


  4. Carlas Wedgeworth says:

    pure beauty.

  5. mikester says:

    Hiromi is my favorite PB model (heck model anywhere, hell woman!) by far. Easy choice for my favorite!

  6. Duckworth says:

    I keep on coming across Hiromi and every time it’s quite wonderful. I sigh and realize that the world is wonderful all the more given that women like Hiromi make it beautiful…..

  7. hornball says:


    I have seen thousands of beautiful girls in my life but this girl is tops!!!

  8. Athanatophobos says:

    I love the asian girls.

    I think Hiromi is one of the most beautiful asian girl, only Susie Lin is maybe more beautiful than her.

  9. faisal says:

    so hot…………………………………
    so sexy…………………………………..
    i want to hug u……………………….

  10. Juan says:

    Hiromi is my favorite Playmate just delicious

  11. Jovid says:

    Which of her pictures are more reecnt, the ones with her natural rack or the fakes?Hope she switched back from the fakes, they look terrible, and I’m digging her with the handful-sized ones.

  12. nick says:

    Beautiful sexy woman.

  13. Tim says:

    Ah, Hiromi…
    Of all the women in the world you are, in my humblest opinion, the most beautiful. Your sweet smile only complements your delectable body. I, as well as many others, am so very thankful you were discovered by Playboy and shared with the world. Would that I had but one wish to make it would be to receive an enormous hug and one of your sweet kisses planted gently on my cheek.
    It is women like you that show men like me there is TRUE beauty and grace in this world still. I wish you only the best. May all of your aspirations become achievements and all your dreams realities. I hope that one day we may meet and I might get a simple autograph… and perhaps that smooch!


  14. Jeffrey D. says:

    Dear Hiromi,

    You are – and will always be – my favorite and ultimate Playboy Playmate, and so much more! I love all your work and encourage you to keep it up! I have had so many Playmates to choose from over the years since I first became an avid reader of PB, but you became #1! My only regret is that is has taken me so long to write you this, and in any case, I feel that writing this to you – and I hope it does get to you – is a mere understatement of my fond appreciation for you.
    I hope one day that we can work on a shoot together, and perhaps even fit in a lunch at a sushi grill – my treat! You are invited to come visit Asheville, NC any day – it’s a beautiful city in the Blue Ridge Mountains and your presence there would only make it continue to shine! And of course, I would be more than honored to be your tour guide!
    Long days and pleasant nights, Honey Bunny – and may you have twice the number!

    Love, Now and Forever,
    Jeffrey D.

  15. andy says:

    Hiromi is so delicious I would eat her

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