Katrina Eugenia Playboy Barmate December 2010

Katrina Eugenia is the Playboy Barmate for December 2010. Katrina Eugenia is a busty brunette who works as a sexy bartender in New York, she loves to get down and dirty as the pictures suggest!

Playboy found out more about Katrina’s bartending skills

Katrina: Can I interest you in a Jell-O shot?…

Playboy: What are the special flavors at McFadden’s at 42nd and Second in New York?
Katrina: Tangerine, cherry and lime.

Playboy:Do you have a favorite?
Katrina: I like lime the best.

Playboy: Makes sense—green in an Irish bar. How does one shoot a substance such as Jell-O?
Katrina: You loosen it up like this. [sticks finger inside shot glass and swirls, then licks finger and smacks lips]

Playboy: Now that’s saleswomanship!
Katrina: I’m not just a Jell-O shot girl; I am quite the hustler if I do say so myself.

Playboy: With booty shorts like that you don’t need any other gimmick.
Katrina: They’re Nike yoga shorts.

Playboy: Have you considered posing nude?
Katrina: Oh, I went to art school. It was practically a requirement.

Playboy: Art school, eh?
Katrina: Yes. When I’m not serving Jell-O shots I’m a painter and photographer.

Playboy: We’d love to see your work, and when we do, we’ll bring you a Jell-O shot. Do you have a secret to making them?
Katrina: There’s a lot of nude me in my creative work. As for the Jell-O shots, it’s pretty simple—stripped down.


Read the directions on the box of your favorite flavor, but instead of water, use a half measure of vodka. Let the concoction set in plastic shot cups.

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November 13, 2010 | Playboy Barmates

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  1. Cheek Terrence says:

    “Katrina is a absolute stunner”

  2. jb says:

    Number 3 is great!
    She’s super cute, and the paint theme is original.

  3. shawn philhower says:

    good luck Katrina with the hottest bartender deff 1 in my books. love the colorful paintings you do lol.

  4. Nicole J says:

    Awe Katrina I havent seen you since high school, its great to see you following your dream! Keep on keeping on girl, way to go!

  5. chester says:

    katrina is a stunner, and her photo in the december issue is GORGEOUS. lets see more!

  6. Jenn says:

    good luck Katrina. You were always bold and beautiful in high school. Always follow your dreams.

  7. Dubb says:

    Katrina you’re beautiful. Best of luck

  8. PJS says:

    La Dolce Vita would be proud, Katrina. You look fabulous. Good Luck!

  9. rasin bran says:

    love the first pic

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