Shera Bechard Playboy Playmate November 2010

Shera Bechard is the Playboy Playmate for November 2010.

It is impossible to categorize our Miss November, a French Canadian beauty who likes to chill in jeans and a tank top and go horseback riding in the countryside. “I’m a shy girl who hates pretension,” she says. And though Shera scored a best actress award last year at the Austin, Texas-based Fantastic Fest — the country’s largest genre-film festival — for her avenging-angel turn in the grind-house thriller Sweet Karma. A few years later she had a chance encounter with Playboy cartoonist Doug Sneyd, which led to the pictorial currently before you. “Becoming a Playmate was a huge compliment, because the most beautiful women in the world appear in Playboy.” Don’t presume, however, that our snow angel’s good fortune will cause her humility to drift. “When people see me they think I’m going to be full of myself, but they quickly find out otherwise,” she says. “I love proving them wrong. When people say I’m beautiful, I always say thank you! But I can promise you I’m not thinking, Yeah, I know. I will always be flattered.”

Shera Bechard Bio

Name: Shera Bechard
Birthplace: Kapuskasing, Ontario
Bust: 34D
Waist: 26
Hips: 36
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 116 lbs

Ambitions: To model, act, study perfumery and one day open my dream bed-and-breakfast in Costa Rica.
Turn-Ons: Guys who make me laugh so hard I hyperventilate! I’m also partial to cowboys with a bit of facial hair.
Turnoffs: Men who aren’t open to exploring their sexuality with me. But don’t be too macho, boys — I can’t stand overblown egos!
My Current Crushes: Ziggy, Arthur and Rufus Doofus. Who are they? My dwarf rabbit and two scruffy cats.
Television Addictions: Dexter, Desperate Housewives, Curb Your Enthusiasm and any BBC show about animals and the earth.
Get Me A Plane Ticket To: The south of France, Germany, Iceland or somewhere in Canada I haven’t been, like Newfoundland. I adore experiencing different cultures. Bring it on!

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November 3, 2010 | Playboy Playmates, Shera Bechard

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  1. Cheek Terrence says:

    Shera is a perfect 10.

  2. jb says:

    Showering never looked so good.
    The 2nd shot is very natural and less standard playboy fare.
    Nice one.

  3. Anoop Kumar (aka prish) says:

    hi shera. i am prish from india. i saw u in d playboy mag. november
    issue of 2010.

    Jus wanna say u look great n r really beautiful .

    thanx a lot

  4. madkono says:

    i wouldn’t give shera, a perfect 10, but thats as high as i’m allowed!!!

  5. lee says:

    my world will be perfect with shera…..

  6. Rupert says:

    She’s got that realy classy look that I like so much.

  7. Kir Koloft says:

    Beautiful girl, 10/10

    She looklike an angel, a sexy angel 😉

  8. shadow says:

    nice looking, but 8/10

  9. jake says:

    she is a GENIUS!

  10. dammam says:

    hi shera. i am dammam from pakistan. i saw u in d playboy mag. november
    issue of 2010.

    Jus wanna say u look great n r really beautiful .

    thanx a lot

  11. Brian says:

    Perfect Angel!

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