Kylie Johnson Playboy Playmate February 2011

Kylie Johnson is the Playboy Playmate for February 2011. A Valentine’s Day bouquet of smarts, looks and love, Kylie Johnson feeds her soul with an array of passions–from John Steinbeck to the Pittsburgh Steelers to screamo bands. “I was a cheerleader for years, but I was the cheerleader who listened to hard-core metal music,” says the straight-A nursing student. (“If I get a C, stay out of my way!”) Though born in California (the goddess-like marvel of an African American father and a mother of German descent), Kylie grew up in upstate New York, where today she lives to snowboard at the region’s famous Kissing Bridge ski resort. “How cute is that–the Kissing Bridge? Totally Valentine’s Day, right?” So how does Miss February–who believes that being sexy means “being approachable and kind”–rock romance? “I’m very rock-and-roll, but I’m also very romantic. I’m always spreading the love–always! All I want to do is cuddle all day and convince you not to go to work the next morning. Let’s romance each other.”

Kylie Johnson Bio

Name: Kylie Johnson
Birthplace: Fort Ord, California
Bust: 32D
Waist: 25
Hips: 35
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: 107 lbs

Ambitions: To complete my nursing degree, become an anesthetist and start my own family.
Turn-Ons: Established, intellectual older men who can mentally, emotionally and sexually stimulate me.
Turnoffs: Cockiness, of course, lack of ambition and irresponsible, out-of-control losers. Grr….
Musical Passion: Metalcore screamo bands like As Blood Runs Black and Miss May I never fail to thrill me.
Favorite Novel: The tragically beautiful Of Mice and Men. (Isn’t it ironic that Lennie loves rabbits?)
My Dream Valentine’s Day Date: Walk to a bistro for a romantic dinner, go home, pop in a movie and cuddle while listening to our hearts beat until we can’t help but make love. Bliss!

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February 2, 2011 | Kylie Johnson, Playboy Playmates

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Playboy Blog Comments (26)


  1. Tennessee says:

    Kylie Baby, I just can’t get enough of you, Damn Your Gorgeous

  2. xJonHolex (Atlanta) says:

    wow, beautiful AND great taste in music!! a perfect 10!!

  3. Emmanuel C says:

    Damn, you’re beautiful AND with good tastes in music, you’re amazing. 😀 if I may make a suggestion, listen to August Burns Red, a little heavier and more coordinated than As Blood Runs Black

  4. Jason D says:

    I love a sexy girl with good taste in music! ABR! Pennsylvania boys! They are excellent. Also Attila is really good too!

  5. Grroovy says:

    You must be stoked that ABRB release a new EP this month. Good luck with your Nursing!!

  6. I, Artificial says:

    A girl like her would be idealistic! Favorite playmate by far.

  7. Cody Fillmore says:

    Other then having a wonderful body, you have a GREAT taste in music!!!!!
    Beautiful, and Brutal!!! \m/

  8. Phill says:

    lol ABR is heavier than ABRB? Jokes kid. Any ways, nice tits =).

  9. steven m says:

    The most beautiful playmate i have seen in years. I vote her playmate of the year !

  10. Greg says:

    How come in your data sheet pictures (A Beautiful Brat, My Days As A Cheerleader, And High School Senior), you have and brown eyes and then your photo shoot pictures, you have light color eyes?

  11. Kylie,

    I am not sure what your long-term goals are after obtaining your nursing degree, but I would encourage you to chose your friends very carefully. No seriously, Jesus made the mistake of trusting Judas, and you know what happen to him. Happy Valentines Day and please don’t forget to honor Jehovah daily in some form.


  12. Andrew Kennedy Kinyanjui says:

    You are indeed a lovely Creation of God!(Psalm 139:14).I hope you agree with this verse! I am glad that you are pursuing your career in Nursing! I studied Political Science in the States,(University Of Maine ,Orono,Maine) and i enjoyed College life! I used to visit Daytona Beach and once interned in Orlando! Your country is so beautiful! The girls was so lovely! but it was difficult to get to know them since they were wary of me,as a foreigner! I am from Kenya,(unfortunately for me!).I now work as a real estate developer,here in Kenya!So.. i am an older dude! I am interested in getting married! but,i would want to know the special person,to get married to! I am a hopeless romantic,and ia m glad that you are one too! I am also” a one woman man”( if there is such a thing!).I believe,iam a perfect gentlman and would like to know more about you! <3.Andrew.

  13. Hafer says:

    I luv U Kylie Johnson

  14. Joseph says:

    Although, it’s still a bit early for me to make a call on who’s my favorite Playmate of the year, Kylie Johnson is definately my favorite so far. I love those eyes.

  15. Eric says:

    Kylie, you are better than gorgeous – you’re simply STUNNING! I guarantee you’ll be Playmate of the Year and I don’t even have to see the rest of the months!

  16. Elais says:

    Kylie, you the best and BRIGHTEST ASTERISK in beautiful heavens! You in can become the first beauty of year!!!

  17. Myk Sanchez says:

    Who cares what music she listens to. Also, who the hell cares what you guys consider to be good music. She’s probably one of the best looking girls to ever grace a Playboy-anything. Playboy’s been completely irrelevant for years but with a woman like Kylie representing them Playboy might actually matter again. Stay beautiful Kylie…

  18. Tennessee says:

    You Deserve To Be Playboy’s Next Top Model, Your Just Absoulutely Astonishing, Please, Let Her Be #1 Theres Nothing I Like More Than This beauty Queen Right Here, I love to meet You, God There’s Nothing I would’nt Do To Be Next To You, I wish I knew u back then

  19. ultraerect says:

    I can’t resist. wanna eat you up! sexy and beautiful! gorgeous!

  20. Reshmi says:

    I had a hard time believing if Playboy was a classy thing or not but i definetly think you are a classy girl. I’m just wondering why you posed for playboy and what you’re thoughts are on people thinking you are objectifying yourself.

  21. Lovestruck says:

    O.K. Kylie here goes, I have somewhat recovered from the knock out I got when I saw a picture of you for the first time. After watching all your videos and looking at all your pictures I admit I was in a heavy love trance for several weeks and no woman I have been with had ever made me feel that way and I had felt more from you just by looking at your picture. I know sounds a little much but that’s just what happened. I still feel the same way it has just settled. I can tell you I have seen many beautiful women in person, videos and pictures but none of them did to me what you did. Not by a longshot. I hope whoever you allow to be with you is doing everything they can to love you and recieve your love. I know I wish it was me.

  22. RS says:

    After a hard day at work,getting with you and taking a hot shower gets me relax! You are so hot baby!

  23. ronald gutu says:

    kylie you are such a gorgeous lady ready to ride warm to hug .

  24. Bic says:

    Ohh Kylie you are so so yummy and just absolutely amazingly gorgeous I vote you for PMOY 2012!

  25. Cs says:


  26. gmamazed says:

    Kylie your body is beautiful,its your face that I find to be simply Gorgeous. You have such beautiful eyes & lips. I always look at the face first and your face is perfect.Now you take your gorgeous face & awsome body & add a brain well you can’t get any sexier than that. A smart beautiful women is the best combo you can have & you have the best of everything. Good luck with your nursing..

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