Grace Kim Playboy Playmate November 2008

Grace Kim is the Playboy Playmate for November 2008. Something about Grace Kim really strikes a chord with us, and it’s not just the way she handles her instrument. When we met the guitar goddess during her shoot at Playboy Studio West, her enthusiasm about life was infectious. “I’ve always been a rebel,” says Grace. “I play a mean game of Guitar Hero, and I’m willing to challenge anybody. I must warn you I’m a very sore loser — at any game.” Creative expression is vital to Miss November — “I feel I can express myself better through writing. It’s a pure, passionate love of mine” — and music and art are in her genes. Her mom is a calligrapher, her dad a violinist and her brother a pianist and guitarist.

At 29 Grace has been affectionately dubbed the “den mother” by other Playmates, and with that maturity and perspective she has begun writing a book of dating tips aimed at L.A. guys. “It’s kind of like a Tom Leykis one-on-one from a girl’s point of view,” she says. “I like a well-rounded sense of humor in a man, with goofiness, sarcasm and wit all combined. I also love shaved heads — maybe it’s a fetish.” Grace says her ideal date is a round of Guitar Hero or Rock Band with perks. “The incentives are pretty good,” she says, laughing. We’re so game.

Grace Kim Bio

Name: Grace Kim
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
Bust: 34C
Waist: 21
Hips: 32
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 108 lbs

Ambitions: Continue my career as a Playmate, have my book published and be happy and healthy.
Turn-Ons: Intelligence, an excellent sense of humor (goofy, sarcastic and witty), ambition, creativity and shaved heads.
Turnoffs: Poor tippers (pet peeve!), poseurs, pessimists, people who sweat the small stuff, fake cockiness and loud/obnoxious guys.
Someone I Look Up To And Why: My mom. She is the strongest and most giving woman I have ever known.
My Six Favorite Video Games Ever: Rock Band, Pac-Man, Halo 3, Super Smash Bros., Madden NFL 08, Mario Kart Wii.
A Band I’d Love To Jam With: Led Zeppelin, hands down!
My Favorite Outdoor Activity: Snowboarding.
A Typical Thanksgiving With My Family: An insanely delicious feast of both cultures: American (turkey, stuffing, etc.) and Korean (“kalbi” beef ribs, “kimchi” spicy pickled radish, etc.).

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May 4, 2011 | Grace Kim, Playboy Playmates

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Playboy Blog Comments (10)


  1. Carlas Wedgeworth says:

    she is absolutely gorgeous. i love koreans, korean-american.

  2. Raynauld Lamon Bishop says:

    Hello Grace,

    I hope that you are doing well. Personally, I wish that I could tell you that I am peaceable, but I am preparing for an upcoming accounting exam. Therefore, I have decided to plead the fifth. Happy Sweetest Day!

    Raynauld Lamon

  3. Raynauld Lamon Bishop says:

    Hello Grace,

    I meant to wish you Happy Thanksgiving last week, but I got detained with academic endeavors. Nevertheless,
    I wish you a happy belated Thanksgiving. Please make sure to avoid stuffed turkey festivals in the future if possible. Oh Yes! please keep thinking about law school, because I need a good lawyer in my future business crew.

    Raynauld Lamon

  4. surajit dutta says:

    Hi Grace,
    u r the most beautiful lady that I have ever seen. Ur slim nice figure especially ur long black beautiful hair make me completely mad about u. I think I fall in love with u. Have a nice day

  5. Raynauld Lamon (Bishop) says:

    Hello Grace,

    Happy Valentines Day.

    Raynauld Lamon (Bishop)

  6. Raynauld Lamon (Bishop) says:


    I am sorry that I did not e-mail you on Mother’s Day. Nevertheless, I hope that you enjoy the day, and I hope that you will allow me to make you a mother one day, Buddha Love. My last semester GPA was 3.3/4.0. I will be working really hard this semester to maintain my momentum this semester, I will try to beat that GPA, during the summer and the Fall. What can I tell you. I hit my year of hell in the MBA program. I love you Grace.


  7. Ty Piotong says:

    Hey Grace,

    You are definitely a stunner and unique since you like different things out of the ordinary. I’m just a small time male Asian gogo dancer atm. Kind of exotic.haha Wish I could bump into you in Toronto someday and hang out in korea town.

    Love you lots. xoxo

  8. Raynauld Lamon (Bishop) says:


    During Easter, I used to enjoy waking up in the morning to find a Easter basket with candy and a chocolate bunny. Perhaps, we can compromise and I can wake to see you holding a basket full of candy Graci. Happy Easter Buddha Love.


  9. Raynauld Lamon Bishop says:


    This Summer I will be working at Covergys so that I can earn money to pay for securities exams. This summer I will also be trying to secure a research position or a university job that will allow me to pursue my research interests.

    My goal after securing the appointment will be to publish papers, and develop prototypes that I can take to market so that I can get start up funding for a company idea of mine. Oh Yes still holding the same GPA of 3.3.

    I have not changed by graduation schedule for the Fall. I am planning to graduate in December with my MBA. my entrepreneurship studies will be finished during the Summer of 2016 or the Fall of 2016. Needless to say, I will continue to keep you posted on my direction once my studies have ended. My new cellular number is 312-806-3163. Please contact me and let me know if you want to attend my graduation. I hope that you have a great Mother’s Day Graci.

    Raynauld Lamon (Bishop)

  10. Raynauld Lamon Bishop says:


    Happy Fourth of July Weekend. Just for the Record my MBA internship is going well.



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