Luiza Hryniewicz Playboy Magazine October 2011

Luiza Hryniewicz is a gorgeous Polish swimmer who makes a splash in this month’s Playboy. Now 21, Luiza was a Junior European champion at age 15 in funnily enough the 50m breaststroke race. Luiza is quoted as saying “Swimming was fun, but modelling is better. The swimming helped shape my figure and that’s helped me get the photo shoots I always wanted.”

Well togs off Luiza lets check out your hot swimmers body!

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September 17, 2011 | Playboy International Models

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  1. bic says:


  2. Clifford says:

    Hot hot heat.

  3. Vendeta says:

    So beautifull !!! I like you so much. Thank you for this incredible pictures, you are just perfect !
    Luiza, you must be the playmate of October….

  4. Bob S, says:

    Why can`t I find a girl like that?

  5. madkono says:

    “SWEEEEEEEEET”!!! please stay away, from any docs!!! your perfect!!!

  6. Patman says:

    hey bob s there not councilors man, hey Luiza sweety you are so beautiful,,,,,xx

  7. Secret Admirer says:

    Exquisite look of great natural beauty, innocents and angelic face with the prettiest eyes any guy could ever want in a beautiful girl!

  8. Playboy Fanatic says:

    Pictures of perfection! A 10 for every dive too!

  9. Playboy Fanatic says:

    After judging Luiza’s diving I would also have to dive in the cold water!

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