Karin Noelle Playboy Barmate December 2011

Karin Noelle is the Playboy Barmate for December 2011. You may recall 1 year ago Karen Noelle was our Cybergirl of the Week, and it seems like she has added bartending to her impressive resume which includes professional stallion wrangler.

Karen’s thoughts from behind the bar…. “Tips are better than bad pickup lines. A guy once handed me $300 for two beers. That got my attention.
Drunk men think they can win you over by starting a fight with another guy. Trust me, it never works.
Every bartender judges a man by what he drinks. No matter how good-looking you are, we’ll laugh at you if you order something too girlie.”

With her 32D-23-31, drunk men giving her over sized tips is bound to happen! See all of her barmate and Cybergirl pictures at Playboy.

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November 12, 2011 | Karin Noelle, Playboy Barmates

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  1. Athanatophobos says:

    Very beautiful angel with a wonderful body.

  2. Clifford says:

    You are a very beautiful woman, Karin. Thank you for being classy enough to show us your goodies.

  3. Guy says:

    Oh what a beautiful lady! Nice tits, delicious pussy and I love her skin. Gorgeous!

  4. faiz says:


  5. Danial says:

    Hi there.
    Thanx for your generosity Karin.
    I love every asset you have and what i love most about you is your beautiful golden wavy hair as i believe that hair is god’s gift tiara to every woman.
    Keep up the good job.

    P/S: I’d love to see more of you.

  6. Chase says:

    In my opinion, probably the most beautiful girl i have ever seen! No jokke I have to meet her!

  7. ted says:

    Karin has it all!! WOW!! the dark skin, the perfect body…those legs are so soft and long looking, muscle tone is so beautiful, followed by that hot little ass and great curves! PERFECT body! gorgeous face and hair…i am in love!! :-)

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