Pamela Horton Playboy Playmate October 2012

Pamela Horton is the Playboy Playmate for October 2012. It’s an indisputable fact: Art envelopes every aspect of Pamela Horton’s life. “I embrace any art form,” says the 24 year old multimedia artiste from Kansas. “I’ve delved into everything, acrylics, pastels,
sculpting, and even glassblowing.” Inspiration has a tendency to strike her at will. “When I hear a song – especially a Queen song – I picture an image in my head that I must put down on paper. I’ve also always loved video games and comic books, so when I paint in oil, I start with something realistic, but it inevitably scoots off into cartoon territory. I’m definitely prone to the fantastic!”

Pamela actually began her career on the other side of the canvas as a nude model. “There are very few nude models in Kansas because it’s such a conservative place. But I think the human body is God’s greatest artistic creation, so I have always been totally comfortable posing nude. I see myself and everyone else as a piece of art.” Since we consider Pamela a masterpiece, we enlisted her for our cover in addition to her duties as Miss October. “I’ve had many blessings in my life, but this double whammy is the biggest of them all,” says Pamela, who is attending Wichita State University for two years with the intention of becoming a children’s art therapist. “I loved school, and I’m dying to return,” she says. “But for now, my head is reeling from the opportunity before me. Catch me before I faint, because this is the most emotional moment of my entire life!”

Pamela Horton Bio

Bust: 32C
Waist: 22
Hips: 35
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 110 lbs
Birthplace: Whittier, California

Ambitions: To work for a well known video game company as a character designer. Acting wouldn’t be bad :)
Turn-ons: A man (or woman :) ) with a strong physique who isn’t afraid to hit the gym with me!!
Turnoffs: Guys who can’t appreciate a person for who they are on the inside. Thanks for thinking I’m pretty, but this girl is looking for a real connection.
Feline Pals: I would not be able to survive without snuggles from my three cats, Moose, Squirrel and Turtle
My Confession: I am obsessed with MMOs! I love being known as every gamer guys dream. It makes me feel sexy!
My Favourite Artist: My father. He definitely has a unique vintage style. I learned from the very best!
My Hero: Freddie Mercury, the creative mastermind!

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September 25, 2012 | Pamela Horton, Playboy Playmates

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Playboy Blog Comments (12)


  1. Athanatophobos says:

    I’ve been waiting these photo shoots for a long time.

    She’s so beautiful.

  2. Aaron says:

    Extraordinarily sweet coincidence that I was just watching a Queen concert from ’81 in Montreal on Palladia, and although I’ve always loved their music, had never seen them live, wow, it was really like an artistic tour de force, every single song was performed with a high level of not only technical virtuosity but clearly had been lovingly prepared for the live audience before the tour because even the nuances of the solos and slight changes and segues between songs were a unique treat for the show. For a music, and indeed art, lover, that is truly fantastic entertainment. That the band members were creative geniuses and perfectionists cannot be doubted.
    Congratulations on your modelling success dear Pamela.
    Of course I’ve rated you a perfect 10.

  3. NDfan says:

    Very nice. A work of art herself.

  4. happy says:

    Beautiful lady.10 all the way. Pls show these photos to the “overexposer” that seems to shot most if your cyber girls! This is how great photographer captures beauty! Hope this issue is at the post office waiting fig me:)

  5. Athanatophobos says:

    According some sources, the November PoM will be Sherlyn Chopra.

    She would be the first Indian woman to be on cover of the magazine.

  6. Playboy Blog Admin Playboy Blog Admin says:

    thanks for that mate, i hadnt seen that info yet.. i wonder what happened to Danielle Burt??

  7. Tim says:

    Well, there you have it…. Living proof that there is a God and that Angels do walk the earth. Were this back in the day of the Roman Empire, Star Consulations would have been named after you Pamela… All the best for your future endeavors…

  8. Antonio G says:

    Outstanding looking woman. Glamourous but still with the girl nest door natural look…Loved it.

  9. Athanatophobos says:

    At last, we know the name of the November PoM : she is Britany Nola, a beautiful blonde angel.

  10. Martin says:

    Unbelievable beautiful.


  11. ted says:

    Beautiful woman with a gorgeous body, great tits and nipples and love the clean shaven, smooth and soft look of that sweet pussy! those hips curve ohh so perfectly!! That is one gorgeous woman!!

  12. Ethan says:

    she is so beautiful words cannot describe every inch of her is more beautiful than the most beautiful scenery she is a masterpiece !

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