Shawn Dillon Looks Incredible in Her Pink Bikini

With long, wavy, blonde hair cascading seductively around her shoulders and down her back, a gorgeous face, and a stunning figure – Shawn Dillon is the ultimate Playboy Playmate. She wears a tiny pink bikini for a day on the beach and we imagine that even the seagulls are taking notice. Even in these non-nude shots, this tantalizing beauty is pure sensuality. Any man within range of her charms would undoubtedly feel a confused combination of worshipful awe – and powerful desire.

Shawn Dillon seems to glow with an inner light. Her golden skin and shimmering hair combine with her dazzling smile to create a scintillating air around her. To see her is to adore her, and we do. We definitely do!

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March 4, 2013 | Playboy Playmates, Shawn Dillon

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Playboy Blog Comments (7)


  1. ted says:

    too many pictures with too many cloths on! Hot little lady like Shawn should be showing off that hot petite body! She looks amazing in a bikini however!

  2. dewey bowyer says:

    who shot this pictorial ? her playboy shoot wasn’t the quality it should have been . shawn is amazingly beautiful girl, but it should have been as good or better than this shoot with clothes on . i’m hoping she has many more higher quality shoots !!! she deserves it!!!

  3. Mike Bernard says:

    Hey Hef!

    Shawn is a winner.


  4. Antonio G says:

    This is why God Created women.Perfection!

  5. very hot says:

    Looks fantastic. Good Job !

  6. Nick says:

    Shawn is gorgeous, more Shawn please.

  7. pblover says:

    why not drop the top she is so beautiful?

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