The Language of Lingerie Special March 2013

There is something truly magical about lingerie. It has the power to make a woman feel and appear sexier. It can also communicate a lot about the kind of woman you’re with – or the mood she is in.

Sexy black leather lingerie is hot and gives a woman the air of power and domination. A woman in leather always looks just a little dangerous. Change that to some skin tight garment made of rubber and your hot babe just went from dangerous to dangerously kinky! Put your dangerous lady in silk or lace and suddenly, she’s pure sensuality and feminine charm.

The right lingerie can do amazing things to set the tone for your sexual adventures together, and most of all, it’s just plain fun. A naked woman is definitely hot, sexy, and beautiful – but lingerie is like the glorious icing on the cake – making it that much more difficult to keep your fingers off. No wonder we can’t get enough of these gorgeous Playboy babes in their lingerie!

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March 8, 2013 | Playboy Special Features

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Playboy Blog Comments (15)


  1. William says:

    Who is the name of the model lying naked in bed? Anyone know? She is very pretty, I hope she was a Playmate.

    I am also interested in Karolina Szymczak. She first appeared in Playboy USA March 2013 (page 68-73). One of the most perfect woman I have ever seen. I hope Playboy Blog to consider that he presented here. I want to see more. I think she will be one of the best playmate all the time.


  2. ted says:

    these pictures made my Friday!! WOW!! The first couple pics of the woman in black leather, she is HOTT!! HOTT!! HOTT!! Smoken hot body, and so beautiful! The leather is so sexy and the pussy sneaking a peak from behind looking at that hot ass just made movement in my pants!!! GREAT PICS!!!!!!! I score this a 10!!

  3. B Rad says:

    Stockings are super sexy!!!

  4. Derek says:

    Who is the gorgeous brunette, from the first two photos, in the black corset and thigh high stockings? I could swear I’ve seen her somewhere before. Oh that’s right…she the girl of my dreams!! More please.

  5. Seconded! says:

    I also want to know the name of the model lying in bed, as well as the lady in the first picture.

    It’s really cruel to post pictures like this and not list their names so we can at least search for more.

    Please get back to us, Admin(s)!

  6. Playboy Elle Playboy Elle says:

    Sorry guys – Playboy didn’t put any names with the pictorial – so I don’t have any to post. :(

  7. madkono says:

    seconded!- the one lying down(which i like too) is the same as the one sitting in the 2nd pic!!!

  8. rockjack says:


  9. Athanatophobos says:

    The wowen are : Elizaveta Kiryukhina , Elzbieta Pawlak and Marketa Gubalova.

  10. Playboy Blog Admin Playboy Blog Admin says:

    you are a wealth of information my good fellow!

  11. zzddgg says:

    Who is the name of the model lying naked in bed? She is very pretty, I hope she was a Playmate.

  12. zzddgg says:

    Athanatophobos ,you are great!

  13. madkono says:

    she was??? i hope she “IS”!!! she is stunning!!!

  14. wallbngr says:

    The woman in the bed is GORGEOUS

  15. Theo says:

    woman on the bed is Liza Kei and she has appeared in Treats! Fashion Mag and others Im not certain she has also done playboy.

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