Thuy Li and Terri Hammer Strip Each Other

When you want to see poetic artistry in motion, look no further than Thuy Li and Terri Hammer. These stunning Playboy Amateurs pose so beautifully together, it is the ultimate eye candy – sweet, tangy and delicious that dances upon the tongue. Thuy possesses the exotic charm of her Vietnamese heritage. Next to her, Terri appears almost to be made of alabaster – so fine and pale and perfect is her complexion. Together, their slim curves fit together with amazing symmetry – every pose stunning and sublime.

Women like Thuy Li and Terri Hammer are a gentle reminder that beauty and magic exist in the world – lightening things up for the rest of us mortal beings. Women this tantalizing don’t just come along every day. When they do – it’s no surprise when they become Playboy Amateurs!

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April 27, 2013 | Playboy Amateurs, Terri Hammer, Thuy Li

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  1. James Abo says:

    cant see full size, just doesnt load

  2. Playboy Blog Admin Playboy Blog Admin says:

    working here… check now

  3. ted says:

    WOW!! What else could you ask for, 2 hott petite natural woman with gorgeous bodies…Nearly perfect shape and size tits, those big perky nipples and what a hott, HOTT picture of those two beautiful woman showing off those amazing little asses!! Amazing!! i am so jealous of the camera man!!

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