Audrey Aleen Allen Bares Her Nude Body Under a Pink Towel

Wearing a sexy white shirt and no pants, Audrey Aleen Allen stands so you can admire her perfect backside. The tantalizing Playboy Playmate loves to show off her lush physique. Her long dark-blonde hair hangs softly down her back and her legs are long and supple. When she turns around, her big, chunky seashell necklace blocks the view of her breasts, but you know they are there – firm and supple. No worries – Audrey Aleen Allen whips her shirt off so you can get the view you so strongly desire.

Her golden curves tantalize and her flat tummy beckons you to hold her close. This Playboy Playmate is totally irresistible and she loves knowing you are enjoying the view of her incredible sensuous natural beauty.

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June 9, 2013 | Audrey Allen, Playboy Playmates

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  1. Steve says:

    Audrey Allen is one of the hottest playmates in recent memory. Her face is gorgeous and her body is out of this world.

  2. tommy says:

    a natural, much appreciated!

  3. Paulo says:

    Nice photos and gorgeous woman

  4. ted says:

    What a beautiful natural looking woman with great curves! I love how she shows off that sweet little ass like she is confident her body is near flawless! Gorgeous, perky natural round tits are just that…Gorgeous! What a sexy woman! :-)

  5. Tim Delong says:

    best butt i’ve ever seen

  6. madkono says:

    veeeerry nice!!!

  7. wallbngr says:

    Playboy has always tried to Capture “the Girl Next Door ” In look and in Personality ..
    Few playmates do Both ,Audrey does both well, PMOY !!!

  8. dan says:

    She is the most beautiful woman ive ever seen from minnesota!! Im from minnesota. Actually like 20 minutes from where she is from. But she is also the prettiest ive seen in playboy. Alot of girls look skanky in theses mags. She doesnt. Thats just real art. Plain and simple. No flaws at all. Keep doing the photoshoots!!

  9. Andrew Johnston says:

    Audrey is one of the most beautiful PMs of all time! She is certainly worthy of being PMOY2014!

  10. pblover says:

    very curvy ass

  11. John D. says:

    Beautiful young lady. Perfect body and my favorite Playboy model of all time.

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