Bryiana Noelle to be Playboy Playmate September 2013??

It appears that Bryiana Noelle will be the Playboy Playmate for September 2013. Bryiana is 21 years old and a mixture of Filipino, Chinese, Spanish, Cherokee, Blackfoot, and Caucasian. Bryiana has worked the pageant circuit previously but now thanks to Josh Ryan will be a Playboy Playmate! Whether it’s that sly grin or when she gives you that big ear-to-ear smile, you’ll fall for this exotic siren’s intoxicating good looks.

Bryiana Noelle Stats

Measurements : 31C-24-32.5
Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 85 lbs
Dress: 0
Shoe: 6.0
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown

Bryiana Noelle is very active on twitter (@breebaybie) and instagram (@breeebear) so be sure to follow her. Enjoy these pictures of Bryiana from around the web, you’re just going to have to wait for the nude ones!!! With a woman this hot, it doesn’t matter how much or how little she’s got on – every photo of her hits you in just the right spot!

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July 7, 2013 | Bryiana Noelle, Playboy Playmates

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Playboy Blog Comments (9)


  1. athanatophobos says:

    Wondeful babe too.

    In 2014, it will be hard to choose the PoY.

  2. Ian M. says:

    Finally Playboy found a beautiful creature part mermaid and part goddess!

  3. wallbngr says:

    This Has Been an EXCELLENT year for Playmates This girl is GORGEOUS

  4. John says:

    This is what, the 4th tiny, barely legal, racially ambiguous PMOM this year? I know Playboy goes through phases, but this is getting ridiculous.

  5. Playboy Blog Admin Playboy Blog Admin says:

    how is 21 barely legal? are you for real?

  6. John says:

    I am 100% for real. I want to be clear first that in no way do I dislike Bryiana or mean her any ill will. She is a very cute girl, and I wish her all the best. But it is important to make the distinction that 21 in the year 2013 is not the same as it was in the year 1953. Society has changed, humans have changed, and most importantly the readers of Playboy have changed. If you think about a 21 year old in 1953, it was not uncommon for that person to be married, have a home, and possibly even a child or two. That was normal behavior for a 21 year old in the United States. By the time they were 30, they were firmly in middle age, and by 45 it was entirely possible they were grandparents.

    In 2013, things are different. It is uncommon to find a 21 year old who is not still financially and emotionally dependent on their parents, one who has established themselves in a career, or even one who entered into a domestic and stable “adult” existance. Instead, the notion of adultness has been pushed back beyond a simple legal notion of age of majority to a point in the mid to late 20’s. That fact, coupled with the advancements in health and beauty means that women no longer are over the hill at 30, they have only just begun their adulthood. You have viable models well into their late 30s now with regularity, a fact that would be unheard of 60 years ago.

    Because of that change in the notion of adultness, Playboy does a huge disservice to their PMOM by selecting them at such a young age. They are unprepared for being a PMOM, and in turn, Playboy does not get the best possible results from their PMOMs. Being a PMOM is more than just looking good nude for 7 pages, you are the living embodiment of the Playboy brand. That’s an awful lot to ask a 21 year old, but a 28 year old would be much better prepared to handle the challenge.

    That is only part of the point I made though. While 21 is very much a child, also important is the fact that whomever selects the girls to put on Hef’s desk clearly is putting forth a large number of girls of a certain “type”. I can appreciate that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Playboy has 3M eyes to please, and you’d like to get more. Why not mix it up a little? Why not add some models that appeal to women (the key – and mostly overlooked – demo for the survival of the brand), add some models that are a little older, or choose models with interesting stories and backgrounds? If the Playmate is interesting, the brand is interesting, because the Playmate is the brand. Right now it’s like hearing the same song on the radio over and over. Even if it’s a great song, you’re going to get tired of it eventually.

  7. HRJH says:

    Will there be a September 2013 actual issue of the magazine? Or will Bryiana appear in a double Sept/Oct Issue, and when would it be expected to be published? Thanks.

  8. Playboy Blog Admin Playboy Blog Admin says:

    Not sure when Sept is released, Bryiana is supposed to be the Playmate, and Carly Miss October from what i gather

  9. madkono says:

    john- do those 30 and 40 somethings, still living in mom’s basement, fit that “adultness” category??? there’re many 21 yo’s, who have more matuity in their pinkies, then 40 yo’s!!!

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