Miranda Jordan is a Sexy Blonde Showing Her Boobies

Blonde bombshell Miranda Jordan is one of those Playboy Coeds that make you want to rush right back to school. You may not have any idea what you want to study, but studying her exquisite physique definitely runs high on the list. Slim and tempting, this babe looks so fine in a tiny pair of black panties and a denim jacket that your mouth hangs open at the view. When she turns around and reveals that under that jacket, she’s topless, it just gets even better.

Her long, straight hair is like a fall of gossamer silk flowing down her back. Her skin is like honey and cream. She slides off her jacket and her black panties are quick to follow. Miranda Jordan wants you to study her body and memorize every inch. There will be a test and this Playboy Coed does not grade on a curve!

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July 20, 2014 | Miranda Jordan, Playboy Coeds

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  1. Bob says:

    young pretty girl. Just wow

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