Chelsie Aryn Announced as Playboy Playmate of the Month March 2015

Chelsie Aryn is the Playmate of the Month for March 2015. The brunette beauty of Japanese and German descent grew up in a small town in upstate New York. She says she was a classic rural girl listening to country music and obsessing over vintage cars and motorcycles. She says she was shy and awkward as a kid but learned to grow out of her shell with help from her high school cheerleading coaches.

After high school Chelsie wanted to go to college and study early childhood education. Her teachers and parents told her to pursue modeling because she could always go back to school later in life, but her body wouldn’t stay the same as her 18-year-old self. She had always been interested in the profession throughout her life. Her mother loved photography and used Chelsie as her subject. As a teenager, she began uploading pictures to MySpace and began growing a following.

Before appearing in the magazine Chelsie won Playboy’s Miss Social contest in March 2011, although she never intended to enter it. While voting for one of her friends who entered, she filled out a survey thinking it was to create a profile. She ended up moving on to the next round without realizing she was even competing for anything. She ended up going to Florida and the Dominican Republic without access to the Internet during the finals and still won the contest, even though she had no ability to promote herself on social media. It takes a special kind of girl to win a beauty contest without even trying.

Winning Miss Social opened a lot of doors for Chelsie. Ever since she was 13 she wanted to be a Playmate. She told Playboy, “I scoured my dad’s Playboys and was blown away by how drop-dead gorgeous the girls were. I wanted to be part of their family.” Besides Playboy, she’s also appeared in Super Street Bikes, Cookie for Him and NY Rider.

For her Playmate pictorial shoot, Playboy shot Chelsie in the desert and dressed her up in black leather. “It was super sexy,” she says. “I felt like a Western gangster. I felt super at home too, because I wear cowboy boots all the time in real life.”

In her free time Chelsie loves working on DIY crafts. She also says she’s a homebody and prefers snuggling up on a couch watching TV rather than going out.

Chelsie Aryn Bio
Bust: 34DD
Waist: 26″
Hips: 31″
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 117lbs
Hair Color: brunette
Eye Color: brown eyes
Birthday: September 18, 1992
Hometown: Berne, New York, United States

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February 19, 2015 | Chelsie Aryn, Playboy Playmates

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  1. hansen says:

    Absolutely gorgeous woman, but smoking is a absolute turn-off

  2. Robert Prince says:

    Must say this pictorial is as smooth, sexy and seductive as I have ever seen. So classy, elegant and lots of smooth style. Chelsie is on of my favorite models and she has the style I like and has the pride in herself to show off what she has and do it like a lady.

  3. Jason Kirkman says:

    Great pictorial. Got to meet her when she was 14 yo. She is a local from my area and she is a great person. Again awesome pics. I picked up the issue.

  4. Dacey Pritchett says:

    Chelsie is very beautiful woman!

  5. Lewis Leyva says:

    You look stunning Chelsie. You are a classy young lady. Your pictorial is great

  6. Jim Haag says:

    I have followed Chelsie Aryn here on facebook for quite some time.
    A very good looking woman glad she finally got some recognition for all of her hard work…
    You made a good choice in picking Chelsie Aryn as Playmate of March…April would have been better, cause it’s my birthday month…
    Congrats to you Chelsie…

  7. Shutterman says:

    As a photographer I have been watching Chelsie from a far on modeling sites always wishing I could book her to shoot. I knew she was meant for greatness. This pictorial shows that she has come of age and is now destined for that greatness!

  8. wendell Blackett says:

    Yay for Chelsie she is a real sweet lady looking forward to it!

  9. Larry Stuckey says:

    Beautiful and charming, what more can you ask for

  10. Stephen Kelly says:

    I honestly think you made a hugely popular and magnificent choice in selecting Chelsie Aryn as playmate for March she is a genuine fun loving cute sexy down to earth sweetheart and she is so overjoyed by your selection we all love Chelsie Aryn thank you so much for choosing Chelsie

  11. howard hall says:

    She is very beautiful lady who deserves respect too thank you for picking her as a Playmate she earn it

  12. Mr Jason R McConnaughy says:

    I haven’t bought an issue of Playboy in a long time, but I’ll more than likely buy Chelsie’s March issue. I’ve been following her career since 2012 and have loved every minute of it. I hope to one day get the chance to work with her on a project!!!!

  13. Dirk Johnson says:

    Chelsie shows a beautiful soul through her unpretensious and confident stature. She is wonderful to look at and those who know her personally are very likely treated to a wisecracking funny and sweet friend. Chelsie is the most attractive Playmate I have seen in many, many years.

  14. Jason L says:

    Been following Chelsie for a while now. What a unique kind of beauty she has. Glad to see Playboy can get away from the typical models they have had primarily in the past. Chelsie for lack of a better word is simply amazing.

  15. Alan Boyd says:

    You are a very beautiful young lady Chelsie! I can honestly say that you could even be the Playmate of the year

  16. David Revves says:

    Thank you Playboy for making Chelsie Aryn Miller your Miss March 2015! I have been a friend and fan of Chelsie Aryn’s for over 4 years. The first time I saw her modeling pics was a few months before she earned the title Miss Playboy Social March 2011. As I’ve gotten to know her better, Chelsie Aryn has proven that she’s great at whatever she puts her mind to because of her never-say-die attitude, innate charisma and undeniable beauty. There is something magical about Chelsie Aryn.

    I feel that Chelsie Aryn’s campaign to become 2016 Playmate of the Year has already gotten started, and I will be working hard for and with her to win. I know this further accomplishment will mean a lot to her, as it will to the half million fans and supporters she has already garnered through hard and honest work. I know that Chelsie Aryn Miller will be a fine representative and symbol for the magazine, whether in print, online in social media, on Playboy Radio, in videos and on Playboy TV.

  17. matt broedling says:

    Beautiful pictures chelsie congrats on your success

  18. Chris says:

    Chelsie was a great choice! She is stunning!

  19. John Livingston says:

    Yes chelsi you really deserved getting It because I knew that you had the making of being a playmate and like I said you really do deserve It and I wish that there was a way for me to get a copy of It without costing me to much money because It will be a collectors Item and you deserve getting playmate of the year also.

  20. David Sondak says:

    A friend of mine knew Chelsie when she was a little girl, everything I knew about Chels was from Jill. I was told she was a beautiful girl who was starting a modeling career. Funny crazy witty country girl who had her families support of what she wanted from life. The human body is something to be admired for it beauty. As a naturalist nudity is not a big deal. Those pics showed off how well she has taken care of herself. Chelsie yoru beauty is in that face your smile , eyes, cute little nose and your freckles. Baby Girl reach for the stars! Maybe one day when you are in the area I might have the pleasure of meeting you and having you sign my copy. Gd bless!!!!!!

  21. Jeremy says:

    Chelsie is absolutely breathtaking. Her smile could light up a dark room. Everything about her screams sexy! This beautiful woman already has my vote for Playmate of the year.

  22. Rick Hunter says:

    I’m really excited to see Chelsie in Playboy. I’ve been a follower of hers since 2011 when she was in the running for Playboy’s Miss Social. I’m glad to see things working out for her

  23. Jeff L. says:

    Thank you for finally acknowledging this incredible beauty and talent from the PBMS Contest!! You picked an amazing woman! Now, let’s keep the trend going and open the doors to some of the other beloved PBMS winners/runners-up/contenders?!?! Congratulations to you, Chelsea Aryn, for breaking through the glass ceiling and achieving your goals!! Nothing but the best!!

  24. Jesús González says:

    I’m think yhat this girl is so beautifull, sexy and expressive that deserves be the plamate of the playmates.

  25. Peter Womack says:

    A natural beauty. No need for airbrushing…

  26. Aaron says:

    Go jets

  27. Ronald Westwood says:

    Chelsie is a great choice to grace the pages of Playboy. She is an incredibly beautiful young lady. Congratulations Chelsie and congratulations Playboy. This is one issue that I will most certainly be adding to my collection.

  28. Randy says:

    Chelsie Aryn must be the most stunning woman to appear in this magazine. And that’s a lot of years. And a lot of stunning women. Ladies, the bar is set the highest it’s ever been.
    Congrats, Chelsie! <3

  29. Jim Sweeney says:

    The most beautiful Playmate ever. PMOY 2016!!!

  30. Shane says:

    Chelsie, is very down to earth . She is approachable ;and is inviting to establish new friendships

  31. Steve Whitbeck says:

    Great choice of Playmate of the month. Chelsie is an amazing girl and amazingly beautiful.

  32. Jason Taylor says:

    Its awesome that you’ve been chosen for March 2015 Playmate of the Month. Been following you for awhile and its great to see all your hard work has culminated into something awesome

    Good for you

  33. Steve Whitbeck says:

    Chelsie for PMOY

  34. Thomas Nugent Carpenter says:

    Very nice! Classy and tasteful.

  35. kimberly cook says:

    Beautiful pictorial of Chelsie Aryn! ! Chelsie is beautiful inside and out! Best Playmate to grace your pages!!

  36. Brian Nesbitt says:

    I think the pics are great and she is absolutely gorgeous, really wished you didn’t photo shop the tattoo out. That’s a part of her that makes her just that much more beautiful.

  37. Scott Burton says:

    ChelsieAryn is Amazing!! She has been destined for success all along!!..We had NO doubts whatsoever!! Go Get ’em Girl!!

  38. Jildardo Chavez says:

    Fantastic and extraordinary pictorial Chelsie. It’s a contender for PMOY no doubt! Continued success and hope to see you on a tour soon so I can visit and have my issue autographed

  39. jay says:

    nothing short of amazing…

  40. Will Smith says:

    Chelsie is a delightful young lady. She has a fantastic attitude and she is sooo intrinsically beautiful. You have made an excellent choice and I commend you for the selection that you have made. Keep up the good work

  41. George Barney says:

    Very beautiful. Sweetie. Love all ur pics. Wish you could send me some. Plzzzz. I’m First Nations from. Bc. Canada. Hugzzzz & Love. Sweetie. <3 xxx

  42. Christian Lyon says:

    Hi Chelsie,
    Congratulations on becoming Playboy Playmate of the Month! You are a beautiful young lady. I too grew up in upstate, NY and went to high school with Tim Rankins. I’ve lived in Los Angeles since 1992. Best wishes to you for a wonderful future. Cheers!

  43. Eddie Bergstrom says:

    Artistically, I don’t know which picture I like more. The detail in the shots has a pristine, untouched feel characteristic of Classic Playboy appeal. I have always been a huge fan of the female form and skin, I’m not gonna lie about that. The smile and turquoise jewelry in the next to last shot seals the deal.

    Congratulations on 03,15 Playmate of the month Chelsie Aryn!

  44. Bob Wishart says:

    Hey Chelsie. Congratulation!!! What a big boost this going to be for you modeling career. I have been honored to help support you over the last few years. Especially after that PBMS Win. I just happened to get an invite to vote from another contestant. Was going thru all the contestants and saw you profile and new right away I found the winner. Its was a pleasure to,meet you that one time at a cage wars event at the armory. Hopefully we can meet uo again soon. Again , Congratulations!! You deserve it! Luv ya gorgeous!! <3

  45. LianeWayfarer says:

    While I normally don’t like tattoos on girls, Chelse Aryn is so lovely that they can be ignored. Though early in the year, imho, she’s the frontrunner for PMoY.

  46. Ren Ellis says:

    Congratulations! I have been a long time facebook fan of yours. I always thought you were Playboy quality. You have that girl next door essence with a whole lot of cute spunk and feisty energy thrown in. I know this is just the beginning for you. I know I will defiantly be buying your Playboy issue.
    Thanks Ren Ellis

  47. Jim Flawning says:

    Chelsie is absolutely adorable! Best choice of a pictorial since Leanna Atkins

  48. Thetruth says:

    Hottest girl I have seen in playboy in years! Natural beauty, unreal!!

  49. Agent007 says:

    Disregard my last comment, HOLY HELL, just seen the pics, smokin hot!

  50. tim grant says:

    The only 2 words that i can say is absolutely beautiful

  51. Playboy Elle Playboy Elle says:

    We all seem to be on the same page – Chelsie is beyond belief gorgeous! Like the others have said, it’s early in the year, but I can’t imagine anyone else topping her for PMOY.

  52. madkono says:

    very pretty face, and eyes!!! hopefully i won’t be disappointed when more revealing pics come forward!!!

  53. Pat says:

    Don’t know if this post is just for you Chel the general readers or both so here goes it. Like Chelsie I scoured my dads playboys as a teen. I always thought of the girls as goddess thinking how awesome it would be to actually know one. Well now I can cross that off my bucket list. I’ve known And worked with Chelsie on events from small grass roots to majors concerts for several years. As an organizer you stress over the dependability of your promotional girls showing up on time and hope when they do show they’ll work hard to promote your event. Time and time again Chelsie would deliver! Always on time and ready to go with a spirited attitude second to none. Never boastful or full of herself. Long story short,.,. Chelsie Aryn is the real deal. The girl next door with a kick in her heals and a will to succeed. Special shout out goes to her mom for always supporting and coorganizing all she’s accomplished. Finally, Chelsie I’m so very proud of you and it’s my privilege to call you my friend! All the best as new doors of opportunity open up for you!! Xoxo ~ Pat

  54. John says:

    OMG! She’s incredible. Cant wait to get the issue. She will very tough to beat for PMOY 2016. Go Chelsie!

  55. John Cianci says:

    Chelsie is a great choice for Playmate! She’s absolutely beautiful, with a cool personality. It’s nice to see Playboy getting back to the “girl next door” type of girl. I haven’t bought an issue in years, but I’ll be picking this one up for sure! Chelsie rocks!!

  56. Lawrence Payne says:

    I remember Chelsie from Miss Social. Love to see she made it to the big leagues. Little weird to see a fellow North-Easterner in a western setting and garb, but it’s still hot! Absolutely Gorgeous!!

  57. John Libby says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! And she’s a great person, double trouble. Gonna be hard to do better than Chelsie. Playmate of the Year for sure!!

  58. Kerry Kirk says:

    Chelsie Aryn is, undoubtedly, one of the best Playboy Playmates ever selected. She is simply one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen through the many years that Playboy’s been around. Seems like a very beautiful human being as well. Rock on Chelsea and good luck with fulfilling your dreams! You are TERRIFIC!

  59. Kevin French says:

    Chelsie is a local and well loved and respected model. She lives in my area of upstate NY and she is an awesome fun person to be around. very personable. She is one of my top 4 all time favorite playmates and I will be voting for Chelsie for pmoy when that time comes.

  60. Keith Wigley says:

    Have followed Miss Chelsie for a while and she is one of the most beautiful playmates ever. Congrats for an awesome layout. Look forward to more and the possibility of a Playmate of the Year shoot.

  61. Cassandra Marie says:

    To me, Chelsie is exactly what a Playmate embodies. I don’t think it gets any better than this. Congratulations, Chels! You look absolutely stunning!

  62. Mark Andersen says:

    stunning lady!!

  63. Tom Murtha says:

    I totally agree with previous writers! Chelsie is one of the most beautiful, sexy, hot, and composed playmates I have ever seen. (And have been reading Playboy nearly since it started)! I will vote for her to b PMOY ALSO!

  64. Parish McBride says:

    Chelsie is one of the most down the earth girls I’ve met she has worked hard to get where she is and is a very good choice for a playmate , she has got me back interested in Playboy ~

  65. Bigwhisker says:

    Finally, the sexy Miss Chelsie gets what is rightfully hers….full Playmate status. She’s long been deserving ever since her Miss Social days 4 years ago. Glad someone in the Mansion finally saw the lights (or maybe just her hot headlights!!!) and realized who needed to be Playmate. I already know who’s my odds on fav to win PMOY now!!! Well done, my girl, well done! :)

  66. William says:

    I just watched her BTS video, she’s such a sweet and stunning woman, my choice for PMOY.

  67. Parish McBride says:

    Were going to make sure your Playmate of the Year Chelsie ~ promise

  68. Robin says:

    Beautiful young woman inside and out, I know her family well. CONGRATS!!

  69. shane says:

    Playboy could not have made a better choice- Ms. Miller is by far the Most Beautiful Playmate Ever!! So Incredibly Beautiful, the bonus for me is that from everything I read about her- is that she is just as Beautiful on the inside!!!! That is Awesome:) I don’t think it is too early to say she she should be PMOY 2016- Excellent Job Playboy- Chelsie Aryn has mace me a Big Fan of your Publication!!

  70. Jill says:

    Congrats Chels!!!
    The beauty that is you from the inside out absolutely stunning! Way to go!

  71. CJ says:

    I think Chelsie’s pictorial is the definition of “Girl Next Door”. Hopefully this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Chelsie and Playboy! Congrats on reaching your dreams, here’s hoping for PMOY!

  72. John says:

    Congratulations!! Very beautiful young lady inside and out. Keep up the great work take care.

  73. Harris says:

    Wow. Just wow. So cool and down to earth, but her beauty is beyond compare. No body is perfect but Chelsie comes awfully close

  74. Adrian Cardenas says:

    You’re my playmate of the year already hands down I’ve been following you on Facebook for two years and you just keep getting more beautiful. Much success to you in your career and life

  75. Dirk Johnson says:

    I believe that Chelsie’s many attributes include an enormous number of virtues that others will identify with. And any faults that she may have will be thoroughly overshadowed by her virtues. She is truly a girl that many people will identify with and respect. Playboy picked a really great girl to represent your world as well as the rest of the world.

  76. Paul says:

    I have been following Chelsie for a few years now on Facebook and I feel bad that I never knew about her most important goal. I promise to pay better attention :-) To say I was shocked when she tweeted that she was Miss March is an understatement. Impressed and very happy for her to say the least. A wonderful choice by Playboy. The ultimate girl next door that will take your breath away. Congratulations Chelsie

  77. paul says:

    No disrespect to the other beautiful woman/playmates of playboy- but Miss. March Chelsie Aryn is the by far the most beautiful playmate ever..and it is really not even close!!! She is absolutely flawless:) I wish her the very best!!!

  78. earl david says:

    i love ur layout,it is so friggn awesome @ gorgeous u should b playmate of the year

  79. Steven says:

    Just got my autographed issue. Loved it, made my day.

  80. howard hall says:

    She is very beautiful lady who deserves respect and funny amazing

  81. Ben Jennings says:

    I’ve followed Chelsie Aryn since she won Playboy Miss Social.I was glad to see her become Playmate.I think she’ll make a great Playmate of the Year too!She’s a classy young lady.

  82. Joe Bikerman says:

    Very beautiful young lady, her pictures are always tasteful and sexy at the same time. Good luck in your future Chelsie.

  83. Chris says:

    chelsie is as funny as she is stunning!!!

  84. Russ says:

    Chelsie definitely deserved this honor.She’s worked her has ass off.She’s a great person and a
    Awesome Friend.

  85. Rich says:

    I haven’t had a Playboy subscription in years but this lady makes me want to re-up

  86. Dirk Johnson says:

    Chelsie is great looking and acts like a pretty crazy (in a fun way) babe who is going to discover the world soon. I believe she is firmly grounded so she just might grow without being jaded.

  87. Todd says:

    Chelsie you are absolutely beautiful, with the most flawless body !!! I think you will be playmate of the year!!!! Congrats

  88. Edwin Adams says:

    Such a gorgeous young lady. Love your photos!

  89. Jason says:

    So beautiful. Love her smile and eyes so breathtaking

  90. joker says:

    It started out with a picture
    Now it’s war with mirror
    I hope you know that you never
    Have to be on the cover
    Girl you’re already mine
    Joi Waetford

  91. Scott Burton says:

    Chelsie Aryn Rocks!! Shes the best:):) Got my autographed issue couldnt be happier!!

  92. jay bar says:

    very happy for you :)

  93. Doc Norton says:

    Chelsia Aryn is a true beauty! Her looks are modern but also have that beautiful classic look! Girl next door meet’s stunning beauty all in one.

  94. Joe Ellis says:

    My #WCW always <3

  95. Scott Burton says:

    Chelsie Aryn is an absolute class act!! So happy for her to get this chance!! Most deserving!!

  96. John says:

    Chelsie’s just fabulous! She oozes class and beauty. All the pictures are great but my favourite is the Centrefold, it’s just awesome! She is one of the best Playmates ever. She has to be PMOY 2016.

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