Shawn Dillon Wears Only a Bikini While Lounging in a Hammock

Gorgeous and stunning, Shawn Dillon is looking hot in a yellow and red bikini and when she hangs out in the hammock under the trees, she looks like a total jungle goddess. This Playboy Playmate is beautiful and seductive and the way she moves as she relaxes in the hammock is totally delicious. Her curves are completely outstanding and all you want to do as you watch her move is let out a big Tarzan yell and beat your chest before you sweep her up in your arms and carry her off to your jungle abode.

Shawn Dillon is the kind of gorgeous babe that can truly bring out the beast in you – in the most wonderful ways! This Playboy Playmate is a sight to behold and a dream to come true.

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July 24, 2016 | Playboy Playmates, Shawn Dillon

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