Courtney Tugwell Strips Down to Her Red Sneakers

September 11, 2013 | Playboy International Models, Courtney Tugwell | 1 Comment

Gorgeous blue-eyed blonde Courtney Tugwell is the Playboy International Model we can’t get enough of! This stunning beauty hails from the United Kingdom and those huge blue eyes and long white-blonde hair are all the encouragement you need to be completely intoxicated. Then you look down at her succulent curves and your heart beats faster. In black panties and little white shirt, she is one of the hottest women you’ve ever seen. Courtney Tugwell is only getting started!

She looks into the camera, running fingers through her tresses before slipping off her shirt. When her chest is bare, you see how silky her skin is and how lush her tits are. She slips off the panties and sits naked, hoping you like what you see. Courtney Tugwell is one hot vixen we’d love to see more of, every inch of her!

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Courtney Tugwell strips off her sexy lingerie

August 7, 2013 | Playboy International Models, Courtney Tugwell | 4 Comments

Courtney Tugwell is a model and dancer from Norfolk, United Kingdom. A platinum blonde with sapphire-blue eyes, she’s all natural, save for a few well-placed tattoos and piercings. “I’m independent and spontaneous,” she says, with a charming English accent. “I was brought up in a small town in the East of England, and nothing ever happened. I wanted to be the talk of the town.” We’d say she’s attained notoriety at the very least – Courtney has modeled all over the UK, not to mention danced in some of the hottest clubs. “I always said I would be a Playboy model,” she says, proudly. “It’s been a dream. I’ve never felt so sexy!” When she’s not working, Courtney is out with her friends, and she’s in no rush to get a boyfriend. “I’m free to do whatever I please,” she says, a little dreamily. “Why be tied down when there’s so much more in life to do?” A tattoo on her forearm reads ’la bella vita’ – Italian for ‘the beautiful life’ – and indeed, life is beautiful with Courtney Tugwell in it.

Courtney Tugwell Bio

Measurements: 32-24-31
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 112 lbs
Birthdate: September 26, 1993

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