Jacinta Rokic Playboy Cybergirl of the Week June 27 2011

June 27, 2011 | Cybergirl of the Week, Jacinta Rokic, Playboy Cybergirls | 5 Comments

Jacinta Rokic is the Playboy Cybergirl of the Week for June 27 2011. Finally there is an Aussie as a Playboy Cybergirl! A self-proclaimed nudist, Jacinta recalls one of her more memorable dates spent in the buff. “The best date I have ever been on was spending five days naked, partying on a beach… with a guy,” she says. Jacinta is presumably clothed when doing what she loves most: traveling, checking out music festivals and generally having a great time. “My career ambitions are to see the world, working as a model and photographer, and host massive parties on my massive houseboat in the Mediterranean Sea.”

Jacinta Rokic Bio

Measurements: 35D-24-35
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 119 lbs
Birthday: September 17, 1988
Hometown: Perth, Western Australia

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Bethanie Badertscher Playboy Cybergirl of the Year June Pictorial

June 26, 2011 | Bethanie Badertscher, Cybergirl of the Year, Playboy Cybergirls | 11 Comments

The gorgeous Bethanie Badertscher is back this month for another stunning pictorial as the Playboy Cybergirl of the Year, and this month totally teasing us! How would you like to have Bethanie doing your ironing in the morning before work, dress (or undressed) in her sexy lingerie! It would be an amazing sight each day, but make it very hard to actually get your ass to work! Enjoy this months installment and be sure to download the matching video inside the Playboy Cyberclub.

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Shannon Stewart Playboy Playmate June 2000

June 25, 2011 | Playboy Playmates, Shannon Stewart | 8 Comments

Shannon Stewart is the Playboy Playmate for June 2000. The road west out of New Orleans passes a host of scenic wonders both man-made and natural, from Lake Pontchartrain and the plantation houses that line the Mississippi River to the bustling port of Baton Rouge and the miles of bayou. For the past 22 years, the country roads outside Baton Rouge have also been beautified by Shannon Stewart, a small-town southern girl and occasional beauty queen who’s now going nationwide in the pages of Playboy. “I had come out to LA for a modeling job, and it fell through. I was ready to go home and let the whole modeling thing go. I was going to go to school, get my degree in animal behavior and work at a zoo or something. And then a friend said I shouldn’t go home until I gave Playboy a shot. So I went into Playboy Studio West, and it all started happening!”

Shannon Stewart Bio

Name: Shannon Stewart
Birthplace: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Bust: 34D
Waist: 24
Hips: 36
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 112 lbs

Ambitions: To live out all of my dreams and goals to the fullest with plenty of success.
Turn-Ons: Humor is a must! Sensitivity, understanding, compassion, nice hands, athleticism, good kisser.
Turnoffs: Insensitivity, insecurity, ego trips, bad jokes, narcissism, little-man syndrome.
My Philosophy: Be strong. Even if you’re not, pretend. No one will know the difference.
Dream Job: To run my own wildlife center for orphaned and abused exotic animals.
Differences Between L.A. And La.: Lots more concrete, no grass, no cows or chickens, too many cars!
My Support: My wonderful parents, David & Cindy. And my beautiful guy, Shane. I love ya’ll always!

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Veronica LaVery Playboy Cybergirl of the Month June Week 4

June 24, 2011 | Cybergirl of the Month, Playboy Cybergirls, Veronica LaVery | 3 Comments

For our final installment of Veronica LaVery as our Cybergirl of the Month, we find her outside in the garden posing in the nude. Why bother with clothes when your body is as hot as this! Catch our perky brunette as she shows off her amazing body for the last time as our Cybergirl of the Month, hopefully we will get to see her again soon at Playboy! See all of her Cybergirl shoots inside the Playboy Cyberclub.

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Nicole Narain Playboy Playmate January 2002

June 24, 2011 | Nicole Narain, Playboy Playmates | 4 Comments

Nicole Narain is the Playboy Playmate for January 2002. It was a treat to have Nicole Narain hang out at our Chicago office for a month. During the photo shoot, she gave us some sweet advice: If a man drinks a lot of pineapple juice, his semen will taste better. After that, every guy in the office was walking around, pineapple juice in hand, hoping Nicole would notice. Outside our office, Nicole was also a magnet. The night we took her to Le Colonial on Rush Street, men mobbed her at the bar, commenting on everything from the 27-year-old’s striking looks to her tattoos. She handled them deftly. Miss January is a woman who can take care of herself — and others. Before we even opened our menus, she told us what we should have and ordered everything.

Nicole is both a model and an inventor. Her latest brainchild, the Optical Ear, addresses her biggest pet peeve — dirty ears. “It’s a handheld mirror that lights up,” she explains. “Two rotating mirrors are attached to it. You face another mirror and stick the Optical Ear inside your ear canal. Then you can see the reflection.” Ever since Nicole pointed this out, we can’t stop looking into women’s ears. But we haven’t seen any as cute as Nicole’s.

Nicole Narain Bio

Name: Nicole Narain
Birthplace: Chicago, IL
Bust: 34B
Waist: 27
Hips: 35
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: 110 lbs

Ambitions: To find peace of mind, stay focused and to keep what’s important to me close — family & friends.
Turn-Ons: Good looks, sense of humor, noncontrolling men, easy going & honest.
Turnoffs: Insecure men, carriage rides and people who are cruel to animals.
If I Came With A Warning Label, It Would Say: *WARNING* Too sensitive to touch.
My Greatest Goal Is: Not having to worry about money.
This Is How I Keep Warm In Winter: Fuzzy sweaters and my best friend in the winter — Blockbuster.
Every Day I Tell Myself: You’re gonna make it.

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Nikita Anna Playboy Coed of the Week June 23 2011

June 23, 2011 | Coed of the Week, Nikita Anna, Playboy Coeds | 1 Comment

Nikita Anna is the Playboy Coed of the Week for June 23 2011. Nikita is studying Dermatology at the University of Chicago.

Q&A with Nikita Anna

Playboy: What’s great about being a single coed?
Nikita: I love the freedom of going anywhere I want, when I want… to, and the freedom to become acquainted with all people.

Playboy: What do you look for in a boyfriend?
Nikita: Wit is the most attractive thing to me. I also enjoy a healthy smile and a statuesque figure with broad shoulders, rawrr!

Playboy: What’s next after you finish at U of I?

Nikita: I am in the process of earning my doctorate in dermatology.

Nikita Anna Bio

Measurements: 32B-25-34
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 118 lbs
Birthday: March 29, 1990
School: University of Illinois, Chicago
Major: Dermatology

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Olivia Paige Playboy Playmate Xtra June 2011 Week 3

June 22, 2011 | Olivia Paige, Playboy Playmates | 4 Comments

Olivia Paige is back to steam up our screens in a brand new hot set from the Playboy Cyberclub. See our sexy Playmate as she poses in only a fur coat, with nothing on underneath! Watch Olivia as she flashes us her hot body.. those perfect boobs and smooth pussy just screaming for attention! Well you have mine Miss September! See this set and its matching video inside the Playboy Cyberclub.

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Playboy Magazine July 2011

June 22, 2011 | Playboy News | Post A Comment

Playboy July 2011 In the July 2011 issue of Playboy:

Miss July 2011
Bask in the glow of Jessa Hinton, an all-American beauty and Sin City fashionista with boundless energy.

British Bunnies
We fete the opening of the new Playboy Club London with a fetching roundup of original U.K. Bunnies.

Runaway Bride
Playmate Crystal Harris is a sight to behold. Discover the many reasons she was able to capture the heart of the world’s most famous bachelor.

Nebraska bartender Hannah Gappa has seen her fair share of bare ta-tas.

Playboy Interview
Justin Timberlake: A candid conversation with the actor-singer about his new life as a movie star, growing up famous, making people laugh, and oh yes, those amazing girlfriends.

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Addison Miller Playboy Cybergirl Xtra June 2011 Week 2

June 21, 2011 | Addison Miller, Cybergirl Xtra, Playboy Cybergirls | 4 Comments

Addison Miller is back in a stunning new set of pictures to celebrate her return as the Playboy Cybergirl Xtra for June. This pictorial has the gorgeous Addison posing in a sexy black see through mesh top and ankle boots. Addison lifts up her top to show her perfect natural breasts, and to show she is wearing nothing down below either To prove that she has a hot ass as well, Addison turns around, and reaches high.. ahh what a view! Grab this brand new set from the Playboy Cyberclub.

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Hef’s Runaway Bride Crystal Harris

June 20, 2011 | Crystal Harris, Playboy Playmates | 6 Comments

Alas the planned nuptials between Hef and Crystal Harris didn’t eventuate, and she managed to keep her pictorial in the latest Playboy Edition, guess it helps to break off the wedding just a couple of days before! Im sure Hef isn’t too heartbroken with a bevvy of buxom blondes ready to come to sooth his broken heart. When our Playboy Playmate from December 2009 will get to be in Playboy again will be anyone’s guess so enjoy this brand new pictorial, and see the full set inside the Playboy Cyberclub.

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Nicolette Shea Playboy Cybergirl of the Week June 20 2011

June 20, 2011 | Cybergirl of the Week, Nicolette Shea, Playboy Cybergirls | 8 Comments

Nicolette Shea is the Playboy Cybergirl of the Week for June 20 2011. Adventure is the name of the game for Nicolette, a model by day and poker player by night. “I would love to win a large tournament, if it’s ‘in the cards for me,’” she says. “My… true passion is poker, but one day I would love to do real estate and have a family.” Brave Nicolette might choose to fold ’em and settle down in Hawaii. “I lived in Maui, on the side of a volcano named Haleakala, and would frequently watch the beautiful sunrises. It was amazing. Zip-lining through it was fun, too!”

Nicolette Shea Bio

Measurements: 34D-26-36
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 135 lbs
Birthday: November 18, 1986
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

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Inna Popenko Russian Playboy Playmate of the Year 2009

June 18, 2011 | Playboy International Playmates | 2 Comments

Russian Playboy Playmate of the Year for 2009, Inna Popenko appears in the July Edition of Playboy.You might recognize Inna Popenko from the sizzling Coming to America international feature. Here’s hoping she returns to the U.S. soon—and often.

inna Popenko Bio

Measurements: 34-23-34
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 121 lbs
Birthday: August 9, 1987
Hometown: Grozny, Russia

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Veronica LaVery Playboy Cybergirl of the Month June 2011 Week 3

June 18, 2011 | Playboy Cybergirls, Veronica LaVery | 5 Comments

Veronica LaVery is this week trying life out as a blonde. I am pretty sure Veronica is having plenty of fun as a brunette, but she throws on the wig, gets naked for the camera and poses for us as she walks up the stairs. Veronica looks damn hot as always, so enjoy these pictures and download the 3 videos that have also been added this week in the Playboy Cyberclub.

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Hannah Gappa Playboy Barmate July 2011

June 18, 2011 | Playboy Barmates | 10 Comments

Hannah Gappa is the Playboy Barmate for July 2011. Hannah works as a sexy barmaid in Lincoln Nebraska, so if you want to have a drink poured by this gorgeous brunette head on over to “The Bar”

Hannah Gappa talks about herself

The Bar I work at, the Bar in Lincoln, Nebraska, is considered the place you make your last stop of the night. So by the time people get here, they aren’t always in their right mind and have a tendency… to throw their inhibitions to the wind. Let’s just say I have seen my fair share of bare ta-tas.

Growing up in Nebraska, I had a pet cow and two pet sheep. They were birthday presents from my grandpa.

Its pretty obvious how to get on a bartender’s good side: Tip early and often. I don’t work for free!

You can tell a lot from a man’s drink order. A beer means he’s in it for the long haul, a double means he wants to get frisky and a shot means he’s ready to party.

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Jessa Hinton Playboy Playmate July 2011 Exclusive Online Pictorial

June 17, 2011 | Jessa Hinton, Playboy Playmates | 13 Comments

Jessa Hinton’s online Playboy Playmate exclusive pictures have just been released to celebrate her being Playmate of the Month for July 2011. You may not recognize the name, but Jessa has been in the Playboy Cyberclub plenty of times before as Jessa Lynn! So check out these hot pictures of this 34D beauty, and quickly get yourself down to your magazine stall and see her spread before it comes to the Cyberclub!

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Anka Romensky Playboy Playmate February 2002

June 16, 2011 | Anka Romensky, Playboy Playmates | 3 Comments

Anka Romensky is the Playboy Playmate for February 2002. This tall drink of vodka took a break from studying business and marketing in college to get a full-time job as a model. “I have a real estate license and work as an agent as a hobby,” admits the self-proclaimed workaholic. “Sometimes I’ll have three bookings a day and I’m still not satisfied. I’ve also started taking acting classes and was in a movie, the comedy Jungle Juice. I play a hotel worker who tries to make sure that the guests are always drinking and having a good time.” So how does the real Anka tie one on? “I get a table with a bunch of girlfriends at one of the hot South Beach clubs and we get wild until five in the morning,” she says. “We’ll get a bottle of champagne, spray people and get up on the tables and dance all night. Then we’ll get into our swimsuits and go to the beach and sleep in the sun.” When she’s not painting the town red, the 21-year-old enjoys traveling the world and playing music on her keyboard at home. “I studied piano for five years and I used to compose,” she says. “Music helps me relax.”

We were floored when Miss February told us that she doesn’t have a valentine. “We don’t live in a perfect world, so there can’t be a perfect guy for me,” she says. “I go more for personality than looks.” When we asked her if she would rather have sex or chocolate for Valentine’s Day, she didn’t miss a beat. “Chocolate can wait and is always accessible,” she says, laughing. “You never know when you are going to have great sex!”

Anka Romensky Bio

Name: Anka Romensky
Birthplace: Kiev, Ukraine
Bust: 34C
Waist: 23
Hips: 35
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 125 lbs

Ambitions: To work hard to succeed in my career, build a family and to encourage and help others in any way I can.
Turn-Ons: I love intelligent, positive, adventurous people with a good sense of humor and who share my love for life and music.
Turnoffs: Hatred, ignorance, dishonesty, violence and showoffs.
Travel Dream: To travel the world exploring, discovering and learning about other cultures accompained by a man that I love. We would laugh and make love worldwide.
Favorite Quote: The only thing that’s constant is change.
What Drives Me Wild: Skydiving, snowboarding, skinny-dipping in the ocean and living on the edge.

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