Katie Carroll takes an April shower

April 23, 2011 | Katie Carroll, Playboy Coeds | 3 Comments

During April, Playboy has been celebrating the joys of April showers, by getting some of their hottest models naked and wet! What a fantastic idea.. and today Katie Carroll heats up a cold April, but stripping off her pink bikini under a shower and giving that perfect body of hers a good washing… super sexy pictures of Katie Carroll, who was out Coed of the Week from January! Join Katie Carroll for more wet fun inside the Playboy Cyberclub.

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Congrats to Bethanie Badertscher Cybergirl of the Year 2011

April 23, 2011 | Bethanie Badertscher, Playboy Cybergirls | 2 Comments

Congrats to Bethanie Badertscher on becoming 2011’s Playboy CyberGirl of the Year! First thing’s first: Bethanie’s last name is pronounced BAH-der-sure. This is important information, as you’ll be referring to her often over the next 12 months when Playboy rolls out sexy CyberGirl of the Year photos and videos that will take your breath away. If they render you speechless in the process, then forget what we said about how to pronounce her name. Her first photo set comes out on Wednesday, April 27, 2011. Don’t miss it!

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Naj’a Irie Playboy Coed of the Week April 21 2011

April 21, 2011 | Coed of the Week, Naj'a Irie, Playboy Coeds | 3 Comments

Naj’a Irie is the Playboy Coed of the Week for April 21 2011. Naj’a is studying Psychology at the Golden West Community College, Huntington Beach.

Naj’a Irie Q&A

Playboy: How’s college life at Golden West? Would you say the parties are “golden?”
Naj’a: Golden West parties… are the best parties I have ever been to. If you drink a little too much, there is always someone looking out for you and you never have to worry about immature people starting fights.

Playboy: Have you always wanted to study psychology?

Naj’a: In the past I considered majoring in cosmetology because that’s what all of the pretty girls study. I’m going to study cosmetology next year. That way I can say I am a beauty with brains.

Playboy: So what would you say all the pretty guys are studying?
Naj’a: The major with the sexiest guys is any tech class. I think nerdy boys are the hottest.

Naj’a Irie Bio

Measurements: 34C-28-34
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 115 lbs
Birthdate: April 22, 1992
School: Golden West Community College, Huntington Beach, CA
Major: Psychology

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Sila Sahin Germany Playboy May 2011

April 21, 2011 | Playboy Special Features, Sila Sahin | 22 Comments

Sila Sahin is on the cover of the Germany Playboy Magazine May 2011. Sila Sahin, a 25-year-old Turkish German living in Berlin, had until now been regarded as a glowing example of how a modern Muslim girl should behave in a multicultural society. Sila is an actress on the German TV soap Good Times, Bad Times.

Posing on the cover of German Playboy magazine and with a multipage spread , Sila Sahin seems to be sending a clear and deliberate message to her conservative Turkish family.

‘I did it because I wanted to be free at last,’ she said. ‘These photographs are a liberation from the restrictions of my childhood.’
Her family have, unsurprisingly, reacted with horror, and her mother has cut off all contact with the actress.

Sila’s declared intention was to use Playboy photoshoot as a call to other Turkish girls who suffer the effects of their strict upbringings. Her message to these girls? ‘For too long I tried to do everything right,’ she says. ‘I want these photos to show young Turkish women it’s okay for you to live however you choose. Many of my countrymen think it’s great that I can be so free. With the shoot I hoped to say to them that we do not necessarily have to live under these rules’

Enjoy these sizzling pictures of Sila Sahin from her nude pictorial, but your going to have to buy online somewhere the German May Edition for the full set.

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Karla Baso Mexico Playboy Playmate March 2010

April 20, 2011 | Playboy International Playmates | Post A Comment

Karla Baso is Mexico’s Playboy Playmate for March 2010. The Playboy Cyberclub brings another hot International edition Playmate to our screens for our viewing pleasure! Karla from Mexico’s Playboy edition is a sexy brunette, with a banging body and a set of juicy breasts. Feast your eyes on this stunner!

Karla Baso Bio

Measurements: 35-22-36
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 132 lbs
Birthday: May 8, 1984
Hometown: Guatemala City, Guatemala

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Chelsea Salmon Lust In Space Playboy May 2011

April 19, 2011 | Chelsea Salmon, Playboy Special Features | 3 Comments

With a reboot of the 1968 sci-fi classic Barbarella in development, we pay homage to the original interstellar sex romp with the gorgeous Chelsea Salmon for Playboy Magazine May 2011. Barbarella’s charm lies in its goofy, sexy and affectionate spirit. Its heroine starts out in a world that has banished violence and sexual inhibition—hence the striptease, which is prelude to a conversation with the president. In this utopian regime, where “neurotic irresponsibility” is a thing of the past, erotic “reciprocity” is achieved by taking a pill and touching hands with a partner. It is only when Barbarella travels to the distant planet of Tau Ceti, in search of a renegade inventor named Durand-Durand and his Positronic Ray, that she is initiated into more strenuous forms of intimacy. Her first encounter is with a bounty hunter whose pectoral toupee is a wonder of neoprimitive manscaping, and her most meaningful relationship is with a depressive, flightless angel named Pygar, who regains the use of his wings after making love with her.

“She’s the only comedienne I can think of who is sexiest when she is funniest,” Pauline Kael wrote about Jane Fonda. This mixture of playfulness and lust lifts Barbarella out of the realm of exploitation into something much stranger and more fun. In the context of Fonda’s career, Barbarella is an oddity. And it is also an anomaly in the annals of cinematic science fiction, which has, for the most part, followed in the earnest, allegorical, sexless footsteps of 2001. But Barbarella herself endures—as an early action heroine, as a space-age sex symbol and above all as a reminder that the role of humanity in the cosmos is not to take ourselves too seriously.

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Allie Stacy Playboy Coed of the Month April 2011 Week 2

April 19, 2011 | Allie Stacy, Coed of the Month, Playboy Coeds | 1 Comment

Allie Stacy is back again this week with a hot new series of pictures to celebrate her Coed of the Month win. This week Allie is in front of a giant poster of their classic “God Save The Queen” album, and she is going to get naked in front of it and show off her sexy body! Allie rocks it up her thigh high boots in the last picture for us!
See all of Allie Stacy’s nude pictures and videos from her pictorials inside the Playboy Cyberclub.

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Karina Smirnoff Playboy Magazine May 2011

April 18, 2011 | Karina Smirnoff, Playboy Special Features | 9 Comments

Karina Smirnoff a six-time U.S. world ballroom-dancing champion and professional dancer-starlet on one of the most popular shows on TV, Dancing with the Stars, is nude in the May edition of Playboy Magazine. Karina is sitting in an upscale pizza place outside Los Angeles, talking about Jennifer… Lopez—whom she coached for the 2004 flick Shall We Dance?—when from out of nowhere, who should appear?

“Karina!” says J. Lo, sidling up in a pair of beautiful booty-hugging blue jeans.
“Jennifer!” Karina responds. “I was just talking about you!”

Karina stands, and heads turn as the two stunners give each other a nice…long… squeeze. For the next five minutes, La Lopez gushes about Karina, then bids her adieu with a kiss. Eyes welling, Karina smiles.

“That,” she says, “was a perfect moment.”

Karina’s day has come. The tautly woven performer is shaking her moneymaker these days—designing shoes for Bearpaw, promoting her new fitness DVD, Shape Up With Karina Smirnoff, and her makeup line with Girlactik Beauty. She also just opened her first dance studio. With rows of trophies from international competitions, she’s more highly decorated than General Patton. “There’s no luck,” says Karina. “There’s only opportunity and preparation. I’ve worked my butt off.”

Has she ever. Smirnoff was born 33 years ago in what is now Kharkiv, Ukraine to a Jewish Greek dad and a Russian mother. “Couldn’t get a feistier combination than that, could you?” she laughs. As a child, she dove into gymnastics, ballet and ice-skating. At 11 she entered ballroom competitions, and three years later the family—which has no relation to the vodka concern—moved to the Bronx.

“We had zero money and had to start from scratch,” she recalls. “My mom and I cleaned hair salons for 60 bucks a week while my dad distributed newspapers by foot because we had no car.” Karina supplemented the salon income with ballroom-dancing gigs at Russian restaurants so she could pay for dance lessons. By the time she was at Fordham University, double majoring in economics and information systems programming, she was already touring the world’s stages.

Then came Dancing with the Stars. Karina made her debut on season three, during which she famously began a two-year-long liaison with partner Mario Lopez. These days, however, Karina shares her most private dances with Brad Penny, a major league pitcher with the Detroit Tigers whom she met through mutual friend Chuck Liddell, former Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight title holder. Among Karina’s other interests are boxing, skydiving and shooting guns. As for her body, Karina has her own definition of sexy. You can see it all over these pages, but here it is in her own words: “Sexy is the confident energy a person produces. Sexy is the comfortable feeling of being who you are. Sexy is not just having beautiful lips, legs and arms; it’s beyond that. Sexy is soul.”

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Krystal Harlow Playboy Cybergirl of the Week April 18 2011

April 18, 2011 | Cybergirl of the Week, Krystal Harlow, Playboy Cybergirls | 8 Comments

Krystal Harlow is the Playboy Cybergirl of the Week for April 18 2011. “If you keep communication open in a relationship, then together anything can be worked out,” says Krystal. Best to heed this advice from a communiqué pro, as Krystal was crowned… Playboy’s first-ever Miss Social after garnering the most votes in the fan-fueled contest. When she’s not busy social networking with her fans and friends, the aspiring spa owner works on her esthetics studies or plucks away on her latest hobby, the guitar. “There’s just something hot to me about playing guitar!” Krystal says.

Krystal Harlow Bio

Measurements: 34C-22-26
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 104 lbs
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Birthday: October 23, 1990

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Carmella DeCesare Playboy Playmate April 2003

April 17, 2011 | Carmella DeCesare, Playboy Playmates, Playmate of the Year | 5 Comments

Carmella DeCesare is the Playboy Playmate for April 2003 and also won the Playboy Playmate of the Year title for 2004. After seeing these pictures you can see why Carmella easily won the Playmate of the Year title, that body of hers is smoking hot! We first met Carmella back in 2002 on Fox’s Girl Next Door: The Search for a Playboy Centerfold, and after dropping out early Hef got Carmella in for a test shoot to become Cybergirl of the Week, in February 2003 she became Cybergirl of the Month and just two months later she became a Playmate! When your this damn hot things happen fast!

It seems Carmella DeCesare, a fresh-faced 20-year-old from Westlake, Ohio, took her share of knocks in high school. “I was the girl everybody liked to tease,” she confesses. “I wanted to be friends with everyone and have a good time, but it just didn’t work out that way. I had three good girlfriends in high school and they stuck by me. Kids at that age are horrible and look for someone to pick on, and I guess I was it. I hadn’t grown up yet — I had big red-frame glasses and no style. My mom and my stepdad always told me, ‘Those boys who make fun of you are going to want to date you later.’ I never believed them, but now it’s my time to shine.”

Carmella DeCesare Bio

Name: Carmella Danielle DeCesare
Birthplace: Avon Lake, Ohio
Bust: 34B
Waist: 24
Hips: 27
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 118 lbs

Ambitions: To obtain a successful career in pharmaceutical sales, get a master’s degree and eventually become an awesome mom.
Turn-Ons: Ambition, sense of humor, blond hair, green eyes, muscles and a handy man with great power tools!
Turnoffs: Dishonesty, bad pickup lines and people who are fake, rude or jealous.
My Pooches: Two of my favorite boys! My cuties always make me laugh.
If I Weren’t Modeling, I’d Work As: An actress! Something I have not yet done but hope to accomplish.
People I Admire: Those who start at the bottom and strive to make it to the top.
The Most Important Thing In My Life: My family and best friends.

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Meganlyn Playboy Barmate May 2011

April 16, 2011 | Playboy Barmates | 25 Comments

Meganlyn is the Playboy Barmate for May 2011. Megan is a freelance bartender, and takes her hot body around to which ever bar needs her unique services!

Q&A with Meganlyn

Playboy: So what brings you to Central Park on a sunny weekend afternoon?

Meganlyn: I’m getting some air before I go to work….

Playboy: Where do you work?

Meganlyn: All over. I’m a freelance bartender.

Playboy: Do you work at sports bars?
Meganlyn: I love the excitement and rush from the people, but it is a bit overwhelming for me.

Playboy: You seem athletic. Are you into sports?

Meganlyn: I’m a big boxing fan.

Playboy: No way. Who’s your favorite?
Meganlyn: Miguel Cotto was my guy, but Manny Pacquiao always puts on a good show.

Playboy: How did you get into boxing?
Meganlyn: I used to box.

Playboy: Come Again?
Meganlyn: My brother used to box and I would go and work out in the gym as well. We even had a heavy bag in our living room.

Playboy: Ever been in a bar fight?
Meganlyn: Almost. Once when I was working, things got hectic. I don’t think the girl yelling at me knew I could knock her ass out with a quick one-two combo.

1½ oz. raspberry vodka
¾ oz. Chambord
Splashes of cranberry and sour mix
Shake with ice, strain into chilled martini glass and garnish with a raspberry.

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Sasha Bonilova Playboy Playmate May 2011 Preview Pictures

April 15, 2011 | Playboy Playmates, Sasha Bonilova | 11 Comments

Sasha Bonilova is to be the Playboy Playmate for May 2011 and all I can say is WOWZA. Playboy released her online exclusive pictures today in the Playboy Cyberclub, showcasing this gorgeous Ukrainian blonde in all her glory.. in particular her 36DD natural beauties! If you love your Playmates blonde and busty with an amazing body, then you will love Sasha Bonilova, go on and check her out today inside the Playboy Members Area.

Sasha Bonilova statistics

Measurements: 36DD-27-36
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 127 lbs
Birthplace: Lutsk, Ukraine

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Aryka Lynne Playboy Coed of the Week April 14 2011

April 15, 2011 | Aryka Lynne, Coed of the Week, Playboy Coeds | 3 Comments

Aryka Lynne is the Playboy Coed of the Week for April 14 2011. Aryka is a busty hot blonde studying Nursing at Indiana University.

Q&A with Aryka Lynne

Playboy: How wild is campus life at IU?
Aryka: I have seen couples in the library and bathroom stalls. They come… out with their hair and clothes all messed up. It’s hilarious!

Playboy: What’s been the most surprising thing about college life so far?

Aryka: I’m surprised that college guys don’t ask me out! Maybe they’re too scared….

Playboy: What do guys say after working up the courage to talk to you?
Aryka: “You’ve made me so nervous that I’ve totally forgotten my standard pick-up line.”

Aryka Lynne Bio

Measurements: 32C-24-35
Height: 5’1″
Weight: 108 lbs
Birthdate: June 29, 1991
School: Indiana University
Major: Nursing

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Heather Jo Hughes Playboy Cybergirl Xtra April 2011

April 14, 2011 | Cybergirl Xtra, Heather Jo Hughes, Playboy Cybergirls | 5 Comments

Heather Jo Hughes is the Playboy Cybergirl Xtra for April 2011. Heather first graced us with her lovely big boobs back in 2009 when she was Cybergirl of the Week, and now she is back looking better than ever as our Cybergirl Xtra. Check back each week for brand new pictures and videos of this blonde beauty!

Heather Jo Hughes Bio

Measurements: 34D-24-33
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 102 lbs
Birthday: March 15, 1989
Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD

Check out all of Heather Jo Hughes nude photos and videos inside the Playboy Cyberclub.

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Dasha Astafieva Playboy Playmate January 2009

April 13, 2011 | Dasha Astafieva, Playboy Playmates | 6 Comments

Dasha Astafieva is the Playboy Playmate for January 2009. Dasha, a 23-year-old native of Ukraine, started modeling in 2003 and within four years had become Playboy Ukraine’s Playmate of the Year. This whetted her ambition for a larger stage. “I have dreamed of being an American Playmate since I first saw the magazine,” she says. “It has changed attitudes about beauty and sexuality and influenced people across the world. It is an honor to appear in Playboy.”

Success tastes sweet to Miss January, who remembers the hardships her family faced when Ukraine became an independent nation following the collapse of the Soviet Union, in 1991. “Those days were difficult,” she says. “I dreamed of earning money to help my parents.” Now, along with modeling, Dasha is recording an album with the band Nikita. “We have a pop-electro sexy style,” she says. “We love music from the 1950s and 1960s.” She also has her sights set on Hollywood. From the looks of this awesome creature, there is no ambition she won’t someday realize. Shall we give the 55th Anniversary Playmate the last word? “Playboy symbolizes the free soul,” says Dasha. “I want to thank Mr. Hefner for starting a new era — the era of Playboy.”

Dasha Astafieva Bio

Name: Dasha Astafieva
Birthplace: Ordzhonikidze, Ukraine
Bust: 34D
Waist: 23
Hips: 36
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 121 lbs

Ambitions: To be purposeful, cheerful, independent, aggressive, devoted and always happy!!!
Turn-Ons: I like a man with short hair and an athletic body. He has to be a gentleman.
Turnoffs: Rude men, liars and stinkiness.
A Woman I Admire And Why: Bettie Page. She became the first and the best in my favorite style of pinup.
Five Musicians Who Inspire Me: Nina Simone, Sade, Ray Anthony, Roy Orbison, Nino Katamadze.
The Most Exciting City In The World: Amsterdam.
Hobbies: Photography and everything connected with it.
Pets: Dog (Chita) and rabbit (Martiny).

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Brittany Binger down at the beach

April 12, 2011 | Brittany Binger, Playboy Playmates | Post A Comment

With summer fast approaching, the Playboy Playmates will be out in force down at the beaches in their sexy bikinis! Its time get into the right mood for summer and look back at Brittany Binger, who back in 2007 became Miss June, and heated up the summer pages of Playboy with her photos down at the beach with her surfboard!

See all of Brittany Binger’s hot nude pictorial and videos inside the Playboy Cyberclub.

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