Playboy Magazine January February 2012

December 21, 2011 | Playboy News | 1 Comment

Playboy January February 2012 In the January February 2012 double issue of Playboy:

Miss January 2012
‘Tis the season for the girl next door. We discovered Heather Knox at a casting call in Columbus, Ohio.

Miss February 2012
We found Leola Bell at our popular Playboy Golf Scramble.

Lindsay Lohan
She’s taken a lot of heat and now she’s giving some if it back.

Playboy’s Playmate Review
There can only be one. Who will be the 2012 Playmate of the Year?

Baby Cacciatore doesn’t get complicated.

Playboy Interview
Chris Wallace: The Fox News host spars with Playboy.

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Cassie Keller Rollerama

December 20, 2011 | Playboy Cybergirls, Cassie Keller | 5 Comments

Today we bring you the latest installment of the Cybergirl Rollerama series and the focus now falls on slim vixen, Cassie Keller.

Bright colors and a cheery atmosphere add to Cassie’s already eye-popping allure as the all-natural beauty peels her awesome body out of a skin tight mini dress and does Playboy justice.

These are the kind of images that fantasies are made of – the kind you first get as a coming-of-age kid that stick with you throughout adulthood too. The photographer captures the youthful dream of the rollerskating cutie without flaw and Cassie is the perfect choice of titillating flirt to play the role.

Enjoy the naughty exuberance displayed as brown-haired babe, Cassie Keller, takes off her clothes to bare her beautiful boobs, bald cooch, and cute butt by the blue lockers.

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Rachel Hunter Playboy Magazine April 2004

December 20, 2011 | Playboy Special Features, Rachel Hunter | 2 Comments

Gorgeous blonde model and actress, Rachel Hunter, became a recognizable face after posing for Sports Illustrated in 1989. She flaunted her bikini body for their infamous Swimsuit Edition and graced the covers of a multitude of other highly popular publications as well. In April 2004, Playboy revealed the fantasy woman in her full nude glory within their pages.

Her personal life has been filled with rock stars and her 1990 marriage to the much older Rod Stewart was a gossip rag favorite until it’s end in 2006, after having been separated for several years. However, the hot mom and supermodel has proven that her success is deserved and based on much more than her beautiful body and high profile love affairs.

A popular personality on reality television, Rachel has danced with stars and survived Gilligan’s Island to go on to host a British television show for supermodel hopefuls. In addition to keeping busy with work, she also makes time for charity and established the Rachel Hunter Lowland Gorilla Fund. She is all that and still super sexy in her 40’s. Rachel Hunter is timeless.

Rachel Hunter Bio
Birthdate: September 9, 1969
Birthplace: Glenfield, Auckland, New Zealand
Measurements: 36D-24-35
Height: 5’10”
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

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Tierra Lee Playboy Cybergirl of the Week December 19 2011

December 19, 2011 | Playboy Cybergirls, Cybergirl of the Week, Tierra Lee | 6 Comments

Tierra Lee is the Playboy Cybergirl of the Week for December 19 2011. “I am fun, free spirited, nice and honest,” Tierra says. “I love to get to know people and enjoy life.” In doing so, the vegan Cali-girl spends a lot of time outdoors with friends… and family. “I do adventurous things like snowboarding, four-wheeling, boating, hiking and swimming.” Indoors, Tierra is particularly turned on by a sexy guy who can make her laugh and will caress her softly with his fingertips. But wait; there’s more: “He has to have goals in life, too—and be proud to show his woman off!”

Tierra Lee Bio

Measurements: 32C-25-33
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 114 lbs
Birthday: March 4, 1992
Hometown: Los Angeles, California

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Cassie Keller Playboy Cybergirl Xtra December 2011 Pictorial 2

December 18, 2011 | Playboy Cybergirls, Cybergirl Xtra, Cassie Keller | 1 Comment

In week 2 of Cassie Keller being the Playboy Cybergirl Xtra for December 2011, she really outdoes Week 1. You may have thought that it would be impossible for her to be even sexier than in that last set of images, but Cassie proves you wrong. Her beauty has no boundaries.

Standing in a shower stall with only a pair of white bikini bottoms on, the 5’8″ babe gets her pretty hair soaked back from her face and gorgeous 34C breasts all wet. As Cassie cleanses her hot body, the bottoms come off and her shaved cooch is exposed. See as the lucky water droplets get to cascade down over her nude flesh in a view that may even have you wishing that you were water.

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Baby Cacciatore Playboy Barmate January 2012

December 18, 2011 | Playboy Barmates | 18 Comments

Baby Cacciatore is the Playboy Barmate for January 2012. Baby shares a little about her bartending life.

“My current bartending gig is at Aqua Lounge, a nightclub in south suburban Chicago. But I have also worked at a bar, and the crowds are completely different. At a club everyone is younger and crazier. At a bar the age range varies, and everyone just wants to relax and watch whatever game is on.

It’s almost impossible to hear a drink order at a club, so keep it simple. No one ever gets complicated drinks from me. I might be a bartender, but I never said I was a good one!

The wildest thing I have ever seen? Once, these three girls started dancing freakier and freakier as the night went on. By closing time they were having an intense three-way make-out session. Myself and everyone else in the club couldn’t take our eyes off of them.

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Lindsay Lohan Playboy Magazine January February 2012

December 17, 2011 | Playboy Special Features, Lindsay Lohan | 17 Comments

Lindsay Lohan is the cover girl of the double issue winter edition of Playboy Magazine for January / February 2012.
Aside from the clickety-clack of her stilettos, the studio is dead silent. Moments later, having wended her way in front of the camera, Lindsay Lohan stares playfully into the lens–through it, in fact. After widening her stance, she raises her chin and drops her arms to her sides, allowing her gold robe to slip from her shoulders. Save for the expensive footwear, she is suddenly–mercifully–naked. After months of dedicated prayer and endless negotiation, Our Lady of TMZ has revealed her ultimate secret. She has communed with the tarnished saints, Norma Jeane et al. No wonder it’s so damn quiet.

For those bearing witness, the fact that this shoot–this pop culture meta-event–is happening at all seems miraculous in itself. No need to reflect on how we got here–the courtroom drama, the Hail Mary hearings–we’re just thankful it’s where we are.

Money aside, why pose for Playboy?

“Sex and sexuality are a part of nature, and I go along with nature,” she says. “I think Marilyn Monroe said that, and I agree with her. Knowing your body and being in touch with your body is important because it gives you confidence, and in life, women need confidence. It’s a very male-dominated world, so knowing yourself and being comfortable with your body is an important thing for me as a woman. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that’s mine.”

So what has she learned from her youthful misadventures? Is there anything she wishes she had known way back when?

“That ultimately we are each responsible for ourselves and for our actions,” she says. “Looking back, I probably would have listened to and taken more advice from the people I admire and would have followed through with it more, but my stubbornness at 18 and 19 got in the way. I’ve learned that time flies faster than you think, and because you only live once you have to learn from your mistakes.”

A persona as large as Lindsay’s deserves a special stage. So we offered her Marilyn Monroe’s in this re-creation of the classic 1949 shoot by Tom Kelley, from which the first Playboy Centerfold was plucked. But before it was over, we had one more question: Having faced down jail and worked in a morgue, is there anything Lindsay’s still afraid of?

“Uh, not really,” she says. “You do realize I just posed nude for Playboy?”

We sure do. Read more and see the exclusive nude pictures of Lindsay Lohan inside the Playboy Cyberclub.

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Leola Bell Playboy Playmate February 2012 Preview Pictures

December 16, 2011 | Playboy Playmates, Leola Bell | 7 Comments

Leola Bell is the Playboy Playmate for February 2012 and her exclusive online pictorial is also up today! Two busty playmates to kick off the year, with big bouncy boobs starting what we can only hope is a busty 2012! After working her ass off in 2011 to get into Playboy, Leola has been rewarded as Miss February 2012, if you want to read a little about Leola Bell be sure to read our article on her here.

Leola Bell Bio

Measurements: 35D-23-34
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: 114 lbs
Birthplace: Rockville, MD

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Heather Knox Playboy Playmate January 2012 Preview Pictures

December 16, 2011 | Playboy Playmates, Heather Knox | 5 Comments

Heather Knox is the Playboy Playmate for January 2012 in the big bumper double edition. Today in the Playboy Cyberclub members area, Heather’s online exclusive pictorial has been released. Heather was first discovered during the Playboy Casting Calls in Columbus held in September, and just a few months later she is Miss January 2012! This gorgeous blonde, with her big DD assets is sure to be a hit with Playboy fans, her magazine pictorial will be in the Cyebrclub next month, but if you can’t wait, grab the edition from the newstand!

Heather Knox Bio

Measurements: 34DD-26-35
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 125 lbs
Birthplace: Indianapolis, IN

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Suan Sanchez Playboy Playmate Venezuela July 2010

December 15, 2011 | Playboy International Playmates, Suan Sanchez | 1 Comment

Suan Sanchez is the Venezuelan Playboy Playmate for July 2010.

We don’t know whether or not Suan Sanchez actually knows her way around an automotive shop, but seeing her get greased up in the buff and then scrub her dirty body clean for Playboy is pretty spectacular whether she does or not.

The impossibly pretty July 2010 Venezuelan Playboy Playmate could look good in any environment. Whether she is getting messy in a garage or getting glamorous for a formal evening out, Suan has the kind of chameleon beauty that makes her look right at home, yet still stands out.

Enjoy these nude images of Suan where her round breasts, fit body, lovely legs and all around hot body will take your breath away. You’ll especially enjoy seeing her naked and wet.

Suan Sanchez Bio

Measurements: 35-24-35
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 110 lbs
Birthday: January 15, 1987
Hometown: Merida, Venezuela

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Sandy Garza Playboy Coed of the Week December 15 2011

December 15, 2011 | Playboy Coeds, Coed of the Week, Sandy Garza | 2 Comments

Sandy Garza is the Playboy Coed of the Week for December 15 2011. Sandy is studying Drafting and Designing Technology at the Art Institute of Houston.

Sandy Garza Q&A

Playboy: Do you wish there were sports teams at your school?
Sandy: Let’s be honest, I’m not into school sports or professional sports…. Sure, there are girls that are sports fanatics—but not this gal!

Playboy: What would you do if you had the entire campus to yourself?
Sandy: I would do naked Pilates and yoga at the campus gym. After I got my naked workout on, I’d invite my roommates over so we could all play hide-and-seek.

Playboy: What did you want to do before you discovered design and drafting?
Sandy: I wanted to be a nurse. I found out I was scared of needles and blood, so that dream didn’t last long!

Sandy Garza Bio

Measurements: 34D-24-36
Height: 5’0″
Weight: 110 lbs
Birthday: September 14, 1984
School: Art Institute of Houston
Major: Design and Drafting Technology

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Bethanie Badertscher Rollerama

December 14, 2011 | Playboy Cybergirls, Bethanie Badertscher | 5 Comments

Forget about the trees and silly lawn decorations of jolly old men and glowing reindeer, Playboy has declared December as the month of roller skates and who better to keep up the theme than sizzling hot Cyber Girls who can keep you warm all winter long?

This latest Rollerama set features sexy 2011 Cyber Girl of the Year, Bethanie Badertscher, stripping on skates at the roller rink. There are a lot of bright colors and a lot of reminders of days gone by, but the only thing that you will really care to look at is the groovy brunette dropping her denim shorts and then lifting her hot pink top.

Bethanie busts out her beautiful boobs and then pushes down her lace panties too. She exposes her shaved cooch and wiggles that wonderful naked ass. She will roll right on to the top of your wish list!

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Jaime Faith Edmondson’s Top 10 College Football Programs

December 13, 2011 | Playboy Playmates, Jaime Faith Edmondson | 2 Comments

As we all know Playboy Playmate Jaime Faith Edmondson is a huge football fan, and once again she has donned a skimpier version of the top college football programs of the Playboy era. Gaze at Jaime as she shows off her hot body in all the colours of the college teams, and really who cares what team it is.. as long as Jaime is in it!

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Adrianne Curry Playboy Magazine February 2006

December 13, 2011 | Playboy Special Features, Adrianne Curry | 3 Comments

Adrianne Curry is a tall, lean brunette beauty who began her career as a model, but has since become a mainstay of pop culture.

A frequent face of reality television, Adrianne is known not only for her sizzling hot body, but for her fun personality and attention-stealing antics as well.

Adrianne earned the cover of the February 2006 Playboy Magazine and posed for an unforgettable pictorial inside. In January 2008, she returned for another nude pictorial and cover and was among Playboy’s Top 25 Sexiest Women for 2008 as well as having her images land her in the rankings for the Top 100 Playboy Spreads.

Whether you know her as the first ever winner of America’s Next Top Model, the wife of a Brady, a marijuana enthusiast, gameshow vixen, or by any of her other numerous credits, you will always want to know her body a bit better and Playboy gives you that chance by providing these breathtaking views of Adrianne’s awesome body.

Adrianne Curry Bio
Birthdate: August 6, 1982
Birthplace: Joliet, Illinois
Measurements : 34C-23-34
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 134lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

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Brett Rossi Playboy Cybergirl of the Week December 12 2011

December 12, 2011 | Playboy Cybergirls, Cybergirl of the Week, Brett Rossi | 3 Comments

Brett Rossi is the Playboy Cybergirl of the Week December 12 2011. Fresh off her Miss Howard TV December 2011 win, Brett has little trouble attracting a quality guy with her flirtatious nature and confidence. But one of the worst first dates she’s… found herself on was with a celebrity. “That was my first mistake,” she says. “All he could do was talk about himself. He ordered a bunch of food off of the menu, had a few bites and wasted the rest. Ew!” Brett has always had a natural desire to pose in front of the camera, since modeling runs in her family. “My grandma was a Pepsi model. Right now I’m doing everything I’ve ever dreamed of. When I retire from modeling, I’m going to move towards directing and producing.”

Brett Rossi Bio

Measurements: 32DD-25-34
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 120 lbs
Hometown: Temecula, CA
Birthday: May 21, 1989

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AJ Alexander Playboy Playmate Test Shoot

December 11, 2011 | Playboy Playmates, AJ Alexander | 3 Comments

A lot goes into posing for the pages of Playboy Magazine. The empire has been built on choosing only the sexiest women to present in high quality nude images for the masses and if a girl doesn’t fit the bill, her dream will have to go without having been achieved. Fortunately, Miss May 2008, AJ Alexander had everything that the publication prides itself on, but as with all girls, she had to do a test shoot first. Now we have the hot images that resulted to share with you.

The busty babe from Indiana appeared to be every bit as excited as her rock hard nipple points as she stripped her 5’7″ body to nudity for the photographer. She smiles as feminine bra and panties are peeled from supple 32C breasts and her cute butt is brought to full exposure.

Looking over these fantastic photos, it is easy to see why the photogenic enchantress was chosen to be a Playmate. She is flawless.

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