Rae Shows Off Her Sexy Pierced Nipples

March 27, 2014 | Playboy International Models, Rae | 7 Comments

Rae is one intoxicatingly gorgeous Playboy International model that will sweep you off your feet. She starts off in blue lingerie, her long dark hair flowing like silk over one shoulder. Soon, she is teasing you with just a small glimpse of her perfect breasts before revealing them completely to your happy eyes. This stunning beauty from England loves to be in front of the camera, working her charms on you.

She slips off all her clothing and her lovely naked body is a joy to behold. It is easy to lose yourself completely when drinking in her beauty. From her lovely face right down to long, supple legs, Rae is a sensuous jewel – rare, perfect, and completely captivating. Spending time basking in the limitless beauty of this Playboy International model will sort out your world and make it a much better place.

Rae Bio
Measurements: 30-26-34
Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 105 lbs
Birthdate: July 14, 1990
Birthplace: Manchester England

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Dasha Astafieva Dances Nude on the Pole of Her Poster Bed

March 27, 2014 | Dasha Astafieva, Playboy Playmates | 1 Comment

Beautiful Dasha Astafieva has been enjoying a day off, relaxing in bed. The sexy Playboy Playmate seductress is nearly naked from the beginning, and her bed is completely untidy since she didn’t feel like making it. The playful minx pretends for a moment that the poster of her bed is a dance pole, and she shows off her amazingly graceful moves. Her muscle tone ripples under her soft skin, giving this beautiful brunette the sinuous moves of a wild animal.

Dasha Astafieva lays back on the bed and smiles at you. She rolls from side to side in bed, giving you a nice look at her breasts and her curvy ass. Her long legs and amazing beauty are two of the many qualities that make this Playboy Playmate a one-of-a-kind woman in every way!

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Audrey Aleen Allen Strips Down to Her Knee High Boots

March 26, 2014 | Audrey Allen, Playboy Playmates | 4 Comments

Gorgeous blonde Playboy Playmate Audrey Aleen Allen has such a glow about her. Her face always seems to convey some added quality beyond mere beauty. Perhaps it is a strength of spirit or a sense of down home humility and compassion. Whatever it is, she glows with it and it is profoundly alluring.

Watching her graceful movements as she bares her tantalizing body is a true joy, and Audrey Aleen Allen takes pleasure and pride in a job well done. Every moment she gets to spend in front of the camera thrills her, giving her more opportunity to get into your dreams.

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Pamela Anderson Poses Nude For Purple Magazine

March 24, 2014 | Pamela Anderson, Playboy Playmates | 1 Comment

In a news article, it shows that twenty-five years after the gorgeous and talented Pamela Anderson graced the pages of Playboy Magazine, she has posed nude again. Now 46, the former Baywatch and Home Improvement actress showed off her amazing body for the French magazine Purple, and every spectacular photo says one thing loud and clear, “She’s Still Got It!”

Pamela Anderson has gone through some changes lately. She remarried Rick Salomon, cut her hair short, and is getting back into acting. She says she loves the photos photographer Sante D’Orazio took of her, because she looks so strong in them. Indeed she does – and that is the sexiest thing of all!

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Dana Harem Lets Her Dress Drop Until Her Boobs Show

March 24, 2014 | Dana Harem, Playboy International Models | 4 Comments

When Playboy International model Dana Harem looks directly into the camera, you can almost feel her daring you. There is a petite allure about this dark-haired vixen, lending her an exotic quality along with her tantalizing beauty. The way she tosses her hair around is spectacular and you can only imagine how lovely it would feel in your hands.

In or out of black lingerie, her curves are exquisite and sensuous, encouraging you to stare, mouth agape, until your eyes are ready to pop out of your head. Such is the way it is with Dana Harem – a babe of unsurpassed beauty and charm.

Dana Harem Bio
Measurements: 36-23-35
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: 104 lbs
Birthdate: February 01, 1983
Birthplace: Uhersky Brod Czech Republic

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Katherine Claire Wraps Her Hands Around Her Plush Boobs

March 23, 2014 | Katherine Claire, Playboy Cybergirls | 3 Comments

Sensuous, petite, and blonde, Katherine Claire is a magical enchantress. With every move she makes, this Playboy Cybergirl seems to make the air around her sparkle with sensuous electricity and magical wonder. She loves to show off her soft skin and golden curves. Getting naked before the camera makes her feel beautiful, especially when she thinks about you on the other side, looking at her.

Katherine Claire is having the time of her life as she demonstrates her tantalizing, flexible grace. Her natural seductiveness and fearless sense of play will have you wrapped around her little finger in no time at all.

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Stefanie Knight Drops Her Semi-Sheer Nightie to the Ground

March 22, 2014 | Playboy Cybergirls, Stefanie Knight | 10 Comments

Beautiful Playboy Cybergirl Stefanie Knight brings new meaning to the word “exquisite”. Her lovely features are sheer perfection, as if Mother Nature took the time to create a true work of art when she made this nubile creature. Her long, dark, flowing locks of hair caress her sensuous shoulders and shapely back. Her breasts are full and bring a smile to your face as your eyes move down to her slender waist and beyond.

Drink her in and savor every drop of her tantalizing seductiveness. Stefanie Knight is meant to be enjoyed until the memory of her lingers forever.

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Emma Glover is a Busty Amateur Who Can’t Keep Her Panties On

March 22, 2014 | Emma Glover, Playboy Amateurs | 9 Comments

With just one look at her bright smile, it becomes abundantly clear – Emma Glover is a saucy British minx! The stunning brunette Playboy Amateur has a look of pure mischief twinkling in her eyes whenever she smiles in your direction and that’s because she knows that you are absolutely captivated.

As she gracefully moves for you, allowing you to feast your eyes on her tantalizing curves, she knows that you are rendered speechless by the view. She moves slowly – not wanting to give away too much too fast. Give her time, though. Emma Glover has more sexy tricks up her sleeve!

Emma Glover Bio
Measurements: 32-25-33
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 120 lbs
Birthdate: June 06, 1986
Birthplace: Brentwood, Essex, England

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Britt Linn Sheds Her Jacket and Bares Her Beautiful Body

March 22, 2014 | Britt Linn, Playboy Playmates | 4 Comments

Ferociously hot, Playboy Playmate Britt Linn is looking divine in old-fashioned intimates, garter, and thigh high stockings. A jacket is slung over her shoulders, adding even more class to her tantalizing appearance. She tops off the look with heels and a sexy pout and with every toss of her short hair, this seductive babe gets more of a hold on you.

Even in the same pictorial, there is an element of the chameleon about this beautiful babe. In one look, she possesses a waifish quality – in another, she is a total tomboy. In yet another, she is a sensuous goddess. Britt Linn loves to keep you guessing as to which version of herself she will show you next. This Playboy Playmate has everything she needs to keep you where she wants you – on your toes!

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Shanice Jordyn Playboy Playmate April 2014

March 21, 2014 | Playboy Playmates, Shanice Jordyn | 8 Comments

Shanice Jordyn is the Playboy Playmate for April 2014. Velvet roller skates laced up on at beautiful woman? We dig it. Back in the roller-disco heyday of the late 1970s. Hef transformed the Mansion’s tennis court into a funky rink of rolling. bikinied babes. Roller-skating is trending again (thanks in part to Beyonce’s “Blow” video). so we outfitted our athletic Miss April Shanice Jordyn in socks, skates and little more, then whisked her off to a private rink for a neon-lit spin. “It was such fun. Growing up in Sioux Falls. South Dakota, I loved skating every weekend with my friends,” says Shanice, who now calls Phoenix home and first appeared in our pages representing Arizona State University in last October’s college issue. Some things you should know about Miss April: She was an MVP varsity point guard and a sprinting champion in high school, she works as a dental assistant and a waitress, and she had never modeled before our scouts spotted her in Phoenix. Her favorite cocktail is a sex on the beach, she loves dancing, and she is, in her words, “down for anything!” “l love my jobs and my life.” she says. “When I’m not working or at the gym, I do my best to be a good Sun Devil and go clubbing with the Arizona State crowd.” It turns out that Shanice celebrates her 22nd birthday this month. “I wanted to be Miss April and only Miss April. because it’s my birthday month,” the beauty proclaims. Any birthday requests? “Please, Hef, turn the Mansion tennis court back into a roller-skating rink so we can have my birthday party on it,” Shanice says, laughing. “I’ll skate naked with pom-poms on the end of my skates!”

Shanice Jordyn Bio

Name: Shanice Jordyn
Bust: 34B
Waist: 26
Hips: 36
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 120 lbs
Birthdate: 8th April 1992
Birthplace: Sioux Falls, SD

Ambitions: To take my playmate modeling ambitions as far as possible. I’d kill to be a Nike model!
Turn-Ons: Tall, lean, tattooed, basketball-playing guys who have mad swag.
Turnoffs: I’m a dental assistant, and bad teeth are my number one turnoff, so brush and floss boys! (And while you’re at it make sure your Jordans are just as clean.) :)
My Favourite Jams: Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and anything by Beyonce, especially “Blow”, because the video mirrors my roller-skating-themed pictorial.
My Hero: My gorgeous, hardworking mother!
Perfect Date: Sports event, hikes, amusement parks fun, active stuff wins you big kisses!

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Marga Cifuentes Poses Naked Atop a Car

March 21, 2014 | Marga Cifuentes, Playboy International Models | Post A Comment

Argentina temptress Marga Cifuentes is spending a day outdoors at the park, wearing gold and black. Looking both casual and sophisticated, the Playboy International model shows off her sexy form in all the right ways. She loves to get your attention and with her natural beauty and intoxicating seductiveness, she gets it easily.

When she knows you are looking, she begins slipping off her restrictive clothing, revealing beautiful breasts, slender waist, luscious hips and so much more. She lays back on her hot red sports car and basks in the sun while looking quite at home. The car suits her – red hot and pulsing with a wonderful rumbling heat that makes your heart lift in your chest as your pulse races. Marga Cifuentes knows exactly how to rev your engine with every move she makes! Let this Playboy International model take you for a thrill ride you’ll never forget!

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Zoi Gorman Looks Statuesque as She Strips Down Outside

March 20, 2014 | Playboy International Playmates, Zoi Gorman | 3 Comments

German beauty Zoi Gorman is in a class by herself. The Playboy International Playmate has a natural elegance about her that is constantly present – whether she is dressed up for a dinner party or hanging around outside completely nude. Her sun-drenched beauty will take your breath away and her lovely skin shimmers as the breeze lovingly caresses every inch of her tantalizing curves.

Running into this tempting seductress while out on a nature walk would have you thinking you slipped through a portal into another world. It is easy to believe in such things when you helplessly stare at this goddess.

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Tawny Swain Lets Her Red Locks Tease Her Bare Breasts

March 20, 2014 | Playboy Cybergirls, Tawny Swain | 2 Comments

Playboy Cybergirl Tawny Swain is an exquisite creature, perfectly suited for seduction. Gorgeous, pale skin and long, silky red hair are only the beginning of her many alluring assets. Her sensuous curves look amazing in orange lingerie and even better when she slips it off. She leaves her thigh high stockings on while showing off her fair and sensual curves.

She appreciates the bathroom setting she is in. It is a small and intimate place to meet you, and when she sits down on the edge of the bathtub, the cold porcelain sends a delicious shiver up her spine. But her favorite feature of all in the room is the large mirror. When Tawny Swain rests her nude figure against that huge piece of glass, she can give you the best of both worlds. But this Playboy Cybergirl knows that two of her would be more than most men could handle!

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Klaudia Badura Gets Soaking Wet in the Shower

March 20, 2014 | Klaudia Badura, Playboy International Models | 2 Comments

Gorgeous brunette Klaudia Badura is one hot Playboy International model from the UK. She waits for you in the shower, barely dressed in white lingerie. Her pouty smile and long flowing hair are designed to get you wrapped right around her little finger and they work perfectly. Before you know it, you are completely under this babe’s spell.

She slowly slips off her clothing, allowing you to see her nude skin all beaded up with water. It is impossible to see all that and not be filled with this aching of pure desire. Klaudia Badura has all the charm, grace, and beauty she needs to make you fantasize about her for a long time to come.

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Britt Linn Lays in Bed in Her Black Bra and Panties

March 19, 2014 | Britt Linn, Playboy Playmates | 4 Comments

Britt Linn knew you’d be here to meet up with her in this private place. The alluring and intriguing Playboy Playmate decided to show up early and surprise you with some of her sexy black lingerie. Her garments look like they were made just for her. The bra holds and caresses her small breasts perfectly, showing off her cleavage and whetting your appetite to see more. When she opens it for you, setting her breasts free, you can’t help but sigh with pleasure.

Britt Linn still has a lot more to share, though. From sexy black panties to the garter belt around her slender waist, right on down to the thigh high stockings covering her long, shapely legs – to that completely delicious ass – this Playboy Playmate is made up of one tantalizing view after another!

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