Amber Alexandria Looks Hot in Lace Bra and Panties

April 9, 2013 | Amber Alexandria, Playboy Amateurs | 6 Comments

Brunette bombshell Amber Alexandria is the Playboy Amateur we are excited about today. This delicious lady dresses up her hot and stunning curves in her fine lacy, lavender bra and tight black panties. The sexy clothing accents every inch of her incredibly slender and sexy perfection.

When she smiles, she lights up the room. Everything about her is sheer deliciousness – from the softness of her perfect natural breasts down to the tips of her toes. Watch out world, Amber Alexandria is here and she’s ready to make her mark!

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Jaslyn Ome Strips Off Blue Lingerie to Show Her Nude Body

April 8, 2013 | Jaslyn Ome, Playboy Playmates | 6 Comments

When you first lay eyes on Playboy Playmate Jaslyn Ome, it can be hard to believe that she’s a real person. This exquisite beauty is a sensuous work of art. Her slender curves are adorned in beautiful blue lingerie that graces every move of her body. She bestows a dazzling smile on us before baring her perfect breasts and sexy flat belly. After she slips out of her tiny blue panties, the gorgeous babe stands with graceful ease.

Jaslyn Ome is poetry in motion, even when she isn’t moving a muscle. Everything about this Playboy Playmate is a luxurious delight and the next time we see more of her exotic beauty will be a definite cause for celebration.

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Megan Elizabeth Gets Naked in Outdoor Shower

April 8, 2013 | Megan Elizabeth, Playboy Cybergirls | 1 Comment

Megan Elizabeth is having a day of fun in the sun. The gorgeous brunette Playboy Cybergirl is looking cool and seductive in blue shorts and top. The delicious beauty has found herself an outdoor shower, and she’s ready to get her hot body nice and wet. Slowly, she strips from her top and bra, baring beautiful breasts and lots of creamy golden skin. Her long dark hair falls around her shoulders and her tan lines emphasize all the right places.

As she allows the cool water to run down her body, Megan Elizabeth shivers with sensuous delight. From the top of her head to the tips of her toes, her sensitive skin rejoices. If you’re basking in this Playboy Cybergirl’s beauty, we bet you’re rejoicing too!

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Gwen Barker Poses Nude on a Leather Couch

April 7, 2013 | Gwen Barker, Playboy Coeds | 3 Comments

Gwen Barker is young, blonde and beautiful. This Playboy Cybergirl loves to be naked and with a body as hot as hers – who can blame her? Gwen has realized that there is a definite payoff to being naked and she’s embraced it fully and proudly.

Everything about this woman is breathtaking. She’s one of the few babes out there that will get inside your head and leave you hypnotized with her beauty. Gwen Barker is the sort of woman that is meant to be naked – and when she is – everyone in the world is just better off!

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Sascha Aleksander Gets Naked in Her Dressing Room

April 7, 2013 | Playboy Cybergirls, Sascha Aleksander | 1 Comment

When you’re lucky enough to catch Playboy Cybergirl Sascha Aleksander back stage in the dressing room, you’re in for a real treat. The stunning brunette gets around mirrors, lights, and costumes, and she becomes very playful and silly – posing for the camera in any number of seductive and fetching ways. She starts out clothed in sexy lingerie and stockings but almost immediately, she’s flashing you her tits.

She follows that with a look of utter seduction and eroticism. Sascha Aleksander saves the best look for last. Standing naked and free, looking wistfully away as thinking of someone special. What if she’s thinking about you?

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Miranda Nicole Strips Out of Black Lace Teddy

April 6, 2013 | Miranda Nicole, Playboy Cybergirls | 1 Comment

Wearing a black, lacy teddy, stockings, and chunky necklace, Miranda Nicole sits seductively, waiting for your attention. The stunning brunette Playboy Cybergirl possesses a lot of stage confidence. She can wait peacefully until she knows you’re watching. Then she will happily undress, showing you everything from her luscious breasts and sexy shoulders down to her long legs. Her tummy is flat and her curves are lush. Her hair is a dark, tumbling, silken waterfall of seduction.

Everything that Miranda Nicole does is designed to capture the eyes and when you’re attention is on her, everything just seems right with the world. If she were in charge of the planet, world peace might even be possible. It’s difficult to fight wars when everyone is too busy walking around with very happy, slightly dazed smiles on their faces!

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Heidie Rosa Removes Sultry Black One-Piece

April 6, 2013 | Heidie Rosa, Playboy Amateurs | 1 Comment

Heidie Rosa is the delicious brunette Playboy Amateur that is all dressed up in some slinky lingerie that seems to be mostly made up of strings strung together. The sexy outfit clings to her every curve, leaving little to the imagination. It is also very easy to move it aside when Heidie wants to show off a bit more of her body.

She doesn’t leave her outfit on for long, however. No matter how revealing it might be, it still isn’t as good as being naked. With nothing on, Heidie Rosa can feel the sun and the cool breeze on every inch of her soft, sensitive skin, and as she looks down on the city below, the gorgeous Amateur feels a bit like a Queen, looking over her Kingdom.

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Paige Phillips Plays With Her Little Blue Panties

April 5, 2013 | Paige Phillips, Playboy International Models | 10 Comments

Playboy International model Paige Phillips is a stunning brunette beauty hailing from Bristol, England. Her face is achingly exquisite, with fine, delicate features and warm brown hair cascading sensuously around her shoulders. She wears a sexy little lace top and vibrantly blue panties, and her soft skin is creamy and golden. She poses on the deck of a boat, but looks like she could almost be from the water behind her. If you were to learn that Paige Phillips was actually a mermaid, it would be unsurprising.

Her grace and charm come shining through in every picture she poses in. This enchanting beauty is a perfect International model for Playboy and she serves as absolute proof that some very good things come from across the pond.

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Jessie Cabanne Playboy Cybergirl of the Month April 2013

April 5, 2013 | Cybergirl of the Month, Jessie Cabanne, Playboy Cybergirls | 3 Comments

Jessie Cabanne is the Playboy Cybergirl of the Month for April 2013. You’re in big trouble with Playboy Cybergirl Jessie Cabanné. She’s petite – 5’4” – with brown hair, brown-green eyes and an infectious laugh. “I’m from Pismo Beach, California,” she says. “I was a geek in high school – I had big hair and braces, and I played in the band.” These days, Jessie is a bit of a troublemaker. “I’m always doing something fun,” she says, smiling. She’s always doing something, all right – Jessie works as a hairstylist, a receptionist at a tanning salon and a waitress. “I like to do something different every day,” she says. Speaking of which, this is Jessie’s first time posing nude, and she couldn’t wait to see her pictures. “I love my body,” she says, “and I love Playboy. So posing nude is the perfect way to show it off.” When she’s not working, Jessie likes to spend time with her friends – shopping and clubbing with the girls, or a game of cards and a beer with the guys. “I’m single, and I have a thing for bad boys,” she admits. “But when I’m in a relationship, I go all out. I want it every day.”

Jessie Cabanne Bio

Measurements: 32D-23-33
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: 114 lbs
Birthplace: Pismo Beach, CA
Birthday: March 25, 1991

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Patrice Hollis Reveals Her Big Full Breasts

April 5, 2013 | Patrice Hollis, Playboy Playmates | 3 Comments

Patrice Hollis looks absolutely hot in her fishnet lingerie. The Playboy Playmate relaxes against the mirror, her stunning figure enhanced by the delicious lingerie. She holds her breasts, not wishing to reveal them too soon. This ebony vixen knows all about timing, after all. She doesn’t want to give away any of her perfect details anytime too soon. When she does remove her white shirt and takes her hands away, you see that the secret Patrice Hollis was protecting is that she is stunningly beautiful.

Only the most amazing women in the world get chosen as a Playboy Playmate and this babe really fits the bill. She is earthy, sensuous and like rich chocolate – makes the mouth water with anticipation!

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Erika Knight Strips Down and Plays the Bad Girl

April 4, 2013 | Erika Knight, Playboy Amateurs | 1 Comment

Playboy Amateur Erika Knight is a bit of a naughty girl and she knows it! She shows up for her photo shoot looking like she is just coming in from a night of partying. The sexy brunette babe is wearing a black leather corset top, panties, stockings, ankle boots – carrying a leather jacket. When she gets settled on the bed on her knees, you can see her fine, curvy ass staring right at you.

Taking her top off and baring perfect breasts, the minx shows her sultry side. She strips everything off except her spiky boots and luxuriates on the bed. Erika Knight has been a bit of a naughty girl and she likes it that way. Teach her a lesson and this Playboy Amateur will be happily naughty again soon!

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Jennifer Vaughn Shows Off Her Big Boobs by the Fireplace

April 4, 2013 | Jennifer Vaughn, Playboy Cybergirls | 2 Comments

Dressed up in blue and black lingerie, Jennifer Vaughn strips by a glowing fire. The blonde Playboy Cybergirl has already removed her bra, enjoying the feel of the heat on her breasts. Her long legs are covered in black stockings. This siren is in a very sensuous and romantic mood, and posing naked by the fire is the perfect expression of her feelings. She is in the mood for attention, and knowing that she has captured all of yours makes her happy.

She arches her back a little more, reminding you of how stunning her curves are. Jennifer Vaughn knows all her voluptuous assets very well, and her radiant smile shows you that naughty thoughts run through her mind. The glowing fire may be warm, but this delicious Cybergirl knows that she’s the hottest thing in the room!

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Gabriela Milagre Playboy Playmate Germany August 2012

April 3, 2013 | Gabriela Milagre, Playboy International Playmates | 3 Comments

Gabriela Milagre is the Playboy Playmate for Germany August 2012. There’s something about Gabriela Milagre. Tall – 5’7” – with deep brown hair and eyes, she’s from Divinópolis, Brazil, a city named for its divinity. Gabriela made her debut in Kiel, Germany, where she was a student of physics at university. After a stint as Cybergirl of the Month, she made headlines as Miss August 2012 in the German edition of Playboy. ‘Milagre’ is Portuguese for ‘miracle’, and with and full lips, smoky eyes and dusky skin, smooth and shining from head to toe, that’s precisely what she is.

Gabriela also appeared in FHM in 2010 where she was quoted as saying “I love science. Almost all my friends in Brazil are scientists. I actually plan to work again in science and education after my modeling career. It’s wonderful when you can understand each small part of the universe. Physics to me is amazingly beautiful.” Physics is hot when you look like this!

Gabriela Milagre Bio

Measurements: 34D-24-34
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 117 lbs
Birthplace: Divinópolis, Brazil
Birthday: April 18, 1986

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Rebecca Carter Shows Off Her Golden Tan in Pink Lingerie

April 2, 2013 | Cybergirl of the Month, Playboy Cybergirls, Rebecca Carter | 4 Comments

There are some women that are just absolute perfection in motion and Rebecca Carter is just such a woman. Her tanned, brunette beauty is unsurpassed both in or out of clothing. When you watch this sultry woman, you know exactly why Rebecca Carter is a Playboy Cybergirl. That title is only the beginning of all the many accomplishments this lovely woman will know in her life.

Her looks are stunning and her curves are mesmerizing. This is only the beginning of this stunners’s considerable talents. She has far to go and we are the lucky ones that get to watch her on her journey. We all know that Rebecca is bound for great things and hopefully Playboy will be there to capture them all.

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Leanna Decker Looks Great in Gold and Black

April 1, 2013 | Leanna Decker, Playboy Cybergirls | 9 Comments

Playboy Cybergirl Leanna Decker is looking tasty in black and gold. The tight fitting garments cling lovingly to her sweet curves in these non-nude pictures and you can tell that the luscious redhead really enjoys showing them off. The way her black shorts stretch against her bodacious ass is an utter tease and when Leanne looks at you, you know she is well-aware of the effect she’s having on you.

This sexy vixen seems like she’s part fairy – the way she seems to create magic with every move she makes. When she unzips her gold bodysuit to reveal only part of her perfect breasts, you can almost feel yourself growing mad with desire.

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