Mandi Sue shows her hot naked body

January 25, 2013 | Mandie Sue, Playboy Cybergirls | 8 Comments

Playboy Cybergirl Mandie Sue is a bartender from Normal, Illinois – and despite the name, she’s anything but normal. All natural, she has blue eyes, dark brown hair and an irresistible smile that earns her great tips at the bar. You’ve seen her on Playboy before – she was Coed of the Week in May 2010, and appeared in our Nude Car Wash, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Coed House Party pictorials. Now she’s back and better than ever as a Cybergirl. “I was born and raised in Normal,” says Mandie, “and I’m an Illinois girl through and through. My parents raised me to do things most girls don’t do – they took me camping, fishing, and hiking, and my grandfather taught me to build things. I cut up my own bait, and I can skin a duck about as fast as I can filet a fish.” She works nights at a popular sports bar, and in her free time, she likes to get a beer, a bite and a watch Cubs game – or spend the night in with her boyfriend. “He’s always there for me, and we share everything with each other,” she says. “I like an outdoorsman with a little facial hair. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty.”

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Megan Medellin and Ariana Loken Look Hot in This Lesbian Domination Scene

January 23, 2013 | Ariana Loken, Megan Medellin, Playboy Cybergirls | 5 Comments

Playboy Cybergirls Megan Medellin and Ariana Loken are all dressed up in sexy black leather for some light discipline. Megan gets to play the role as the submissive and naughty girl that gets to endure (and enjoy!) the fun punishment Ariana has for her. These dark haired babes are proof that you can be drop-dead naughty, yet Playboy glamorous all at the same time.

Whether dressed up in all that provocative lingerie or completely naked, both of these chicks have that special flair that makes them both the perfect Cybergirls. Can you imagine if you were the bad boy and they had you on your knees, ready to make you worship and obey? Ah – these divine women truly are what wet dreams are made of.

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Ashley Doris to be the Playboy Playmate March 2013

January 23, 2013 | Ashley Doris, Playboy Playmates | 10 Comments

Ashley Doris has been announced as the Playboy Playmate for March 2013, and curiously she has been added today in Playboy as an Amateur… odd.. but hey sneak peak of a stunning new Playboy Playmate!

Get off to a good start with our Miss March 2013 Ashley Doris. She’s all natural, with long, dark hair and deep brown eyes. “I’m from West Hartford, Connecticut,” she says. “I work as a florist, and I model on the side. I would describe my personality as creative – I studied ballet for fifteen years.” We met Ashley in Las Vegas – she was on vacation, and we had a casting call in her hotel. “My friend and I were waiting for an elevator, and we were noticed by a casting agent,” says Ashley. “I went in for a test shoot, and three weeks later, I was booked.” This was her first time posing nude, but she made herself right at home. We had her pegged as an Amateur, but Hef took one look at her photos and knew he’d found his March Playmate. “I had a great time at my shoot,” she says. “The house we shot in was perfect, and had one of the best views I’d ever seen. I loved my hair and makeup, and I loved the clothes – while I was wearing them, I mean.” When she’s not working, Ashley spends time with her friends – talking and laughing with the girls, going to dinner or a movie – or she works in her garden, where she raises her own flowers. She’s a great cook, too, and can whip up a three-course meal without batting an eye. “I don’t like rules or boundaries, so I’m happy being single,” she says, “but when I go on a date with a guy, I want to be treated with respect. That’s what separates the men from the boys.”

Ashley Doris Bio

Measurements: 34C-22-34
Height: 5′ 5″
Birthplace: West Hartford, CT
Birthday: January 11, 1989

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Sascha Aleksander is Hot as She Strips Out of Her Black Lingerie

January 22, 2013 | Playboy Cybergirls, Sascha Aleksander | 3 Comments

Her sweet figure all wrapped up in sexy black lingerie, Playboy Cybergirl Sascha Aleksander is the picture of sexuality and elegance. Her lovely natural breasts look fantastic both in and out of the hot black bustier and the rest of her curves will capture your senses. This golden-haired beauty loves to pose for you and ensnare you in her web of lust. Showing off her smokin’ hot body is one of many things that gives her great pleasure and she especially likes that it gives you pleasure too. Those long legs are a thing of beauty, as is the rest of her stunning physique.

Sascha Aleksander is a perfect female specimen. She is the kind of sensual beauty Playboy is known for and we look forward to seeing what she gets herself up to next!

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Dani Mathers Strips Out of Orange Bra and Denim Shorts

January 21, 2013 | Dani Mathers, Playboy Cybergirls | 3 Comments

There is something almost ethereal about Playboy Cybergirl Dani Mathers. This blonde babe is made of slender, charming beauty. Her long hair appears to be kissed by the sun and every freckle on her soft fair skin teases and tempts you into playing connect-the-dots. Whether laying back in her little shorts or completely naked – Dani Mathers is breathtaking. Her beauty is beyond words – but we do our best trying to describe every luscious inch of this Cybergirl.

She’s been blessed with seductive grace, a statuesque body, and the ability to make men crumble at her feet. Mythology is resplendent with tales of mortals falling in love with the gods. It is usually a bad idea, destined to end in sorrow, but a woman like Dani Mathers definitely makes it worth the risk!

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Jessie Ann Playboy Cybergirl January 2013

January 20, 2013 | Jessie Ann, Playboy Cybergirls | 5 Comments

Meet Playboy Cybergirl Jessie Ann, from Valley Springs, California. She has blonde hair, green eyes and an elaborate koi tattoo on her side. “I was raised a close family,” she says. “I was taught right from wrong – that I should treat people the way I want to be treated, and that I shouldn’t pass judgment, lest I be judged.” She took those lessons to heart – she’s a full-time nursing student and licensed pharmacy technician, and her primary interest is good patient care. On a day-to-day basis, she’s casual – “I’m a jeans and Vans kind of girl,” she says – and she spends a lot of time at home, reading and baking cookies. But she loves a night out, too, and she’ll put on a hot outfit and five-inch heels for the occasion. She’s single, and she’s into guys who are strong and confident. “I’m the dominant one in a relationship, but I still believe in more traditional dynamics,” she says.

Jessie is new to modeling, and this is her first time posing for Playboy. “I had some nude photos taken at a private studio,” she explains, “and the photographer was a friend of Josh Ryan’s. He passed them along, and I guess Josh liked what he saw.” She was asked to do a test shoot, and a few months later, she was booked. “I’ve always wanted to do Playboy,” she says. “I didn’t have any modeling experience, and I was nervous at first – but I had already met Josh and his crew, and they made me feel very comfortable on set.” Now that she’s got her feet wet, Jessie can’t wait to work with Playboy again. “I’m proud of my body,” she says. “Why not share it with the world?”

Jessie Ann Bio

Measurements: 34DD-26-30
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: 110 lbs
Birthplace: Valley Springs , California
Birthday: March 16, 1988

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Cassandra Dawn Slips Out of Her White Bikini

January 19, 2013 | Cassandra Dawn, Playboy Cybergirls | 3 Comments

Playboy Cybergirl Cassandra Dawn is a dream come true. This tanned golden beauty is a real sex kitten in her white bikini. Her slender curves mesmerize and titillate. When she sheds her clothes, revealing her natural breasts, slender waist, and true perfection – she seems to have an air of tainted innocence – meaning there’s a naughty little minx inside her just aching to break out.

You can almost imagine Cassandra Dawn as the first woman in the first garden – innocent and beautiful and utterly unaware of her sheer sensuousness. Her wavy hair beckons you to run your fingers through it. Just gaze upon her absolute beauty and try not to get lost in your own wave of naughty thoughts!

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Lauren Volker Lets the Sun Warm Her Nude Body

January 18, 2013 | Lauren Volker, Playboy Cybergirls | 4 Comments

Playboy Cybergirl Lauren Volker is ready for a day in the sun. The beautiful brunette is dressed in green shorts and an unbuttoned white sleeveless shirt, with a pair of reflective sunglasses protecting her beautiful brown eyes. Her golden skin longs for the feel of the fresh air and sunshine so strongly, that the delightful Cybergirl makes short work of the shirt. Her beautiful breasts seem to swell with the joy of being free.

After that, it doesn’t take long for the stunning beauty to remove her shorts, allowing her whole body to feel as nude and free as possible. Lauren Volker is a natural girl and there is nothing more natural than being nude. When a chick looks this good in the buff, you simply have to defend her right to be naked all she wants!

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Shannon Long Playboy Playmate October 1988

January 18, 2013 | Playboy Playmates, Shannon Long | 9 Comments

Shannon Long is the Playboy Playmate for October 1988. Shannon long is your basic girl next door, if next door is 12,000 miles away. She comes from the little town of Surfers Paradise, on the eastern coast of Australia, about an hour from Brisbane. The guys there are big, and loud, in a yobbo way, still calling girls sheilas and drinking their Castlemaine XXXX beer. “Don’t let the ads fool you,” Shannon advises. “We have regional loyalties. Foster’s is the beer to drink in New South Wales. Victoria Bitter is the Melbourne brew. In Queensland, we drink 4X. If you don’t, everyone gives you heat.” Shannon is explaining Australia as she sits in a Chicago hotel room eating – what else – a Vegemite sandwich. “I’ve had it on toast almost every day of my life. The first time I came to the United States to test for the centerfold, I didn’t bring any. Never again.”

Shannon attended a school where the curriculum included certain frontier essentials. “We had to raise two chickens and pluck them for our final exam. I got Mom to swap a pinched duck – a dressed chicken – I couldn’t kill pets.”

We asked Shannon her opinion of the Crocodile Dundee movies. “He got the guys right. I grew up with four brothers, listening to them exaggerate. A few ripples on the ocean became great surf, a small catch became a super fish, a scratch became a fight with a full-blown crocodile. But mostly, he got the laid-back atmosphere. You work a few months, you take off for a few months for a little adventure. It’s such a young country, there’s such a freshness, no one is eager to settle down into one job, one house, one life. You have to enjoy the freshness.” Enjoy hers.

Shannon Long Bio

Name: Shannon Long
Birthplace: Gladstone, Australia
Bust: 36D
Waist: 21
Hips: 32
Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 94 lbs

Ambitions: To be happy and successful in whatever I choose to do in my life and to own my own home.
Turn-Ons: Sunsets, family get-togethers, holding hands, bicycle riding, shopping, walking in the rain.
Turnoffs: Dirty bathrooms, physical violence, dirty ashtrays, slow drivers.
Favorite Books: Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
Favorite Movies: Witches of Eastwick, Suspect.
Favorite Performers: Jack Nicholson, Bryan Ferry, Cher.
What I Like Best About Australia: The beaches, the laid-back atmosphere and easygoing people, Aborigines, Northern New South Wales. I love Australia.
What I Like Best About America: I found Americans very helpful and friendly; staying at the Playboy Mansion.

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Miranda Nicole is a Siren in Red Panties

January 15, 2013 | Miranda Nicole, Playboy Cybergirls | 6 Comments

Tall, gorgeous brunette Miranda Nicole is the type of woman who can magnetize you with a look. Her intense gaze holds you captive in its spell and when you are finally able to look away, you will instead be riveted by her sexy, lean body. From her lovely full breasts to her flat stomach to the pink between her slender thighs; Miranda is made of beauty and grace.

She will awaken desire in any man who glances her way, and that is what makes her the perfect Playboy Amateur. You can easily see that a woman like this won’t remain an amateur for long, in any field. With brains, talent, beauty, and a rocking body, what more could you possibly need?

Miranda Nicole bio

Measurements: 34D-25-36
Height: 5′ 10″
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
Birthday: September 18, 1987

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Carlye Denise Shares Her Naked Body With the City

January 14, 2013 | Carlye Denise, Playboy Cybergirls | 6 Comments

Brunette, beautiful and wearing only black lingerie and thigh high stockings – Playboy Cybergirl Carlye Denise stands on top of a tall building, showing off her body. Boldly, this babe removes her top, freeing her gorgeous breasts from their confinement. Her panties soon follow, leaving the delicious beauty in her birthday suit. The city skyline makes a wonderful background for Carlye Denise to pose against.

Every curve of her beautiful body is stunning and we feel very fortunate to be able to enjoy the view of this stunning chick. With all the buildings in the background, it’s easy to imagine that some neighbor out there with a nice telescope might be enjoying this amazing view as well!

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Elena Romanova Playboy Cybergirl January 2013

January 14, 2013 | Elena Romanova, Playboy Cybergirls | 5 Comments

If you’re familiar with the bar scene in Huntington Beach, California, you may have already met Playboy Cybergirl Elena Romanova, who works nights as a bartender. Born and raised in Melitopol, Ukraine – an intercultural city best known for its fresh fruit and honey – Elena came to America to pursue a career as a model. With ice blue eyes, raven hair and classic proportions, this Slavic princess is sure to succeed.

She was an art student in Russia, where she honed her talent for drawing and nurtured an interest in dance. In America, she was a finalist for Maxim’s Hometown Hotties 2011 competition, and has done promotional modeling for Lowrider Magazine and a few calendars. But she had her sights set a lot higher than that. “I’ve always wanted to be in Playboy because it sets a standard of beauty,” she explains. “I’m proud to be a part of that.”

“I’m outgoing,” says Elena. “I love to go out drinking with the guys – after all, I am a bartender. I don’t really hang out with girls.” It won’t surprise you to know that a strong, independent girl like Elena is single – or that she likes it that way. “I don’t have to deal with another person’s problems,” she says. “But I love guys with a nice chest and arms. And respect is very important. Where I grew up, that’s what men are like, and that’s what I expect.”

Q&A with Elena Romanova

Playboy: What do you do when you’re not modeling?
I’m a bartender.

Playboy: What is your favorite kind of beer and why?
The place I work sells beer only. Probably a Dutch wheat beer or short tap, anything that has an orange flavor to it. Wheat beer is my favorite.

Playboy: Where did you grow up?
I was born in Ukraine and lived there for 14 years and then moved to Russia and lived there for five years. I have dual citizenship. I live in the States now and I’ve been here for five years; I love it. I’m so glad to be here because there’s a lot of freedom to make money, no matter if you come from a poor family or if you have an education there’s still a possibility to make money. In Russia it’s completely different. So that’s what I like about America the most; it’s the land of opportunity. Everyone has an opportunity to make something out of themselves.

Playboy: What inspired you to become a Cyber Girl?
I’ve always wanted to work with Playboy. Once I got a chance I went to casting and that’s how it started.

Playboy: Do you have any other secret talents?
I went to art school; I know how to draw and paint. I haven’t done it for a while, but I’m pretty sure if I picked it up again it would click. I was always more into dance, but my parents took me to art school instead.

Playboy: What are your goals for this fall?
There are so many things. Keep modeling; hopefully get a test shoot for Playmate.

Playboy: Do you model outside of Playboy?
I’ve done a lot lately; I’ve started taking modeling seriously. I was on the cover of Street Chopper Magazine recently. I do mostly glamour and car modeling, bikini or lingerie.

Playboy: You work around cars often; what is your dream car?
I have two dream cars. One is a Mercedes CL and the other is a Bentley Continental GT. Both are very classy cars with smooth lines, totally matches my style!

Playboy: What attributes are you most proud of physically?
My butt and my legs. I’m only 5’3” but my legs are long so I photograph much taller than I really am.

Playboy: You’ve got a killer body. How do you keep in such great shape?
I do aerial arts, which is aerial acrobatics, like Cirque du Soleil — that’s what keeps me in shape. I started doing it in March and have done a few shows with my school at different art festivals or parks. It’s a lot of fun.

Playboy: What has been your biggest accomplishment in your life to date?
I met Hugh Hefner last weekend — I always wanted to meet him; it was a great experience. I went to Fun in the Sun this past Sunday and I got to meet him. It was slow, usually there are a lot of girls but there were only ten that day. I got to meet a lot of cool people. Hugh Hefner was quiet, polite and always smiling.

Playboy: Do you have a favorite Playmate?
Dasha Astafieva. She was a Ukrainian girl that posed in Playboy’s 55th Anniversary edition in January 2009. She was gorgeous. That’s what a Playmate should be; she was perfect.

Playboy: What’s the best dating advice you can give to our male readers?
Don’t try too hard. Don’t try to impress a girl from the get-go by telling her how much money you have, how many houses you’ve got. It’s kind of annoying. When it happens to me it feels like they’re trying to buy me. Be yourself; not everyone is impressed by money.

Elena Romanova Bio

Measurements: 32D-25-36
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: 105 lbs
Birthplace: Ukraine
Birthday: 04/29/1988

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Nicolette Novak Bares Her Flawless Body in Bed

January 13, 2013 | Nicolette Novak, Playboy Cybergirls | 3 Comments

Playboy Cybergirl Nicolette Novak relaxes on her bed in blue and red lingerie. The stunning brunette has an old world charm about her – with classically beautiful facial features. Her slender body has curves in all the right places and when she moves, you can tell she is very comfortable in her skin. She loves being in front of the camera and feeling the heat from so many eyes admiring every delicious inch of her body.

Stripping off the blue bra and red panties allows her admirers to see everything – head to toe nudity of this beautiful babe. At times, she looks like a pin up girl with a modern twist to her. Each and every pictorial she’s in truly rings with beauty and class.

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Dani Mathers In White Lingerie And Nude Stockings

January 12, 2013 | Cybergirl of the Month, Dani Mathers, Playboy Cybergirls | 2 Comments

Golden tendrils hang on either side of Playboy Cybergirl of the Month January 2013 Dani Mathers‘ chest. A true vixen in her own right, she looks to enrapture you with every move she makes – no matter how slight or how big. Just watch as her nimble fingers pull down her bra, exposing such luscious curves – such round, firm fake tits that you’ll lose your mind while you lust after them.

You’ll be delighted to see that her tiny white panties get the same treatment. They slide down her legs and leave you wanting more of what’s between those soft pink thighs. Just look at that perfect body of her’s, a golden siren rolling around on a fur rug. Surely, the only thing softer than that fur would be your touch, right?

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Alli Marie and Sascha Aleksander Have Intimate Poolside Meeting

January 12, 2013 | Alli Marie, Playboy Cybergirls, Sascha Aleksander | 3 Comments

When Playboy Cybergirl Sascha Aleksander, was told that she’d be posing for a pictorial with sensuous brunette beauty – Playboy Amateur Alli Marie, the sweet blonde was thrilled. She knows that there is nothing quite like female beauty and that when two women spend such intimate time together, gently enjoying one another’s soft naked beauty – it does something to the men lucky enough to witness it. 

The contrast between Sascha Alexander’s flaxen-haired, fair-skinned countenance and Alli Marie’s brunette seductiveness will surely have you at a loss for words. Whether holding each other closely or kissing each other with incredible heat, these babes are making sure things stay hot at Playboy. These women are exquisite works of erotic art – just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

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Tishara Lee Cousino Pulls Off Her Bikini to Show Her Body

January 10, 2013 | Playboy Playmates, Tishara Lee Cousino | 2 Comments

Beautiful dark-haired Playboy Playmate Tishara Lee Cousino is one of the sultriest Playmates we’ve ever seen. Her long tresses fall luxuriously around her shoulders and sweet tits. Every curve of her body is created to build desire. To put it simply, Tishara exudes sensuality from every pore of her tantalizing body.

Enjoying the view of her in a simple black bikini is practically a spiritual experience, because she serves as a reminder that there must be an incredibly creative consciousness at work in creating a woman so exquisite. Her fit and toned body reminds one of a jungle cat when she moves – to the point that she almost seems beyond real at times. But believe it or not, Tishara Lee Cousino is real. And we are the lucky fans who get to worship at the feet of such a perfect Playmate.

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