Anna Lynn is Seductive in Her Blue Body Suit and Plaid Shirt

June 20, 2013 | Anna Lynn, Playboy Cybergirls | 1 Comment

Luscious brunette Playboy Cybergirl Anna Lynn is looking beautifully sensuous in her blue body suit and plaid flannel shirt. This lovely lady has a face like an angel, long sexy brown hair, gorgeous eyes, and a figure that could stop traffic. She relaxes on the couch with her long bare legs crossed in front of her, ready to show you more. She gets up and turns around, first wanting you to know that her body suit shows off her firm ass.

When she slips her shirt off and her bodysuit down, her soft golden shoulders and tantalizing breasts enchant the senses. Anna Lynn is pure seduction and there’s no other way to put it. When this Playboy Cybergirl decides it’s time to get your attention, she knows all the best ways to do it.

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Jeannie Santiago is a Real Siren in Her Black Teddy

June 19, 2013 | Jeannie Santiago, Playboy Cybergirls | 2 Comments

Jeannie Santiago is one absolutely delectable Playboy Cybergirl. The bronze beauty seems to gleam with an inner fire as she poses her beautiful, curvaceous form for the camera. She slowly strips out of black lingerie, her long dark hair a sexy flowing wave around her shoulders and breasts. Whether she’s standing up, kneeling, or revealing what’s between her beautiful thighs, this babe captures all the attention in the room.

Everything about her naked body seems to glimmer and tantalize with promises of secret pleasures and hidden desires. Jeannie Santiago wants you to see all of her beauty, in and out. She wants to be your ideal fantasy Playboy Cybergirl – and so much more. She won’t be truly satisfied until she knows that she is the scintillating beauty dancing within your dreams!

Jeannie Santiago bio

Measurements: 32-26-36
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 127 lbs
Birthplace: Oceanside, CA
Birthday: July 23, 1984

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Anna Capri sexy red hot latina

June 18, 2013 | Anna Capri, Playboy Amateurs | 2 Comments

Say hola to Anna Capri, a sweet Playboy Amateur Latina from Encinitas, California. She’s all natural, with brown hair, brown eyes and a considerable behind, which she counts as her best asset. “I love my booty,” she says. “It looks great in clothes…or without.” Growing up in Encinitas, a coastal city near Los Angeles, Anna spent her time at the beach, sunning and swimming with her friends and family. “I have very loving parents,” she says. “They always encouraged me to be myself, and to strive for the best that life has to offer.” These days, Anna is a retail manager, and when she’s not working, she’s hanging out with her friends. “We’re always getting in trouble, and we have the best time doing it,” says Anna, laughing. “We’re the life of the party.” This is Anna’s first modeling gig, not to mention her first time posing nude, and so far, she’s having the time of her life. “I’ve always been comfortable with my body,” she says. “Playboy is so tasteful, and does a great job showing women in the nude. Posing made me feel so sexy.” With a hot shoot for Playboy under her belt, we think it’s safe to say that Anna has a promising career as a model. “Life is a journey,” she says, thoughtful. “So far, mine has been amazing.”

Anna Capri Bio

Measurements: 32B-27-37
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 125 lbs
Birthplace: Encinitas, California
Birthday: December 29, 1990

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Chelsie Farah Playboy Cybergirl June 2013

June 18, 2013 | Chelsie Farah, Playboy Cybergirls | 1 Comment

Get in shape with Playboy Cybergirl Chelsie Farah. A Valley girl from Los Angeles, California, she’s tall – 5’7” – and part Middle Eastern, with dark hair and eyes. “I’m ambitious,” she says. “I used to work behind the scenes in production, but I knew I was meant to be on the other side of the camera.” After modeling for clothing and handbag lines, Chelsie sent us her pictures – and three weeks later, she was on set, shooting for Playboy. “When I was twelve, I wrote in my journal, ‘I want to be a Playmate,’” she says. “I made the decision very early in my life.” She’s a fitness instructor and model, studies martial arts, and in her spare time, she coaches a boys’ basketball team. “My father was a bodybuilder, and my mother was a personal trainer,” Chelsie says. “I grew up at the gym.” When she’s not working, she’s hanging with her friends – dinner with the girls, or Lakers games with the guys. She’s recently single, and with Playboy credits to her name, she’s more than ready to mingle. “I was with the same guy for five years,” she says. “He was a great guy, but I love being single. You get to know and love yourself.” She’s smart, confident and in the best shape of her life – what’s not to know and love?

Chelsie Farah Bio

Measurements: 34C-25-35
Height: 5′ 7″
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
Birthday: April 03, 1990

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Jenni Lynn Strips Out of Her Bra and Panties on the Furniture

June 17, 2013 | Jenni Lynn, Playboy Amateurs | 3 Comments

Hot, blonde, and sexy, Playboy Cybergirl Jenni Lynn kneels on the ottoman wearing burgundy bra and panties. She smiles brightly, teasingly pulling her panties down one hip. Then she turns her back to you while unhooking her bra. This stunning siren knows that you’d like to see more. After all, how can you resist? Only the most beautiful women get to model for Playboy and Jenni Lynn certainly fits that description.

As she removes her clothing you can see how perfect and unblemished her skin is – how full and lovely her tits are, and how every line and angle of her body is fit and sculpted with underlying muscle. This Playboy Cybergirl clearly takes care of her body and when we get to enjoy the results in such a wonderful way – we can’t help but be grateful for her efforts!

Jenni Lynn bio

Measurements: 34-24-35
Height: 5′ 9″
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
Birthday: July 01, 1988

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Anna Sophia Berglund Bares Her Big Boobs From Her Black Shirt

June 17, 2013 | Anna Sophia Berglund, Playboy Playmates | 6 Comments

Gorgeous and blonde Anna Sophia Berglund is posing in her black shirt and looking achingly beautiful. There is something very enchanting about the sexy Playboy Playmate. She is statuesque and stunning, innocent yet sensuous, and her curves are breathtaking. Her face is exquisite and her breasts are firm and succulent. And then there is that amazing personality that shines through, even in her pictures. There is something so seductive about a confident woman and you can see in these pictures that Anna Sophia Berglund possesses confidence by the truck load. This

Playboy Playmate is no shrinking violet and she’s certainly no “dumb blonde.” This fair-haired beauty is strong and stunning and she makes a magical impression upon everyone she comes in contact with. What could be sexier than that?

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Ashley Sasha is a Beautiful Ebony Babe in Lingerie

June 16, 2013 | Ashley Sasha, Playboy Coeds | 1 Comment

When Playboy Cybergirl Ashley Sasha starts posing for the camera, the ebony beauty captures all the attention in the room. She is drop dead gorgeous, as you have come to expect from Playboy. In her thigh high black stockings, sexy black lingerie, and denim jacket, she is a stunning beauty- provocative while still being innocent and seductive. But the ebony vixen isn’t done. She increases the fire by slipping off her bra, thrusting her beautiful tits out into the light of day. She continues to strip until she’s naked except for her stockings.

Ashley Sasha stands proudly naked, her tantalizing curves exposed. When she turns around, the view of her gorgeous long hair cascading down her back to the curve of her ass is a total turn on. This Playboy Cybergirl has it all going on and we can’t wait to see more.

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Kimberly Kisselovich Take Pictures of Herself Stripping

June 15, 2013 | Cybergirl of the Month, Kimberly Kisselovich, Playboy Cybergirls | 2 Comments

Sexy brunette Kimberly Kisselovich is in a playful mood. The gorgeous Playboy Cybergirl of the Month is relaxing on the bed in lingerie, taking naughty pictures of herself with an instant camera. Her long brown hair surrounds her face in a picture-perfect way and her breasts are highly photogenic (and delicious!). In fact, everything about this sex kiten is a sight to behold, especially when she teases you by not quite showing you certain private places.

Kimberly Kisselovich has a delicious beauty that is quite tantalizing to behold and watching this chick be wickedly, playful and naughty is truly a first class turn-on. It’s enough to make one wonder what else she gets up to when she’s all alone and bored – and how can we be a part of it!

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Monika Pietrasinska Shows Off Body in Lots of Lingerie

June 14, 2013 | Monika Pietrasinska, Playboy International Models | 7 Comments

Gorgeous brunette Monika Pietrasinska is a Playboy International Model we can’t get enough of. This stunning beauty is a true feast for the eyes. Even in a non-nude pictorial, the perfection of her tantalizing figure is apparent. She is fit, muscular, and yet retains a softness that makes you want to wrap her up in your arms protectively.

When she looks at you, it is impossible not to melt. When she smiles at you, the skies open and down pours the sun’s rays. Monika Pietrasinska is sheer deliciousness and the best thing to do in her presence is just enjoy the view with a happy sense of gratitude.

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Mya Barrymore Playboy Amateur June 2013

June 14, 2013 | Mya Barrymore, Playboy Amateurs | 5 Comments

Say hola to Playboy Amateur Mya Barrymore, from Northridge, California. She’s a petite Latina – Mexican and Salvadorian, to be exact – with long brown hair, brown eyes, and a face so sweet that she was voted Most Attractive in her high school yearbook. “I can be shy,” she says, smiling, “but once you get to know me, I’m the loudest person in the room.” Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Mya is a successful model – she trained in Beverly Hills, and has been modeling steadily ever since. “I’m very comfortable with my body, so I don’t mind posing nude,” she says. “Especially for Playboy!” When she’s not working, Mya loves to go to the mall or the movies with her friends, or a game of pick-up basketball at the gym. “I may be short, but I’m a team player,” she jokes. When it comes to dating, the way to this girl’s heart is through your stomach. “My stomach is one of my best features,” she says, “so one of my biggest turn-ons is a guy with a six-pack.”

Measurements: 34B-24-30
Height: 5′ 0″
Weight: 98 lbs
Birthplace: Northridge, California
Birthday: February 10, 1992

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Carly Lauren Announced as an Upcoming Playboy Playmate

June 13, 2013 | Carly Lauren, Playboy Playmates | 13 Comments

Carly Lauren has been announced as an upcoming Playboy Playmate. We first saw Carly Lauren as a Playboy Amateur back in March in the Playboy Cyberclub, and with her lovely big 34D breasts, and sexy body, Hef has decided to upgrade her to Playmate status! Josh Ryan just completed her centerfold shoot at Riverside, California at an oldschool circus. Other playmates have been voicing their jealousy of the set.. so it sounds like it will be a fun set for Carly! Enjoy these previously released nudes and some candids from Carly’s instagram.

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Veronica LaVery Sheds Furry Hat and Lingerie to Be Nude

June 13, 2013 | Playboy Cybergirls, Veronica LaVery | 3 Comments

Sultry brunette Playboy Cybergirl Veronica LaVery is looking absolutely hot in her furry bear hat and black lingerie. The minx is all playful and sexy in her strappy outfit and the fur just makes her look even more naughty yet playful than she would otherwise! When this babe sets the fur aside to bare her tits and shed her lingerie, she goes from adorable to stunning.

Veronica LaVery is sensuous and tantalizing – the kind of woman you can’t help but desire. Look deeply into her amazingly blue eyes and you will see that under the playful surface, this Playboy Cybergirl knows all about the art of seduction and you are at her mercy. You can’t help but feel that animal urge inside you – calling all those naughty thoughts up to the front of your mind.

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Kristen Nicole Slips Out of a Denim Shirt and Red Bikini

June 12, 2013 | Kristen Nicole, Playboy Playmates | 5 Comments

In her tied denim shirt and tiny red bikini bottoms, Playboy Playmate Kristen Nicole is looking incredibly hot. The blonde beauty is a real bikini bunny, the kind you’d go for a swim with in a lake somewhere and she’d happily get all wet. She slips the shirt off and you see how lovely she looks in her bikini top.

Kristen Nicole is the kind of woman that makes you want to see more of her. She is breathtaking, classy, and when you look into her eyes, you can see she has a good sense of fun too. Then there is that view of her when naked – all lush and golden , soft and creamy.

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Holly Gibbons Wows in Black Lingerie and Nude Stockings

June 12, 2013 | Holly Gibbons, Playboy Cybergirls | 2 Comments

Playboy Cybergirl Holly Gibbons is looking luscious in her sexy black lingerie. Her blonde curls are tumbling around her shoulders and down her back and her creamy skin looks touchable and amazing. The minx loves the thought of you getting lost in the view of her sexy ass, long legs, flat tummy, and sheer deliciousness. She takes off her bra, allowing you the view of her breasts.

Holly Gibbons is the kind of woman that makes you want her – but she also wants to leave you wanting more. She knows that this is the key to her staying on your mind and she won’t settle for anything less. This Playboy Cybergirl wants to make sure that the view of her stunning figure will be burned into your memory for a very long time!

Holly Gibbons bio

Measurements: 32-25-34
Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 105 lbs
Birthplace: Eastbourne, Essex
Birthday: October 14, 1986

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Kelsey Ann Flaunts Her Toned Body in Her Bra and Panties

June 11, 2013 | Kelsey Ann, Playboy Cybergirls | 3 Comments

When Kelsey Ann gets new lingerie, the Playboy Cybergirl can’t resist showing it off. Who can blame her when she looks this amazing in it? Silver and white, it contrasts her golden skin and long brunette hair. This slender beauty is all made up of tantalizing curves and slender angles. She’s muscular and fit, and all kinds of gorgeous. In short, she’s got one of the most spectacular bodies ever – and it is only natural that a lady this fine should find her way to Playboy.

The brown-eyed beauty strips with exquisite gracefulness and when she is naked, she shows off such perfection. Kelsey Ann is an expert at getting your attention – making her the ultimate Playboy Cybergirl!

Kelsey Ann bio

Measurements: 34-24-36
Height: 5′ 11″
Birthplace: Yorba Linda, CA
Birthday: February 23, 1992

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Jade Elizabeth Strips Out of Floral One-Piece in a Car

June 10, 2013 | Jade Elizabeth, Playboy Amateurs | 2 Comments

Playboy Amateur Jade Elizabeth is enjoying herself in a classic car. The luscious brunette is wearing a flowered swim suit and glasses, working on her tan. Hanging around in a sexy car can make a girl feel very hot and it doesn’t take long before she decides to undress. At least, she claims it is from the heat, but secretly, you know that this gorgeous vixen wants to see what effect she has on you.

She slides the suit down, baring her amazing breasts and the way her brown hair falls in sexy waves around them is a delight. But she isn’t finished yet! Jade Elizabeth keeps peeling off the suit until she’s completely naked.

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