Ela Korczowska Heats the Beach With Her Nude Body

May 17, 2016 | Ela Korczowska, Playboy International Models | Post A Comment

Polish bombshell Ela Korczowska looks like a goddess of nature as she shows off her stunning curves against a backdrop of sand and rocks. The Playboy International Model, dark hair tumbling seductively around her face and shoulders, hugs the rock face so alluringly. Her breasts are large, round, and firm. Her ass is supple and divine. And her legs – long, lean, and well muscled – you can’t help but fantasize about the way they would feel if you were lucky enough to run your hand up their silky smooth surface.

Ela Korczowska is so deliciously sexy that she could make a priest entertain naughty thoughts late into the night. Watching her move is pure seduction, intoxicating you with fantasies until your head spins. This Polish Playboy International Model has to be seen to be believed, so be sure and take a long, close look!

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Wu Muxi Goes Completely Nude Behind a Sheer Curtain

March 10, 2016 | Playboy International Models, Wu Muxi | 1 Comment

With one look at Playboy International Model Wu Muxi, you can tell she’s a delicate beauty. The smile across her lips may be subtle, but she smiles with her beautiful blue eyes and it radiates from her. Dressed in nothing more than frilly black panties, she keeps her back to you, her silken cream colored skin exposed. She keeps looking over her shoulder though, wanting to make sure your eyes are on her.

Turning ever so slightly, you can start seeing the shadow of her breasts. They’re curved, perky, natural. It’ll be hard to focus on much with such a perfect set of boobs like that on screen! Wu Muxi is a Chinese delicacy that you’ll be wanting so much more of! Hiding behind a sheer curtain, she bends and stretches, showing you the outline of her small frame. She may be small, but she’ll leave a very big impression on you.

Wu Muxi Bio
Birthdate: May 25, 1995
Birthplace: China

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Alana Wolfe Drops Her Lingerie and Hops in the Bath

February 9, 2016 | Alana Wolfe, Playboy Cybergirls | 2 Comments

Relax after a day of work with sultry Playboy Cybergirl Alana Wolfe. Talk about a total minx! She’s adorned in bright blue lingerie and nude thigh high nylons. She’s all ready for her bath, so she’s dying to get naked. Look at that grin on her face! It’s really hard not to smile back, even though it’s a photo.

Her bra is tossed aside, her all natural breasts uncovered. She lets her little panties drop to around her ankles. Standing there in nothing more than her garter belt, she continues to have that foxy smile across her face. When Alana Wolfe slips into the warm water, she’s not any less playful! You’ll surely need a bath yourself after these stunning pics!

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Amberleigh West Gets Naked in a Field

February 6, 2016 | Playboy Playmates, Amberleigh West | 2 Comments

Go for a romp in this field with stunning Playboy Playmate Amberleigh West. This brunette sweetheart looks good in her red one-piece jumper. She’s ready to enjoy her teepee she’s set up – complete with pillows and a blanket to rest on. The only way for Amberleigh to really enjoy it, is by getting naked first.

The thin red fabric slips easily off her svelte body. Once her natural breasts come into view, you’ll find yourself at a lost for words. Amberleigh West’s breasts are perky, nipples hard, and capturing your attention. This minx looks hot in and out of anything she puts on!

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Caitlin McSwain Drops Her Dress Onto the Bed

February 2, 2016 | Playboy Cybergirls, Caitlin McSwain | Post A Comment

Playboy Cybergirl Caitlin McSwain got all dressed up to head out for dinner, but she’s thinking about staying home now. She looks hot in her white dress that hangs over her incredible body. With the simple flick of her wrist, she opens her top, letting her perky tits be free. She’s feeling all worked up, so she’d rather stay home with you than going out on the town.

This babe is a total tease! Just look at how she shows you under her dress, those lacy white panties looking like they lead to Heaven. Slipping her dress off of her hips, her cream colored booty comes into view. How you can you resist the sultry pout of Caitlin McSwain? You can’t….

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Nicky Hendrix Strips Off Her Bra and Panties

December 17, 2015 | Playboy International Models, Nicky Hendrix | 1 Comment

When Playboy International Model Nicky Hendrix does anything, she moves so gracefully that she almost seems to glide. She slips her clothing off without any effort and her slender body captivates all your senses. With every toss of her dark blonde hair, she seduces you even more, and her stunning smile takes your breath away.

This babe might come off as just a little bit innocent, but underneath that persona beats the heart of a true vixen. When she relaxes on her hands and knees on her bed and looks into the camera, you can tell that Nicky Hendrix is well aware of your attention. This Playboy International Model is not as innocent as she looks!

Nicky Hendrix Bio
Measurements: 35-24-36
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 121 lbs
Birthdate: June 07, 1993
Birthplace: Kiev, Ukraine

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Karissa Adds Stripping to Her Workout Routine

November 20, 2015 | Playboy International Models, Karissa | 1 Comment

Beautiful Playboy International Model Karissa loves her home gym. She spends a lot of time in there working out in clingy skin tight grey leggings, sports bra and shirt. But even when she isn’t working out, this Ukrainian hottie loves to be in her gym, playing around on all the equipment. She strips her work out clothes off her slender, amazing body, showing off small natural breasts, fair skin, and long, lovely legs.

She shows you just how flexible she is as she straddles her equipment with legs spread wide, arches her back on her pilates ball, and gives you a glimpse of how sexy a treadmill can be. Karissa is one hot and tempting babe with a body that just makes you want to hold her close and protect her, while also wanting her so much it makes your head spin. This Playboy International Model loves it when she makes you dizzy!

Karissa Bio
Measurements: 34-22-35
Height: 5′ 5″
Weight: 104 lbs
Birthdate: May 20, 1993
Birthplace: Kiev, Ukraine

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Gigi Sticks Out Her Delicious Perky Breasts

October 30, 2015 | Playboy International Models, Gigi | Post A Comment

Luscious brunette Playboy International Model Gigi loves to spend time on her boat, and her favorite way to brave the waters is naked. The cool breeze blowing against her skin sends this vixen from Mindszent, Hungary into throes of ecstasy, and with the sun warming her up, she is one happy woman. You are happy too, as you watch her every move. Those fine curves are so beautiful and she moves with the gracefulness of a dancer.

Lovely breasts jiggle so nicely as she steers her boat and when she leans over a bit, the gorgeous curve of her ass can make you swoon. Gigi is one of those women who can make your head spin just by smiling in your direction. But when she takes you out on her boat, you’d better wear a life jacket. This Playboy International Model makes you dizzy enough to fall overboard!

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Malena Slowly and Sensually Strips From Her Lingerie

October 28, 2015 | Playboy International Models, Malena | 1 Comment

At the end of a long day, gorgeous Playboy International Model Malena loves to just relax at home. The first thing she does is slip off her clothing and sit for a moment in black lingerie. Sometimes this busy babe from Kiev, Ukraine just needs to catch her breath. After a few moments, she notices you watching her and she smiles inside.

Tossing you a challenging and flirtatious look, she lowers her bra strap coquettishly, and then allows her bra to slip down far enough to expose her fabulous breasts. When she bares them completely, she sits for a moment, contemplating her next move. Then Malena slips her panties down just a little and crawls on hands and knees on her bed. She knows the view of her beautiful ass will really knock your socks off. This Playboy International Model has plenty more to show you, if you stick around long enough!

Malena Bio
Measurements: 34-24-36
Height: 5′ 5″
Weight: 114 lbs
Birthdate: July 17, 1993
Birthplace: Kiev Ukraine

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Morgan Hovanek Strips Down to Her Knee Socks

October 22, 2015 | Playboy Cybergirls, Morgan Hovanek | Post A Comment

When you ask beautiful brunette Morgan Hovanek out on a date, you should be prepared for almost anything. This luscious lady loves to head out on the town for a good time, wearing a kicky little dress and flirty hat adorning her long black hair. But when this Playboy Cybergirl gets you back to her place, she’s ready to take her clothes off and relax.

The dress is the first to go and she hopes you don’t mind that she isn’t wearing a bra. She knew you suspected as much all evening, as she caught your eyes wandering to her jiggling chest more than once. But seeing those amazing breasts up close and personal just blows your mind. Then she slips her panties down, just far enough to drive you mad as she kneels on the floor in front of the couch. Playboy Cybergirl Morgan Hovanek knows you want her, and she likes it very much!

Morgan Hovanek Bio
Measurements: 32-23-33
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 110 lbs
Birthdate: February 23, 1990
Birthplace: Ohio USA

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Dominique Jane Rocks a Jeweled Bra and Panties

October 21, 2015 | Playboy Playmates, Dominique Jane | Post A Comment

Step into the jungle with Playboy Playmate Dominique Jane and this wild child will take you on a sultry adventure. The fiery redhead looks truly dangerous in her silken robe that allows just a glimpse of her barely-there lingerie underneath. Her surroundings are thick with palm fronds and her auburn hair cascades in long gorgeous ringlets around her shoulders. When she slips off her robe, you can see that her bra is merely for show, adorning her lovely breasts in bead-work.

She plays with a lei of flowers, casting shy smiles in your direction as she exposes her breasts completely. Dominique Jane slips off her panties next and relishes the feeling of being totally nude for a moment. Then the Playboy Playmate slips her robe back on. She loves that silky softness against her sensitive skin and the ability to tease you a bit. Teasing is always good!

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Chanel Elle Takes Off Her Lingerie Outside

October 9, 2015 | Playboy Cybergirls, Chanel Elle | Post A Comment

With her blonde hair flowing back from her face and a bright red silken robe over her shoulders, Playboy Cybergirl Chanel Elle is absolutely breathtaking. This sunny beauty has one of those smiles you can immediately fall in love with and when she slips off her robe and shows off her amazing body in black lingerie, it takes your breath away.

She loves to strip that lingerie off, taking her time as she shows off her beautiful body to you. Seeing her slow reveal really takes your breath away as Chanel Elle turns this way and that, cavorting for the camera. Her slender curves drive you wild as she stands, squats, and spins, her lean physique the epitome of grace and beauty. Every move this Playboy Cybergirl makes is pure enchantment, and it doesn’t take long for you to be completely under her spell!

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Ashley Doris Takes Off Robe Revealing Floral Bra and Panties

October 6, 2015 | Playboy Playmates, Ashley Doris | Post A Comment

Playboy Playmate Ashley Doris is one hot exotic beauty, with long tumbling dark hair and a face like a work of art. She stands showing off her gorgeous tanned skin in flowered lingerie, a picture of female perfection. She allows her bra straps to slip down as she kneels before you, but she takes her time before revealing those glorious breasts.

Finally, she flashes one breast at you but before you can get more than a glance, the playful babe has covered herself with a furry vest. Don’t worry, though. Ashley Doris won’t make you wait too terribly long before she shows you both of her breasts again. Suddenly, the brunette Playboy Playmate is on her feet with her panties off, giving you the perfect view of her slender, sexy physique. This gorgeous vixen is one of the most intoxicating babes around, especially when she makes your heart race with that flirty little smile!

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Playboy Blog Celebrates 4th of July With Patriotic Babes

July 4, 2015 | Playboy Cybergirls, Playboy Playmates, Playboy International Models, Barbara Moore, Shelby Chesnes, Angela Ryan, Emma Glover, Wendy Kaye, Christi Taylor | 5 Comments

After all those cook outs, the hot weather, and beautiful fireworks displays, it’s time to relax with some of the hottest models to ever cross the pages of Playboy. These models are known for their incredible assets and are all wrapped up in American flags, to show tribute in the most American way – by showing us their boobies!

Even those of us that aren’t from the USA can enjoy beautiful babe after beautiful babe. Some of the hotties shown in this XL post are: Shelby Chesnes, Wendy Kaye, Barbara Moore, Christi Taylor, Angela Ryan, and Emma Glover.

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Karolina Witkowska Playboy Germany Playmate of the Month October 2013

June 1, 2015 | Playboy International Playmates, Karolina Witkowska | 2 Comments

Head out to the country with Playboy Germany Playmate of the Month October 2013 Karolina Witkowska and this woman will have you gathering eggs and churning butter and taking naked strolls in the pond in no time flat. Blonde and beautiful, this vixen shows you what life is all about in these photos from Playboy Germany. She clearly loves the simpler life, where she can wear as little as she wants because she’s safe from prying eyes. Her tanned and fit physique looks so fine as she plays and cavorts among the grasses and bulrushes.

Karolina Witkowska is the kind of woman that would make it easy to leave the city life behind, so you could spend every day playing in nature with this wild and wonderful Playboy International Model, and every night snuggling close in front of a beautiful, roaring fire!

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Sanela Vukalic Playboy Slovenia Playmate of the Year 2009

February 9, 2015 | Playboy International Playmates, Sanela Vukalic | Post A Comment

In a darkened theater, Sanela Vukalic is the only show in town. The Playboy Slovenia Playmate of the Year 2009 is slender and graceful, with small, natural breasts and a sleekness about her that takes your breath away. Whether showing off her long legs in patterned stockings or going with the basic black thigh highs and garter belt, her supple and shapely stems lead straight up to one beautiful and succulent derriere. Her brunette hair is swept back and her face is nearly devoid of make-up.

Sanela Vukalic likes to keep things simple so her natural beauty can shine through, and it is clearly working. It is hard to take your eyes off this Playboy Slovenia Playmate of the Year 2009, and that’s the way she likes it best. Put the spotlight on this beauty and at the end of the show, be sure and give her a standing ovation!

Sanela Vukalic Bio
Measurements: 34-26-36
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 108 lbs
Birthdate: March 11, 1986
Birthplace: Slovenia

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Jasmin Strips Off Her Unitard on the Kitchen Table

February 2, 2015 | Playboy International Models, Jasmin | 1 Comment

Playboy International Model Jasmin has a sultry and mysterious air about her that can drive you wild. Sleek and slender, with high cheekbones and dark eyes and hair, she is a bit reminiscent of a jungle cat, stealthily praying upon you in order to get you exactly where she wants you. Those nimble curves and fit muscles give her a ballet dancer’s grace and unexpected strength.

Watch yourself around this Hungarian minx. One look in her eyes clearly shows that she likes to take charge of the situation, getting you under her spell so she can titillate your senses in every way imaginable!

Jasmin Bio
Measurements: 33-23-33
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: 99 lbs
Birthdate: November 21, 1987
Birthplace: Budapest, Hungary

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Brittny Ward Strips at Sunset

January 3, 2015 | Playboy Playmates, Brittny Ward | Post A Comment

We can’t get enough of cat-eyed minx, Miss January Brittny Ward. Her newest Playboy pictorial gives you the Playmate in white leather and thin little panties to whet your palette. After unbuttoning her jacket, you can tell she has nothing on underneath, which gives you the chance of seeing her perky natural breasts. The second half of the pics is at sunset, where the pinks and oranges of the evening set her body on fire with passion. Brittny is a strong, sensuous woman that wants you to keep your eyes right on her.

Playmate Brittny Ward is a total heartbreaker in this set from photographer Josh Ryan. Under her brown hair, Brittny has a tattoo on her neck – reading ‘strong willed’, it describes perfectly our bold, beautiful Miss January 2015. “I’m the teen queen turned to the dark side,” she jokes. “I’m so different from when I was in pageants, putting on that smile. Now I’m into trying things that scare me.”

At first, becoming a Playmate may have seemed daunting, but now that she’s Miss January, Brittny is up for the challenge. “Life is way too short to worry about stupid things,” she says. “Regret nothing, and don’t let people judge or bring you down.” As the sun sets on her Playmate shoot, Brittny turns a blind eye to the haters, and a smooth, round behind to Ryan’s camera. Kicking ass, taking names and breaking a few hearts along the way – that’s our Brittny Ward.

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Brittny Ward Playboy Playmate January 2015

December 22, 2014 | Playboy Playmates, Brittny Ward | 5 Comments

When you get you eyes full of Brittny Ward, you’ll want the sexy brunette Playboy Playmate of the Month January 2015 to be your new superhero. Move over Wonder Woman – when this tasty temptation shows off her curvy and lean body, especially when she relaxes high up with nothing but the blue sky around her, she makes you wish you were in some sort of distress just so she could rescue you. Her full breasts and long legs could revive any flagging heartbeat and her sensuality leaps through cameras in a single bound, knocking you right off your feet!

Brittny Ward is our Playmate of the Month for January 2015, and she starts the New Year off with a bang in this set from photographer Josh Ryan. Brown-haired and brown-eyed, with long legs and a gorgeous California tan, Brittny is an accomplished fashion and fitness model. In her first pictorial for Playboy, and our first Centerfold of the year, she wears black leather and spike heels like a boss. “I felt very badass shooting this pictorial,” she says. “It was totally thrilling! We shot at an unfinished Wright house in Malibu, and I got up on the ledge in really high heels. That was a little dangerous – seriously, the magazine doesn’t do it justice!”

With a nod to Brittny’s high-fashion background, not to mention her love of rock n’ roll, Josh and his team decked her out in metal, leather and black eyeliner – in other words, the works. “I’m afraid of heights, but this year, I’m trying to be more fearless,” says Brittny. “Once I got up on that ledge, I wasn’t scared at all!” Becoming a Playmate is a similarly fearless choice, and our latest Miss January wears the mantle with pride. “I love that this inaugurates a new chapter in my life,” she says. “I’m now a Playmate. So cool.”

Brittny Ward Bio
Measurements: 32-25-35
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 130
Hair Color: brunette
Eye Color: brown eyes
Birthday: May 22, 1990
Hometown: Sacramento, California

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Shanice Jordyn Wears Nothing But Thigh High Socks

May 6, 2014 | Playboy Playmates, Shanice Jordyn | 2 Comments

When you first set your eyes on Shanice Jordyn, you are likely to notice two things immediately – her bright smile and her delightful curls. Dark and silky, her natural curls entice your fingers to play with them and this sunny ebony siren loves anything that encourages you to play. She dresses playfully, too, in form fitting clothes that allow her flexible and fit body to move in all the ways she wants.

Very athletically inclined, she loves to roller skate and dance around in all kinds of ways. There is no doubt that this alluring and seductive Playboy Playmate knows just how to stay fit! When Shanice Jordyn does remove her clothing and let her hair down, her small, perfect breasts, slender waist, long legs, and flawless complexion are divine. She relaxes in her chair, giving you the perfect opportunity to bask in her beauty as long as possible!

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