Playboy Loves Their Latinas

May 14, 2013 | Playboy Cybergirls, Roxann Celeste, Ana Cheri, Stacey Kay, Bunnie Brook, Heidie Rosa, Cristal Cray | 2 Comments

There is just something about the Latinas that make up Playboy Cybergirls and Playboy Amateurs! These lovely, dark, exotic beauties mesmerize the senses like no other women. Perhaps it is the heat of their spirit – burning like a fire in their hearts. These gorgeous ladies often have such a strength of being and a willingness to let everyone know about it. They aren’t simply sexy – rather – they exude sexuality and sensuality from their pores like an intoxicant that overpowers the senses, turning the rest of us into their compliant subjects.

It is impossible to look at or think about a beautiful Latina lady without the word “passion” rising up from somewhere within. Whether clothed or naked, serious or playful, the world would be a far lesser place without these hot-blooded women in it – and our lives would be far less rich and vibrant.

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Heidie Rosa Removes Sultry Black One-Piece

April 6, 2013 | Playboy Amateurs, Heidie Rosa | 1 Comment

Heidie Rosa is the delicious brunette Playboy Amateur that is all dressed up in some slinky lingerie that seems to be mostly made up of strings strung together. The sexy outfit clings to her every curve, leaving little to the imagination. It is also very easy to move it aside when Heidie wants to show off a bit more of her body.

She doesn’t leave her outfit on for long, however. No matter how revealing it might be, it still isn’t as good as being naked. With nothing on, Heidie Rosa can feel the sun and the cool breeze on every inch of her soft, sensitive skin, and as she looks down on the city below, the gorgeous Amateur feels a bit like a Queen, looking over her Kingdom.

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Heidie Rosa Playboy Amateur February 2013

February 25, 2013 | Playboy Amateurs, Heidie Rosa | 3 Comments

You’ll have fun with Playboy Amateur Heidi Rosa. She’s a Latina – half Spanish, half Mexican – with brown hair, brown eyes and full lips. “My lips are one of my best features,” she says, and her voice is deep and sensuous. “Or so I’m told.” Heidi comes to you from Las Vegas, Nevada, where she works in bottle service at a high-end club on the Strip – and though fortunes are made and lost in Vegas in one evening, Heidi prizes her values over valuables. “I wouldn’t be who I am today without my family,” she says. “I was raised to be a strong and capable woman. I work on the Strip, so when I have a day off, I like to get out of town – hiking at Red Rocks or swimming at Lake Mead.” Heidi has been modeling since she was sixteen – she did a bit of print and convention modeling – but this is her first time posing nude. We hosted a casting in Vegas, and Heidi waited for hours for her chance to pose. “My agent told me about the casting, and I thought, ‘why not,’” she says. “Playboy models are some of the most beautiful women in the world.” When it comes to guys, Heidi doesn’t have a type, but she does have some personal qualifications. “I’m attracted to real people,” she says. “You can be an artist or an athlete – it doesn’t matter to me. And I don’t do games or pick-up lines. If you want my number, just be yourself. Get to know me.”

Heidie Rosa Bio

Measurements: 34-27-33
Height: 5′ 6″
Birthplace: Las Vegas, NV
Birthday: October 10, 1986

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