Marie Lucano Slips Off Panties in Front of the Mirror

March 13, 2015 | Playboy Amateurs, Marie Lucano | 1 Comment

Hot brunette beauty Marie Lucano is one fetching young Playboy Amateur as she sits perched on the bed in panties, t-shirt, and knee high stockings. She lifts her shirt and makes your heart race. She slips it off and leans forward on the bed, the look on her face expressing that she knows the mirror behind her is showing off the reflection of her luscious ass. Her dark eyes enchant you and her plush lips are delicious and kissable.

When she stands and faces her reflection, Playboy Amateur Marie Lucano is a picture of vibrant sensuality. Her breasts are firm and lovely. Her dark hair is luxurious and sensuous. And the spicy curves of her body set your loins on fire. When she slips off her panties and stands naked before you, her combined qualities of spicy seductress and innocent coquette set your head to spinning, and that’s just how she likes it.

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