Sarah Jebitsch as Marie Antoinette Lets You Under Her Skirt

October 26, 2014 | Playboy Amateurs, Sarah Jebitsch | 3 Comments

Playboy Amateur Sarah Jebitsch shows off her artistic modeling skills in a blonde wig and lacy vintage period piece dress. In the first of a three part “Creature Feature” series this tantalizing beauty sits demurely, bare natural breasts exposed and long legs divine, pensively holding a noose. Suddenly, she sets the noose aside and bestows you with a knowing look as she lifts her skirts to reveal that she wears no panties. She lies back, her skirts bunched up around her waist and falling to her sides, inviting you closer. Standing up, she strips, showing off her exquisite back and buttocks as she removes her lingerie. She cups her ass cheeks for a moment and then continues to remove her clothing.

Once naked, the lovely Playboy Amateur turns to face you, presenting you with a creamy cake treat. Sarah Jebitsch makes one stunning Marie Antoinette and no matter how innocent she may first appear, she’ll haunt your dreams for days to come.

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