Alanna Ballantine Playboy Barmate April 2012

March 17, 2012 | Playboy Barmates | 4 Comments

Alanna Ballantine is the Playboy Barmate for April 2012. I’m a model and also a fitness nut. I love health food, eating organic, and cooking! I enjoy wine tasting, reading a good book, and modeling. In my spare time I like to do things outside: caving, kayaking, floating, swimming and most of all softball!

Alanna Ballantine Bio

Measurements: 34D-25-35
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 118 lbs
Ags: 25
Hometown: Saint Louis, Missouri

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Cara Costillo Playboy Barmate March 2012

February 18, 2012 | Playboy Barmates | 2 Comments

Cara Costillo is the Playboy Barmate for March 2012. Cara plys her skills as a bartender at Coyote Ugly in Oklahoma City.

‘Here is a foolproof way to get my attention on a packed Saturday night at my bar: Flash a $100 bill and yell “Keep the change!” I promise it will make you my number one priority the rest of the night. That said, I’ll still respect you if you tip at least a dollar a drink. Bad pickup lines are an occupational hazard. The worst one I’ve heard? “Is that a keg in your pants? Because I’d sure like to tap it.” You know a bartender is legitimately into you if she keeps talking to you after you’ve paid the tab. All that talk before you get the check? It’s flirting in the name of the best possible tip.

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Baby Cacciatore Playboy Barmate January 2012

December 18, 2011 | Playboy Barmates | 18 Comments

Baby Cacciatore is the Playboy Barmate for January 2012. Baby shares a little about her bartending life.

“My current bartending gig is at Aqua Lounge, a nightclub in south suburban Chicago. But I have also worked at a bar, and the crowds are completely different. At a club everyone is younger and crazier. At a bar the age range varies, and everyone just wants to relax and watch whatever game is on.

It’s almost impossible to hear a drink order at a club, so keep it simple. No one ever gets complicated drinks from me. I might be a bartender, but I never said I was a good one!

The wildest thing I have ever seen? Once, these three girls started dancing freakier and freakier as the night went on. By closing time they were having an intense three-way make-out session. Myself and everyone else in the club couldn’t take our eyes off of them.

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Karin Noelle Playboy Barmate December 2011

November 12, 2011 | Playboy Barmates, Karin Noelle | 7 Comments

Karin Noelle is the Playboy Barmate for December 2011. You may recall 1 year ago Karen Noelle was our Cybergirl of the Week, and it seems like she has added bartending to her impressive resume which includes professional stallion wrangler.

Karen’s thoughts from behind the bar…. “Tips are better than bad pickup lines. A guy once handed me $300 for two beers. That got my attention.
Drunk men think they can win you over by starting a fight with another guy. Trust me, it never works.
Every bartender judges a man by what he drinks. No matter how good-looking you are, we’ll laugh at you if you order something too girlie.”

With her 32D-23-31, drunk men giving her over sized tips is bound to happen! See all of her barmate and Cybergirl pictures at Playboy.

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Lacey Zartman Playboy Barmate November 2011

October 14, 2011 | Playboy Barmates | 16 Comments

Lacey Zartman is the Playboy Barmate for November 2011. Lacey is pouring drinks at Legends, in Reading Pennsylvania. Lacey leaves us some of her thoughts….

Here is one of the better pickup lines I’ve heard at my bar I’d like to buy you a drink. All I ask is that you drink it with me, and if we click, I’ll buy you another… drink.”

Paying for your first drink with big bills tells me you have a lot of cash on hand and you’re not afraid to spend it.

One night at work I thought I could stretch the tight shirt I was wearing by pulling it across my chest. But I pulled too hard and it ripped in half. My customers were so excited that they finally took their eyes off the game.

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Nicole Jaye Playboy Barmate October 2011

September 16, 2011 | Playboy Barmates | 2 Comments

Nicole Jaye is the Playboy Barmate for October 2011.

“I DON’T think I’ve ever heard a good pickup line at my bar, Alibi Cafe in Providence. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that—now it sounds like a challenge.

ARE DRUNK girls worse than drunk guys? I don’t know. All drunk people love to knock their glasses over, so I’d rather deal with whoever spills the least.

RHODE ISLAND is such a small state that you can’t do anything without everyone else hearing about it.

AT MY last job, my best friend and I had a champagne fight. Because our clothes were soaked, we borrowed shirts from two guys and drove home in our underwear. It’s a good thing we didn’t get pulled over.”

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Stefany Alzate Playboy Barmate September 2011

August 13, 2011 | Playboy Barmates | 7 Comments

Stefany Alzate is the Playboy Barmate for September 2011.

“BEING A BARTENDER at Glo in Long Island, I hear a ton of pickup lines. If I had a dollar for every time a guy tried to pick me up by telling me he was a millionaire, I’d be able to tell him I was a millionaire… too.

I ONCE RECEIVED a $100 tip for an order that consisted of a bottle of water. So at least I’m doing better than the guys selling water outside the Holland Tunnel.

WHEN I WAS younger I’d get drunk, take my tank top off and walk around in my bra all night.

I’M FROM COLOMBIA, which means I grew up speaking Spanish. Add to that the loud music at Glo, and it’s hard for me to hear most of our customers. I don’t think they mind, though. I think they secretly like that it gives them an excuse to lean in and brush up against me.”

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Erin Alexandra Playboy Barmate August 2011

July 17, 2011 | Playboy Barmates | 5 Comments

Erin Alexandra is the Playboy Barmate for August 2011. You can find Erin and her hot body behind the bar at Black-Finn in New Yory City. Erin gives you a bit of a rundown on life as she sees it!

DON’T COME INTO my bar, Black-Finn in New York City, and order a vodka tonic or a vodka and cranberry with a top-shelf vodka such as Ketel One. If you like Ketel One you should have it neat or on the… rocks. Mixers are for well drinks.

LET ME KNOW if you see a girl at the end of the bar you’re interested in. When she’s done with her drink, I’ll tell her an awesome, handsome, sweet man (a.k.a. you) wants to buy her a drink. Girls always trust the opinion of other girls.

IF YOU BRING a date to a bar, take note of how she treats the bartender. It’s a good indication of how she’ll treat your friends.

I LIKE SHOWING OFF my boobs when I bartend. So please enjoy them. But also, please look me in the eyes when you’re ordering a drink.

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Hannah Gappa Playboy Barmate July 2011

June 18, 2011 | Playboy Barmates | 10 Comments

Hannah Gappa is the Playboy Barmate for July 2011. Hannah works as a sexy barmaid in Lincoln Nebraska, so if you want to have a drink poured by this gorgeous brunette head on over to “The Bar”

Hannah Gappa talks about herself

The Bar I work at, the Bar in Lincoln, Nebraska, is considered the place you make your last stop of the night. So by the time people get here, they aren’t always in their right mind and have a tendency… to throw their inhibitions to the wind. Let’s just say I have seen my fair share of bare ta-tas.

Growing up in Nebraska, I had a pet cow and two pet sheep. They were birthday presents from my grandpa.

Its pretty obvious how to get on a bartender’s good side: Tip early and often. I don’t work for free!

You can tell a lot from a man’s drink order. A beer means he’s in it for the long haul, a double means he wants to get frisky and a shot means he’s ready to party.

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Kimberley Cohen Playboy Barmate June 2011

May 14, 2011 | Playboy Barmates | 14 Comments

Kimberley Cohen is the Playboy Barmate for June 2011. Kimberly is a sexy Aussie chick working across the USA in the bars, and is currently working in Chicago, serving Cubs fans before they head into Wrigley Field.

Q&A with Kimberly Cohen

Playboy: This looks like the perfect Wrigleyville bar to have a beer before a Cubs game.
Kimberley: Upstairs we have batting cages if you need another… distraction.

Playboy: You are enough of a distraction for us. Do we detect an accent?
Kimberley: I’m from Australia.

Playboy: What brings you to Chicago?
Kimberley: I’ve traveled all around the U.S., and I like the people and weather here the best.

Playboy: And the Cubs?
Kimberley: Go, Cubs, go!

Playboy: What’s the preferred drink here?
Kimberley: We serve a lot of beer—Old Style and Bud Light—and people order plenty of bomb shots.

Playboy: Anything refreshing for the summer weather?
Kimberley: I’ll shake up some Sluggers.

Playboy: Forgive us for being forward, but would you like to pose for Playboy?
Kimberley: That would be a dream.

Playboy: When can you come in?
Kimberley: Check the Cubs’ schedule to see when they have a road game.

1½ oz. Maker’s Mark
½ oz. Triple Sec
Juice of half of lemon
Ginger ale
Shake all but ginger ale with ice, pour into pint glass over ice and top with ginger ale.

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Meganlyn Playboy Barmate May 2011

April 16, 2011 | Playboy Barmates | 25 Comments

Meganlyn is the Playboy Barmate for May 2011. Megan is a freelance bartender, and takes her hot body around to which ever bar needs her unique services!

Q&A with Meganlyn

Playboy: So what brings you to Central Park on a sunny weekend afternoon?

Meganlyn: I’m getting some air before I go to work….

Playboy: Where do you work?

Meganlyn: All over. I’m a freelance bartender.

Playboy: Do you work at sports bars?
Meganlyn: I love the excitement and rush from the people, but it is a bit overwhelming for me.

Playboy: You seem athletic. Are you into sports?

Meganlyn: I’m a big boxing fan.

Playboy: No way. Who’s your favorite?
Meganlyn: Miguel Cotto was my guy, but Manny Pacquiao always puts on a good show.

Playboy: How did you get into boxing?
Meganlyn: I used to box.

Playboy: Come Again?
Meganlyn: My brother used to box and I would go and work out in the gym as well. We even had a heavy bag in our living room.

Playboy: Ever been in a bar fight?
Meganlyn: Almost. Once when I was working, things got hectic. I don’t think the girl yelling at me knew I could knock her ass out with a quick one-two combo.

1½ oz. raspberry vodka
¾ oz. Chambord
Splashes of cranberry and sour mix
Shake with ice, strain into chilled martini glass and garnish with a raspberry.

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Laila Rose Playboy Barmate April 2011

March 19, 2011 | Playboy Barmates | 4 Comments

Laila Rose is the Playboy Barmate for April 2011. Laila is a sexy natural busted brunette who will pour you drinks down at the State College, Pennsylvania.

Q&A with Laila Rose

Playboy: A three-story bar in State College, Pennsylvania. Who would have thought?
Laila: We have to pack all the thirsty Penn State students… in here at the Mezzanine.

Playboy: You need a place this big to employ all these beautiful bartenders.

Laila: I like to think we have the hottest girls in State College.

Playboy: You dress amazingly.

Laila: When you have great natural breasts like these and dress revealingly, it helps with the tips.

Playboy: They’re certainly not an occupational hazard.
Laila: Once I was shaking a cocktail and the top of the shaker flew off. The drink went into my contacts and all over my tits. I had sticky boobs the rest of the night.

Playboy: What else should we know about you?
Laila: Well, I’m a crazy cat lady, I can’t dance, and I hate to brag, but I’m on a full academic scholarship to Penn State.

Playboy: What do you study?
Laila: Film. I’ve also studied women in the media. After I researched Josephine Baker, I thought more people should know about her, so I created a drink in her honor. Here are a couple of Josie Bs coming up.

Fill a pint glass with ice. Add:
1½ oz. Bacardi Dragon Berry
1½ oz. Apple Pucker
1½ oz. Watermelon Pucker
Fill with Sierra Mist.
Top with splash of cranberry.

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Sally Gibbs Playboy Barmate March 2011

February 19, 2011 | Playboy Barmates | 2 Comments

Sally Gibbs is the Playboy Barmate for March 2011. Sally works at the Gulfstream Casino in Hallandale Florida. Sally is a long legged busty blonde, with a smashing hot body! Check out this sexy barmaid as she gets naked for you this month!

Q&A with Playboy

Playboy: So what does a drink go for around here?
Sally: At the Gulfstream Casino in Hallandale… Beach, Florida, draft beer and wine are a dollar.

Playboy: Casinos are grand.
Sally: And with those prices you can’t lose.

Playboy: What games are popular?
Sally: The nickel slots are full year-round, but we get insane from January through April when the horse track is up and running.

Playboy: Do you like the ponies?
Sally: I actually used to be intimidated by horses, but on my 21st birthday I jumped on one and that went away. I like to face my fears.

Playboy: What’s your best accessory?
Sally: I’d have to say my butt. I’m a skinny white girl with a bubble butt. I got it from my mama.

Playboy: Would you call it your moneymaker?
Sally: I guess you could, but basically, with tips, I win when my customers win.

Playboy: Do you have a drink that brings good fortune?
Sally: My French martini—drink it and you’ll get lucky.

1 oz. Ketel One vodka
½ oz. Chambord
½ oz. pineapple juice
½ oz. Navan
Shake hard with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass.

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Veronica Gomez Playboy Barmate February 2011

January 23, 2011 | Playboy Barmates | 2 Comments

Veronica Gomez is the Playboy Barmate for February 2011. Veronica tends the bar at Scouts Bar in Houston Texas, and wouldn’t you just love to be served by this busty beauty! Playboy found out a little more about our sexy barmate.

Playboy: We don’t see any Boy Scouts in here.
Veronica: And you never will. Welcome to Scout Bar… in Houston.

Playboy: What’s the scene like?

Veronica: Scout is a rock-and-roll bar. We have live bands five nights a week.

Playboy: The crowd is very tattooed.
Veronica: We get the guys from the local tattoo shop, but we also get regular guys. Texas is a conservative state, so I get customers who are mesmerized by my tattoos.

Playboy: Isn’t that just an excuse to stare at your body?
Veronica: Honestly, the order of their eyes goes boobs, tattoos, butt and then my eyes.

Playboy: You have nice eyes.
Veronica: And I talk with them. They can say either “You don’t have a shot” or “Come closer.”

Playboy: How would you like to pose for Playboy?

Veronica: I’d be honored.

Playboy: Let’s celebrate with a toast. What’s your specialty?
Veronica: People ask for Jägerbombs and kamikazes. I pour shots of bourbon, so that’s what they get

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Christy Ann Playboy Barmate January 2011

December 18, 2010 | Playboy Barmates | 3 Comments

Christy Ann brings in the New Year as the Playboy Barmate for January 2011. Christy is a sexy busty blonde who works at the Sound-Bar in Chicago.

Playboy: Hey there, this place is huge.
Christy:… Yeah, Sound-Bar is one of Chicago’s biggest nightclubs.

Playboy:Where should we hang?
Christy: It depends on what you’re in the mood for. The lower level plays mash-ups and top 40 hits. The main floor is a combination of trance and house music and also where we have our special guest DJs, along with our resident DJs.

Playboy: We couldn’t help but notice you have quite the dancer’s legs.
Christy: That’s from running up and down the stairs in five-inch heels. Trust me, it’s a great workout, especially for my butt.

Playboy: We don’t want you to have to run around for us. Can we order bottle service?
Christy: Absolutely.

Playboy: We’ll take a couple of bottles of Sobieski vodka, please.
Christy: Sure. And whatever mixers you want, we can keep bringing out.

Playboy: We’d love tonic, cranberry and grapefruit juice to start.

Christy: And pineapple. I drink vodka with pineapple, if it’s okay with you that I make myself a small one.

Playboy: You can drink on the job?
Christy: We’re in a club. We’re supposed to have fun!


Mixing your own drinks doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tip. Also, ask for extra glasses in case you meet some thirsty beauties.

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Nicholle Lottman America’s Sexiest Bartender

November 13, 2010 | Playboy Barmates | 3 Comments

Nicholle Lottman has lots of regulars at Porcelli’s Bistro in Cleveland, which is no surprise. The 25-year-old knows her way around a stocked bar, and she’s got… a smile that could, in the immortal words of Raymond Chandler, make a bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window. We first featured Nicholle in Playboy’s America’s Sexiest Bartender poll, along with other bartending bombshells. You voted. So did we. Enjoy these brand new exclusive photos of the hottest bartender in the USA!

You can check out Nicholle’s interview with Playboy.

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Katrina Eugenia Playboy Barmate December 2010

November 13, 2010 | Playboy Barmates | 9 Comments

Katrina Eugenia is the Playboy Barmate for December 2010. Katrina Eugenia is a busty brunette who works as a sexy bartender in New York, she loves to get down and dirty as the pictures suggest!

Playboy found out more about Katrina’s bartending skills

Katrina: Can I interest you in a Jell-O shot?…

Playboy: What are the special flavors at McFadden’s at 42nd and Second in New York?
Katrina: Tangerine, cherry and lime.

Playboy:Do you have a favorite?
Katrina: I like lime the best.

Playboy: Makes sense—green in an Irish bar. How does one shoot a substance such as Jell-O?
Katrina: You loosen it up like this. [sticks finger inside shot glass and swirls, then licks finger and smacks lips]

Playboy: Now that’s saleswomanship!
Katrina: I’m not just a Jell-O shot girl; I am quite the hustler if I do say so myself.

Playboy: With booty shorts like that you don’t need any other gimmick.
Katrina: They’re Nike yoga shorts.

Playboy: Have you considered posing nude?
Katrina: Oh, I went to art school. It was practically a requirement.

Playboy: Art school, eh?
Katrina: Yes. When I’m not serving Jell-O shots I’m a painter and photographer.

Playboy: We’d love to see your work, and when we do, we’ll bring you a Jell-O shot. Do you have a secret to making them?
Katrina: There’s a lot of nude me in my creative work. As for the Jell-O shots, it’s pretty simple—stripped down.


Read the directions on the box of your favorite flavor, but instead of water, use a half measure of vodka. Let the concoction set in plastic shot cups.

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Nicholle Lottman Playboy Barmate

October 16, 2010 | Playboy Barmates | 12 Comments

Nicholle Lottman is the new Playboy Barmate. This gorgeous natural breasted blonde serves her drinks in Cleveland, so keep an eye out for this beauty at Porcelli’s Bistro!

Playboy got to know a little more about Nicholle Lottman.

Playboy: This place is jamming.
Nicholle: Yep, the lunch rush at Porcelli’s Bistro is serious….

Playboy: What’s good to eat here?
Nicholle: Everything—we have the best Italian food in Cleveland.

Playboy:The place does have that old-school Italian feel.

Nicholle: It’s like being in the Porcellis’ dining room. We’re a big Italian family.

Playboy: Lottman doesn’t sound italiano.
Nicholle: I’m honorary now; I’m in the family. The owners are like my parents, and the other bartenders are my sisters.

Playboy: Is this strictly a lunch spot?
Nicholle: No, we have a happy hour crowd, too. We have great chemistry with the customers.

Playboy: They must have needed you during LeBron James’s “decision.”
Nicholle: We poured more than a few drinks the night he announced he was leaving for Miami.

Playboy: What’s your drink?
Nicholle: I enjoy wine. If I have a martini it’s on the rocks, and I like it a little bit dirty….

Playboy: Of course. We’re swept up in the Italian feel. What do you suggest?
Nicholle: How about a basil cocktail?


Muddle two sugar cubes and four basil leaves. Pour in four ounces of Hendrick’s gin and add ice. Shake, shake, shake and serve in a cocktail glass.

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Angie Blauch Playboy Barmate October 2010

September 18, 2010 | Playboy Barmates | 6 Comments

Angie Blauch is the Playboy Barmate for October 2010. Angie Blauch is a sexy blonde barmate with big natural tits from Pennsylvania!

Playboy: So this is the Downtown Lounge in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. It looks like a cool sports bar.

Angie: It is…. We have 27 TVs, and the walls are covered with autographed photos of athletes.

Playboy: Is this place an Eagles or a Steelers bar?

Angie: Very much an Eagles bar.

Playboy: Then why are you wearing a Steelers T-shirt?
Angie: The Steelers are the best.

Playboy: Gotcha. Do you have fun working here?
Angie: Tons. We have dance contests and weight-lifting contests among the girls who work behind the bar.

Playboy: Wait—we get the dance part, but weight lifting?
Angie: I haven’t participated yet. I don’t want people to be scared of my guns.

Playboy: What other extracurriculars do you ladies partake in?
Angie: I get us all cute costumes for special occasions.

Playboy: Halloween is coming up. What are you thinking?
Angie: I want all the girls to dress up like Playboy Bunnies.

Playboy: Let’s drink to that. But with what?
Angie: You’ve been so sweet that I want to give you a kiss.


½ oz. Godiva chocolate liqueur
½ oz. Absolut
½ oz. Kahlúa French Vanilla

Shake with ice and strain into a shot glass.

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Bethanie Badertscher Playboy Barmate August 2010

July 17, 2010 | Playboy Barmates | 9 Comments

Bethanie Badertscher is the Playboy Barmate for August 2010.

Bethanie Badertscher Bio

Measurements: 34C-24-35
Height: 5′6″
Weight: 112 lbs
Hometown: Boston, MA
Birthday: October 21, 1986

Q&A with Bethanie Badertscher

Playboy: Are the Red Sox on?
Bethanie: You’re at Whiskey’s in Boston’s… Back Bay—the Sox are on every TV.

Playboy: Of course. We were fixated on you and your Daisy Dukes.
Bethanie: That happens. Did you work your way up to my Sox shirt yet?

Playboy: Indeed. What does your tattoo signify? [Bethanie has a puzzle-piece tattoo on her belly.]
Bethanie: The simple answer: I’m complicated.

Playboy: How so?
Bethanie: I’m a girlie girl who loves shopping and hanging out by the pool, but I also love playing MMORPG, and I’m bartending to put myself through college. I’m studying computer science.

Playboy: And the complicated answer?
Bethanie: I’m always exploring. I go through life looking for the missing piece.

Playboy: Like the Sox front office. How do you enjoy dealing with Boston fans?
Bethanie: They are much less obnoxious than Yankees fans.

Playboy: Nice. What do you suggest we watch the game with?
Bethanie: A green monstah. It’s like a Long Island iced tea, but it’s green.

¼ ounce each of vodka, gin, rum and tequila
½ ounce of Midori
Splash of sour mix
Splash of 7Up

Pour over ice in a rocks glass every time Big Papi gets to the plate.

See Bethanie Badertscher in Playboy

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