Kendall Rayanne Slips Out of Her Blue Lace Bra

December 12, 2013 | Kendall Rayanne, Playboy Coeds | 2 Comments

Sexy and sweet Playboy Coed Kendall Rayanne smiles knowingly into the camera. She is wearing a blue bra and garter belt and she knows she’s looking good. She holds a silver chain in her hands and runs it up between her legs like a tease. Suddenly, the brunette temptress releases her breasts from her bra and they pop out full and perfect. Her gaze is straight forward now, without guile. She slips off the garter belt and kneels against the window, her pretty bottom exposed and her hair tumbling sensuously down her back.

Then she turns around to face the camera again and her smile is warm and inviting. Kendall Rayanne wants you to feel welcome in her presence. Even more than that, this Playboy Coed wants you to feel warm and excited right down to your toes!

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Coed of the Week Cristy Nicole at Risk of Losing Her Teaching Job

October 8, 2013 | Cristy Nicole, Playboy Coeds, Playboy News | 14 Comments

There’s been an uproar at the Rosie M Collins Sorrells high school in Dallas this week, where rumors of their Spanish teacher, Cristy Nicole Deweese posing nude have been confirmed. Known on Playboy as just Cristy Marie – the brunette beauty first posed for Playboy in December 2010. She was later named Coed of the Month for February 2011. Her pictorials have delighted fans over the last couple years and even as recently as the steamy lesbian pictorial she did with Victoria Winters in March 2013.

At the time Cristy first started posing for Playboy she was only 18 years old. Her interviews show her talking about loving her body (especially her natural and small breasts) and knowing that she looks good in and out of all clothes. She even mentions in her Playboy video that her dream is to become a Spanish teacher. This is a girl that worked hard and accomplished that dream – but soon might lose it.

Now that students have found the Playboy photos of Cristy Nicole online, the school board is unsure how to handle the matter. She hasn’t been to school this week while she waits for the school board to determine if she is fired or not. They have hired a lawyer to help them in this “grey area” as they call it. Not everyone thinks Cristy should be fired though – parents and students alike are being outspoken on why she she be allowed to stay on as the Spanish teacher. Even telling the media and the school officials that no one’s past is squeaky clean.

*Update* Cristy Nicole was fired October 10. “Just because I’m trying to be positive does not mean I didn’t love teaching. What’s done is done. It’s pointless to be depressed about it.” There are over 300 signatures on one of two petitions to get her back!

Below is one of Cristy Nicole’s older pictorials, to show you just how hot for teacher she’ll make you!

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Justine Miller peels off her panties

August 26, 2013 | Justine Miller, Playboy Coeds | 6 Comments

You can bet on Playboy Coed Justine Miller, a student from Las Vegas, Nevada, the gambling capital of the world. Justine is English, Irish, Scottish, Russian, Greek and American Indian. “I’m a mutt,” she says, kidding. “I was born in Sin City, and the city and culture influenced me from a young age – all the bars, casinos and strip clubs. It’s fly-by-night, but I love it, and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Anyway, I live on the edge of town – not on the Strip.” Justine is a Psychology student at the University of Nevada, and she works in retail on the side. A self-described intellectual and free thinker, she spends her time drawing – mostly nudes, rendered in soft pastel and charcoal – and loves a deep conversation over a bottle of red wine. She’s an EDM fan – trance and dubstep in particular – and she lives for late nights out with her favorite DJs. But Justine is a Pisces, and she favors a deep connection over a shallow one-night stand. “I like to be in a relationship,” she says. “You have someone to comfort you, encourage you and share things with you.” As the saying goes, love knows no boundaries, and Justine likes hers to be crossed. “I don’t care about race or gender – I want someone honest and self-assured,” she says. “Who can throw me up against the wall and take me.” She’s posed for a few local photographers – artistic nudes destined for the gallery – but this is Justine’s first time posing for Playboy Plus. “I’ve been a Playboy subscriber for years, and I’ve always wanted to do it,” she says. “There was a casting call at Planet Hollywood, so I went. I did an interview and video, and as I was leaving, the casting director asked me to come back.” She took a red-eye to Los Angeles, rushed to the set, and the rest is Playboy history. “This is my first professional shoot, and I thought that it would be stressful,” she says, laughing. “But Jared Ryder was great, and the crew was so nice and warm – like one big family. I felt right at home.”

Playboy: When did you decide you wanted to model for Playboy?
I was doing some local gallery work. I do some glamor nudes—a couple of my friends are photographers and own some galleries—so I wanted to try and see if I could make it.

Playboy: What do you love about glamor modeling?
I think maybe in high school being the unpopular kid and then all of a sudden I get to be a model. That is cool, because I always had small boobs and I was really tiny and everyone was always like, “You have to have big boobs to be in Playboy!” I kind of proved them wrong and showed them I can be me.

Playboy: Do you have a preference between large breasts and small breasts?
I’m bisexual, so when I’m dating another woman I prefer large breasts. I like my small boobs, but I like other people’s big boobs.

Playboy: We loved your recent girl-on-girl shoot with Erika Knight. Was that your first time kissing a girl?
Oh no, definitely not. I started dating women before I started dating men!

Playboy: You used to be blonde and now you’re a brunette. Do you have a preference?
I like being a brunette. When I was blonde I did that because my ex-boyfriend was like, “Oh, I’ve never dated a blonde before,” but I didn’t feel like it was really me. I’m more of a brunette. I like more of the pinup classic style as opposed to the blonde bombshell look.

Playboy: Are you currently working or in school?
I work full-time as a receptionist for an airline company. We do bus and helicopter tours; they send me on trips all the time and I get awesome flight benefits.

Playboy: Where is your favorite place to travel?
I’ve been to seven different countries, but out of all of them I think England, which is where I was originally living with my dad, is my favorite. I left my heart in England for sure. France is awesome, too; it had beautiful water and really good food.

Playboy: What qualities do you find sexiest in a man?
Someone who is actually listening and in tune to what I’m saying and has something intellectual to talk about. I love an intellectual, burly man’s man.

Playboy: What qualities do you find sexiest in a woman?
I think the reason I usually date women is the tenderness that comes with women. They’re a lot more understanding, compassionate, and the emotional aspect is a lot better with women I think.

Playboy: Tell us something your fans might be surprised to know about you.
I act like a sex kitten on camera, but one of my biggest secrets is that I’m a huge fetish person; I love fetish. I like latex catsuits; I get a little bit into bondage. That’s my thing, I’m a total kinkster. I read Fifty Shades of Grey and I’m like, oh my gosh, this is so silly. I’ve done a lot of fetish work.

Playboy: In what capacity?
I usually do it for private galleries. My best friend is also really into it so we’ve done a best friend shoot where we did some pony play, a little bit of suspension, not by hooks or anything but by wrists from the ceiling.

Playboy: What draws you to the world of BDSM?
It’s the dominant and submissive thing. Especially for a woman to be a dominant figure—because I think it’s a very male dominated society—to take on that dominant role, especially with men or even women, is really nice because there’s a mutual understanding; it’s nice to be in control. A lot of the pain that comes into it isn’t actually as painful as it looks; it becomes a pleasurable thing and it’s therapeutic.

Playboy: Who is your sex icon?
I’d have to say Dita Von Teese. She used to date Marilyn Manson, which was probably the best power couple ever. I actually have a Marilyn Manson tattoo on my foot.

Playboy: What makes you feel sexiest?

When I’m talking to a man and he’s not focusing on the obvious things. It makes me feel sexy when somebody tries to dig deep and makes me feel unique. I like it when a guy is like, “Ah, you use your brain, that’s hot.”

Playboy: What are your goals for the coming year?
I’d like to travel a little bit more; I have flight benefits, so it would be cool to get out and travel a little more. I’m single, so I’m looking for someone new to hang out with. I’m looking for love this year. I’d also like to figure out who I am a little bit more.

Justine Miller Bio

Measurements: 32A-22-32
Height: 5′ 2″
Weight: 93 lbs
Birthdate: February 17, 1992
Birthplace: Las Vagas, Nevada

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Ashley Sasha is a Beautiful Ebony Babe in Lingerie

June 16, 2013 | Ashley Sasha, Playboy Coeds | 1 Comment

When Playboy Cybergirl Ashley Sasha starts posing for the camera, the ebony beauty captures all the attention in the room. She is drop dead gorgeous, as you have come to expect from Playboy. In her thigh high black stockings, sexy black lingerie, and denim jacket, she is a stunning beauty- provocative while still being innocent and seductive. But the ebony vixen isn’t done. She increases the fire by slipping off her bra, thrusting her beautiful tits out into the light of day. She continues to strip until she’s naked except for her stockings.

Ashley Sasha stands proudly naked, her tantalizing curves exposed. When she turns around, the view of her gorgeous long hair cascading down her back to the curve of her ass is a total turn on. This Playboy Cybergirl has it all going on and we can’t wait to see more.

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Denise King Pulls Her Top Down to Show Her Breasts

May 21, 2013 | Denise King, Playboy Coeds | 3 Comments

Her blonde hair tumbling in a messy cascade around her shoulders, her bedroom eyes looking into yours, it seems like Denise King has something on her mind. Or maybe that’s just the effect she has on you when you look at her stunning, natural beauty. This Playboy Coed is all natural and without guile.

Her freshness makes her incredibly sensuous – the kind of lady you can imagine skinny dipping with in a clear mountain length, and making sweet love to in the sun near a rolling river. Make sure you keep an eye on Denise King because we have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot of this fresh-faced blonde beauty.

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Playboy Celebrates the Beauty of Girl-on-Girl

May 8, 2013 | Alli Marie, Ariana Loken, Erika Knight, Justine Miller, Megan Medellin, Playboy Amateurs, Playboy Coeds, Playboy Cybergirls, Sascha Aleksander | 2 Comments

There is something truly amazing and mesmerizing about seeing two women together. A woman is so sensuous and lovely, but when you get two of them together, their lovely bodies entwined together, that sensuality is magnified ten-fold. Women fit together so deliciously, making it easy to lose track of where one stops and the other begins. There is something so gentle and seductively beautiful when they kiss and touch and slowly remove each others clothing.

Playboy is the absolute expert at celebrating all the beauty of woman, and there is no purer way to celebrate that than with the stunning images of girls with girls. These sirens will teach you everything you need to know about loving a woman, so be sure you are paying attention!

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Gwen Barker Poses Nude on a Leather Couch

April 7, 2013 | Gwen Barker, Playboy Coeds | 3 Comments

Gwen Barker is young, blonde and beautiful. This Playboy Cybergirl loves to be naked and with a body as hot as hers – who can blame her? Gwen has realized that there is a definite payoff to being naked and she’s embraced it fully and proudly.

Everything about this woman is breathtaking. She’s one of the few babes out there that will get inside your head and leave you hypnotized with her beauty. Gwen Barker is the sort of woman that is meant to be naked – and when she is – everyone in the world is just better off!

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Alexis Banks Gets Nude in Front of Window

December 30, 2012 | Alexis Banks, Playboy Coeds | 1 Comment

Gorgeous brunette Playboy Coed Alexis Banks is exactly the kind of woman most men wish lived in the building across from them. That’s because the slender, sexy beauty has a real fondness for strutting around her apartment in sexy lingerie – or sometimes nothing at all. She even enjoys leaning against the large glass windows because it gives her a rush, but that’s nothing compared to the rush her neighbors feel when they see her.

Alexis Banks loves showing off her smoking body and that’s why we know that we have only seen the beginning of this luscious lady. No matter what she decides to do next, she’ll have lots of adoring fans watching every move.

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Erika Knight and Justine Miller Are Naked Wrapped in Lights

December 26, 2012 | Erika Knight, Justine Miller, Playboy Amateurs, Playboy Coeds | 3 Comments

Those beautiful babes, Playboy Coed Justine Miller and Playboy Amateur Erika Knight are making another holiday appearance. Hopefully your Christmas was full of cheer, good times with family and friends, or however you chose to celebrate. These two got all dolled up in ribbons and bows before, but now they’ve slipped it all off for one happy Boxing Day!

Tree lights wrap around these two beauties, illuminating their perfect bodies. It looks as though the naughtier these two get, the more entangled they become. With their breasts pressed together, hands caressing each others soft skin, and the way their lips look as though they’re aching to kiss – it all combines to make for one sexy lesbian Playboy pictorial. Who knew the holidays could be this hot!

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Stacy Aaron Soaks Herself With the Hose

December 16, 2012 | Playboy Coeds, Stacy Aaron | 2 Comments

When you catch a glimpse of Stacy Aaron out enjoying the sun in her teeny blue bikini, you should just sit back and enjoy the view. This stunning lady with the golden blonde hair seems to be made of sunlight herself. She fairly dazzles the senses with her beauty – whether she’s wearing the suit or stripping it off to stand before you completely nude.

Somehow, when this Playboy Coed gets naked, she manages to look even more like a sunbeam – glowing and natural, casting warmth on everything surrounding her. Stacy Aaron is an amazing goddess and we wait breathlessly to catch another glimpse of her as soon as possible.

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Stacy Aaron Playboy Coed

November 1, 2012 | Playboy Coeds, Stacy Aaron | 2 Comments

Meet Playboy Coed Stacy Aaron, a silky blonde with jade-green eyes. Originally from San Diego, California, Stacy earned a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from San Diego State before she moved to Long Beach to pursue a Master’s in Physical Therapy at Cal State. “I’m a middle child, and a perfectionist,” she admits. “I always strive to be the best that I can be.”

And it doesn’t get any better than Stacy. “I don’t look it, but I’m a very sexual person,” she reveals. “I like to be tied up, have sex in public places – anything. Guys have a hard time keeping up with me.” She’s single. “I love to flirt, and the free drinks are a perk. But I’m not interested in a boyfriend. I’m in school, so I don’t have a lot of time – and I like to make out with my girlfriends. No boyfriend would approve,” she says, laughing.

Stacy is serious about fitness, and when she’s not at the gym, she’s running or toning her abs with P90X. But she’s serious about fun, too – she loves to play pool, beer pong, and basketball with the guys. “I never turn down a game of H-O-R-S-E,” she says, “And I have a ton of fun with my girlfriends – going to the beach, out dancing, getting crazy.”

“I was never asked to a high school dance, and I don’t have any prior experience as a model, so doing Playboy was a big deal for me,” confides Stacy. “I had always wanted to do it – I thought it would be great to be in the magazine.” Keep your eyes out for Stacy Aaron – because she’s got hers on a career in modeling. “I would love to do it again,” she says. “I had so much fun doing my pictorial.”

Stacy Aaron Bio

Measurements: 32B-25-34
Height: 5′ 4″
Birthplace: San Diego, CA
Birthday: June 06, 1989

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Lissette Marie Removes Her Bra to Bare Her Breasts

October 30, 2012 | Lissette Marie, Playboy Coeds | 1 Comment

With her dark chocolaty tresses sweeping across her back and shoulders, Playboy Coed Lissette Marie moves in such a seductive way it’ll leave you breathless. As always, this beauty has an incredible set of tits to share with us all, which makes her decision to take her striped bra off asap so much simpler. She aims to please and letting us see those round, full breasts does just the trick!

Lissette Marie has been blessed with a gorgeous body – thin with slight curve to her hips and just a whisper of a round ass. As you go from her thighs up to her beautiful face watching you over her shoulder, you can tell this stunning creature loves the adoration her fans give her and craves more. This is one Coed to really keep your eyes on in the future!

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Debbie Boyde Loses Her Clothes in the Grass

October 25, 2012 | Debbie Boyde, Playboy Coeds | 4 Comments

That bodacious babe from Down Under, Playboy Coed Debbie Boyde graces the Playboy Blog once again with this poolside strip. There’s no chance for grass stains when this pantless angel drops to her knees in the grass. She’s got a little cotton pair of panties that she’s itching to get off.

This tease goes for her top first – letting those sweet C-cup tits out to play. With the pink tank top gone, you’re left with one hot rack. Only then does she move those hands south to the band of her panties. They’re gone in a flash and all that’s left is that beautiful bare body we can all worship and admire!

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Jessica Marie Love is a Classic Beauty in Black and White Photos

October 22, 2012 | Jessica Marie Love, Playboy Coeds | 5 Comments

If there ever was a more beautiful blonde Playboy Coed than Jessica Marie Love, then she must have slipped through the cracks. This babe has definitely got the body, but more than that she’s got the look that’ll bring any man to his knees! Those come hither eyes urge you to make a move, tempt you to follow her, and continue to enchant you even after trying to break her gaze. There’s no escaping Jessica, there’s only falling harder for her.

When she adds a slight smile to those bedroom eyes, all is forgotten. Just sit and take in every inch of this beauty. That flat belly, curvy hips and legs, big round chest – her body is like the road map to perfection. Just watch how her hand caresses up and down her body and then you can follow suit. If there’s one thing you should take away from this babe, it’s a real feeling of satisfaction.

Jessica Marie Love bio

Measurements: 34D-25-36
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: 115 lbs
Birthplace: Providence, Rhode Island
Birthday: May 25, 1989

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Brigitte Desiree Shows Off Her Stunning Body

October 21, 2012 | Brigitte Desiree, Playboy Coeds | 3 Comments

Brigitte Desiree is a familiar face among the Playboy Coeds and for good reason. This beautiful babe with the honey colored skin is one none of us can get away from, and frankly, who would want to? There’s this quiet sexuality about her that only gets louder the more you see of her. Her body is bangin’ and her appeal is booming.

Not wearing much to begin with, Brigitte Desiree slips out of her t-shirt, bra, and panties to show you nothing but the purity of her beauty. She looks stunning kneeling nude upon the stark white of the bed. The curves to her body are intoxicating and with D-cup breasts like these, it’s enough to get lust-drunk off of.

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Ana Ramirez Strips Out of Her Bra and Panties in the Kitchen

October 21, 2012 | Ana Ramirez, Playboy Coeds | 1 Comment

Someone’s snuck into the kitchen for a little late night snack – it’s Playboy Coed Ana Ramirez. The way she’s slipping out of her clothes, it looks as though she’s the tasty treat here. That beautiful soft skin looks incredible with the lacy pink bra and panties over it. If there’s one thing this incredible Latina knows how to do well, it’s tease you. She hooks her thumb in her bra strap and gives it a little tug – it slides down her shoulder and gives you just the hint of nipple.

Of course, she doesn’t stick to this slow and steady pace the entire time. The more skin she shows, the hotter she gets, and she loves all the attention it brings her. Once nude and posed on a chair – you can see every inch of this hottie and what makes her one of Playboy’s finest coeds!

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Debbie Boyde is Australian Beauty in the Buff

October 16, 2012 | Debbie Boyde, Playboy Coeds | 4 Comments

This fetching beauty is Playboy Coed Debbie Boyde. She shows us just how hot they make ‘em in Australia. She’s a busty belle that knows how to capture a man’s attention without even saying a word. Those dark eyes speak volumes on their own – and boy, do they have a naughty tale to tell! Debbie fells so at home in the nude and thankfully, that’s exactly how we’d like to see her.

Her little white panties slide down her legs effortlessly, she’s stripped down a thousand times and will so a thousand more. Her body has all the right curves, like a map to perfection and eroticism. As she writhes and wiggles around on the leather chair, you get an even better look at just what that bod can do and leads you to explore some of the dark and dirty recesses of your mind.

Debbie Boyde bio

Measurements: 30C-25-33
Height: 5′ 5″
Birthplace: Queensland, Australia
Birthday: May 06, 1990

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Denise King Strips Off Pink Top and Panties

October 15, 2012 | Denise King, Playboy Coeds | 2 Comments

Denise King is one of those women with too much talent for one lovely body. This juicy and curvaceous blue-eyed blonde is not only beautiful enough to be a Playboy Coed, but she’s also the host of Playboy Radio’s Naked Bible Study.

This lovely lady proves that a woman is even more mesmerizing when she shows that behind all that soft skin and sweet touchable-ness, she has a delightful brain as well. When smartness comes wrapped up in a package that looks as good as this one, what man can resist the wonder of her charms? Denise King is every man’s fantasy for many reasons and the more you look at her, the more of those reasons you will discover for yourself.

Denise King bio

Measurements: 34C-25-34
Height: 5′ 7″
Birthplace: Richmond , VA
Birthday: June 08, 1988

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Lissette Marie Loses Her Blue Bikini

October 13, 2012 | Lissette Marie, Playboy Coeds | 2 Comments

When you get a nice long look at luscious brunette Lissette Marie in her pretty little blue bikini, you know immediately why the dark-haired beauty became a Playboy Coed. It’s simply the natural state for a woman this electrifying. Not only is Lissette completely fascinating in her beautiful bathing suit, but when she slowly removes it, the result is tantalizing and mesmerizing. Your eyes can’t look away from her delicious curves, even if they want to. But why would they?

A woman this amazing is the ultimate eye-candy – a feast of your desires. Just sit back and enjoy the view and you will definitely be glad that you did. It’s not every day you get to enjoy the maneuverings of a woman with this much beauty and talent.

Lissette Marie bio

Measurements: 34C-23-34
Height: 5′ 2″
Birthplace: Coachella, CA
Birthday: April 26, 1988

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Ana Ramirez Slips Out of Pink Panties

October 3, 2012 | Ana Ramirez, Playboy Coeds | 2 Comments

There’s something about chicks that give that sweet yet sultry look that just captivates people. Ana Ramirez knows how to do just that. She’s got a touch of innocence that’s almost out shinned by her naughtiness. This curvy beautiful Latina is going to show you exactly why she’s one of the hottest Playboy Coeds on the site.

That soft creamy skin looks so kissable as she pulls off her pink strapless bra off. She’s amazing when it comes to seduction – that look over her shoulder, raven locks cascading down her back, and only the side of her large breast visible. It’s the look in her eyes that locks onto you and refuses to let you go.

Ana Ramirez bio

Measurements: 34C-26-39
Height: 5′ 8″
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
Birthday: November 21, 1985

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