Traci Denee washes her sexy body in the shower

June 20, 2013 | Playboy Cybergirls, Traci Denee | 4 Comments

What a hot new set we have here for you of Playboy Cybergirl Traci Denee! Our blonde hottie hops into the shower with a white shirt, black panties and fishnet stockings which all get wet and stripped off, and you get to watch the water dripping off her hot body! Traci also recently did an interview with Playboy!

Playboy: How did you get involved with Playboy?
Right around my 18th birthday I went to a casting call in Houston and they just started calling me and I started shooting with Playboy. I’ve been shooting with them since then. I like being in front of the camera and when I’m nude I feel like I’m in my own skin; it’s what I was born in and it just feels right. I do tons of other types of modeling as well so I live life in front of the camera. It brings out my personality, I love it.

Playboy: What is your sexiest story from on set?

My shoot that’s coming out on June 20th for Playboy was a shower scene and I was dressed like [Tom Cruise from] Risky Business with fishnet stockings. I feel like that was the sexiest shoot I’ve ever done because I was in water with a white t-shirt on and you could see my boobs through the shirt. I acted as if I was in the shower by myself; it was fun and sexy and I loved it.

Playboy: Are you currently working or in school?
I do go to school; I am doing child psychology and education. In the summertime I don’t go to school because it gives me the option to travel and do a lot more shooting. I’m also a full-time model; I don’t have another job. I don’t just work for Playboy, I do other shoots as well, so I’m keeping busy this summer traveling and getting myself out there.

Playboy: When do you feel sexiest?
I love getting dressed up and wearing really sexy matching lingerie under a cute outfit because on the outside you look cute and innocent but underneath you have a sexy red lingerie outfit on. It makes me feel sexy because no one knows except for me. When I want to be public sexy for Playboy I like it when I’m in fishnet stockings and high-waisted underwear or an old-fashioned pinup look.

Playboy: What drives you wild in a man?
Appearance-wise, I like a pretty smile and a nice butt. You get the best of both worlds: a pretty smile with the front and from behind you get a cute little ass that you can squeeze. Personality-wise, I like a man to be funny, so if you can make me laugh you can turn me on. I just love being funny; it’s something that has to be a quality of the man I’m with, he can’t have a dry sense of humor. I’m really vulgar too, sometimes, so he has to have a dirty sense of humor as well. That right there turns me on…if you can crack a joke that has to do with sex, like for example out of nowhere say “penis, penis, penis,” that shit’s funny.

Playboy: And in a woman?
I’m really attracted to asses in general, I love them. Every time I see a pretty woman I’ll look at her face first and then I’ll look at her ass. I’m just obsessed with butts, I have no idea why; I’ll squeeze one every time I see one. I was at Glamourcon this weekend and I squeezed every single one of the girls’ asses. I’m from Texas, I look really sweet and innocent, but I have a bad side to me.

Playboy: Do you have a favorite piece of lingerie?
I’m obsessed, American Apparel has these lacy high-waisted underwear and I love them with a simple bra that doesn’t have padding or anything in it, just a sheer little bra. I love the lingerie they have nowadays but love the old-fashioned look, it’s just so sexy: it makes you look slender, gives you curves. I love that I have natural big boobs; I don’t like to add the extra pad to it. As I’m sitting here, the whole time I’m talking about them I’m touching them.

Playboy: What is your worst habit?
I have a really messy room. If I didn’t have a maid it would probably be very dirty. I throw my clothes everywhere; I don’t fold them, I just throw them on the ground. Every once in a while I‘ll pick them back up, but I live out of a suitcase. If I didn’t have a dryer I don’t know how I’d de-wrinkle everything; I just throw it in the dryer.

Playboy: Do you have any secret talents?
I can make my toes look like thumbs up. I broke both of my big toes, so I can seriously make them thumbs up.

Playboy: What were you like in high school?
In high school I didn’t hang out with anybody from my high school—well, I did, but not anybody in my grade. I had older siblings and I always thought my older siblings’ friends were a lot cooler. I partied a lot in high school because I matured faster; I wasn’t good at all, let’s just say that. I was the life of the party. I always knew where the party was; I was a social butterfly. I graduated early because I didn’t like being in school and was attending my first class of college two weeks after I finished high school, I was 17.

Playboy: How do you express yourself?
I’m very verbal. I don’t bite my tongue; if I want to say what I feel I say it. I have always been that way, take it or leave it; I don’t beat around the bush. I’m not a good liar, either; I just tell people what I think. I love music too if I want to express the way I feel by myself. I live vicariously through so many artists, it’s awesome.

Playboy: Blondes, brunettes or redheads?
I sometimes am attracted to redheads, but with brunettes I love Middle Eastern and darker-complected brunettes and with blondes, because I am a natural blonde I like to say we’re the fun ones; we’re the sweet and innocent cute ones but we have a wild side.

Playboy: Do you believe in love at first sight?
I’ve been in love before and I’m still in love with the first person I ever fell in love with, so I do in a sense, yes. I also think that you grow into love; you have to be with somebody enough to fully love them. So yes, maybe you can love someone from the first moment you see them, but you can’t be in love with them immediately.

Playboy: What is some advice you think everyone should take?
I actually have it written on me; it’s something that my grandmother would say all the time and it’s that you need to enjoy life, so I have “joie de vivre” tattooed on my side. So long as you enjoy life you’ll be happy and if you hate life you’ll never be happy. Always enjoy the life you’re given, live life day by day but make sure you do what you want within those days; life can be short sometimes.

Playboy: What do you want your fans to know about you?
That I love them all! I was just at Glamourcon this weekend and I met some of my fans and I love the support I get and I want them to know that I’m real and this is me, you see what you get and you get what you see. \

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Traci Denee shows off her sexy body

April 24, 2013 | Playboy Cybergirls, Traci Denee | 3 Comments

Playboy Cybergirl Traci Denee hails from Dallas, Texas. She’s a dark blonde hair with brown-green eyes and a perfect pair of natural D cups. A tattoo on her side reads ’joie de vivre’ – French for ‘joy of living’ – and she’s certainly a joy in our lives. She was featured on the cover of Playboy Nudes and had spreads in Special Edition magazines, and was Coed of the Week and Month in May and July 2010 before she made Cybergirl in October 2012.

Traci is from Amarillo, the Yellow Rose of Texas. “I’m a real country girl,” she says proudly. “I like loud music and cold beer!” These days she’s living in Dallas, where she’s working toward her degree in Early Childhood Education at the University of North Texas. “I’d like to work with children,” says Traci, “and help them through emotional disturbance and traumatic experience.” She describes herself as a “social butterfly”, and when she’s not studying, she’s shopping at the mall, talking and laughing with the girls.

“A woman’s body is a beautiful thing,” says Traci. “I always admired the girls in Playboy, and I love the initial rush when I take my clothes off in front of the camera.” Now that she’s a Cybergirl, what are her plans for the future? “Becoming a Playmate would be such an incredible opportunity,” she says. “And I”ll keep trying until I get there!”

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Traci Denee Playboy Coed of the Month July Week 4

July 29, 2010 | Playboy Coeds, Coed of the Month, Traci Denee | 3 Comments

Traci Denee has been our Playboy Coed of the Month for July and sadly today is the last set of pictures of this gorgeous babe. Traci Denee would have to have been the hottest Coed Playboy has ever has.. don’t you think? To finish up on this week, Traci Denee needs to relax after a tough day shooting for you, so she finds a hot tub in which to relax in, and get those lovely big boobs of hers all wet! First though, her leopard print bikini must come off and her boobs find their way to the water to get all wet!!! Sizzling hot pictures, and of course video which can be downloaded in the Playboy Cyberclub.

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Traci Denee Playboy Coed of the Month July Week 2

July 21, 2010 | Playboy Coeds, Coed of the Month, Traci Denee | 7 Comments

Traci Denee is back again this week with some sexy new photos as the Playboy Coed of the Month. Posing in a sexy pink bra and panties, the gorgeous Traci Denee, showly removes off her lingerie so that we are left ogling that lovely D cup rack of hers, and trying to work out what that tattoo says! If you work it out let me know! Enjoy this weeks update and of course grab the video and pictures inside the Playboy Cyberclub.

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Traci Denee Playboy Coed of the Month July 2010

July 14, 2010 | Playboy Coeds, Coed of the Month, Traci Denee | 8 Comments

Traci Denee is the Playboy Coed of the Month for July 2010. When the stress of studying algebra becomes too much for Traci Denee, she and her girlfriends let loose on Fry Street, Denton, Texas’s campus strip. “We love to have fun,” she says…. “Fry gets pretty crazy on the weekends. Typically tons of people and great music. On our birthdays, my friends and I do the Fry Street Crawl, where you go from bar to bar for free shots. Usually, if you’re a girl and with the birthday person, you’ll also get a free shot!” Her libation of choice? “Water—boring, I know!” Traci tells us she’s shy but is breaking out of her shell and loving it. “My motto is Enjoy Life,” she says—and it shows!

Traci Denee Bio

Measurements: 34D-26-35
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 130 lbs
Hometown: Dallas, TX
School: North Central Texas College
Major: Early Childhood Education

Enjoy these preview pictures of Traci Denee and be sure to see her exclusive new videos and pictures at Playboy.

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Traci Denee Playboy Coed of the Week May 27

May 27, 2010 | Playboy Coeds, Coed of the Week, Traci Denee | 14 Comments

Traci Denee is the Playboy Coed of the Week for May 27. Traci Denee is studying Early Childhood Education at the North Central Texas College. Check out her lovely natural tits in these preview pics, and be sure to see the full pictorial inside Playboy.

Q&A with Traci Denee

Playboy: Where do you go when it’s time to cut loose?

Traci: We have a strip of bars called Fry Street right… outside of campus. It’s pretty fun!

Playboy: What else do you like to do?
Traci: Watch sports. My boyfriend is a professional baseball player.

Playboy: So does that mean you’re off-limits?
Traci: Romantically, yes. But I’m still approachable. I’m always down for a good conversation.

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