Angela Michaels Playboy Employee of the Month June 2010

June 6, 2010 | Playboy Employee of the Month | 16 Comments

Angela Michaels is the Playboy Employee of the Month for June 2010. Angela Michaels is a gorgeous busty brunette, enjoy these photos as her big boobs spill out of her bustier.

Q&A with Angela Michaels

Playboy: Tell us about your painting business.
Angela:… My work involves a wide variety of art. I do anything from interior faux finishes and murals, to oil paintings and something I call 3-D Sand & Sea Art. The latter is a recent breakthrough of mine. I formulated a unique compound to apply sand and sea decor to canvas.

Playboy: We hear you recently combined your love of art and music.
Angela: Yes, I painted portraits of Nickelback, Kid Rock and Chris Daughtry.

Playboy: How did that project come about?
Angela: Since it’s a general practice of mine to crank up the stereo while I paint, I decided, Why not paint my favorite musicians as I listen to their music? I had tickets to each of their concerts and was able to complete the paintings in time to present to each artist personally. Chris Daughtry’s was a bit damp when he signed it and some paint got on his leather jacket, but he was a good sport!

Playboy: What’s more of a turn-on for you: creating a painting or selling one?
Angela: Creating one, most definitely! Any artist of any kind will tell you there’s a certain bonding that takes place when you totally pour yourself and all your emotions into creating something. When it’s over, it’s hard to part ways, but selling a piece has its own pleasure. It’s priceless to watch someone look at your work and capture the whole feeling of it!

Playboy: We’d be remiss if we didn’t ask: Do you ever paint naked?
Angela: Somehow I knew that question was coming! Since I like to paint outdoors a lot, it’s not a common practice. But I do recall an occasion when my guy dared me to paint something for him without using brushes or my hands. I love dares, so I painted the whole thing using only my nipples! It turned out amazingly nice!

Playboy: We love creative women.
Angela: I’ve always loved art but it’s become my true passion in recent years. My ultimate goal is to live up to the saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life!”

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Michele Marx Playboy Employee of the Month May 2010

April 17, 2010 | Playboy Employee of the Month | 20 Comments

Michele Marx is the Playboy Employee of the Month for May 2010. Michele Marx is a sexy blonde busty honey who is a principle of a private elementary school.

Q and A with Michele Marx

Playboy: What do you do?
Michele: I’m the principal of a private… elementary school.

Playboy: Kids these days are lucky. How did you become a principal?
Michele: I started out as a kindergarten teacher and worked my way up.

Playboy: Do you prefer it to teaching?
Michele: Yes. I still work with kids, which I cherish, but I don’t have to be tied to a classroom. Also, I like to be in charge.

Playboy: What’s the downside?
Michele: Dealing with some of the parents can be draining.

Playboy: Do you have any “hot for teacher” outfits?
Michele: Not for school.

Playboy: Still, we’d be bad boys if it would get us sent to the principal’s office.
Michele: I have to cover up my boobs for school. If you think mom jeans are bad, you should see some of the outfits I wear.

Playboy: Have you ever run into someone from school in your civilian life?
Michele: Yes, I bumped into one of my teachers at a bar when I had my cleavage out. That was awkward.

Playboy: How will your students’s parents react to your being in Playboy?
Michele: If they see it, then they’re looking at Playboy and are participating one way or another.

Playboy: So, pantsuit principal by day and sexy party girl by night.

Michele: Actually on most nights I’m in bed by nine.

Playboy: Just our kind of girl.

See the full pictorial at Playboy

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Christalee Kay Playboy Employee of the Month February

January 31, 2010 | Playboy Employee of the Month | 1 Comment

Christalee Kay is the Playboy Employee of the Month for February 2010. Christalee Kay is a sonographer, and a damn hot one at that.. sexy blonde and nice big boobs!!
Playboy asked Christalee Kay all the tough questions!

Playboy: Scrubs, huh, what is it that you do?
Christalee: I’m a sonographer. I perform ultrasounds… on everything—necks, legs, organs, breasts, testicles….

Playboy: Nothing like looking at testicles early in the morning.

Christalee: If you mean at work, then normally those don’t come through until after lunch. We schedule the patients who need organs examined in the morning because you need to fast to get a clear shot of organs within the abdomen.

Playboy: Are you naturally unsqueamish around the human body?

Christalee: I’ve developed that through work. It’s funny, sometimes guys are embarrassed around me. Like a young guy will come in and have to get an ultrasound on his testicles, see me and ask if someone else can do the procedure.

Playboy: How does that make you feel?
Christalee: Well I get an extra coffee break and feel flattered. Do you know how many guys have been waiting for this shoot?

Playboy: But photographing breasts is fun.
Christalee: I prefer to scan boobs. But our jobs are different because I see all types of boobs—not just the nice ones. In my experience, though, I haven’t seen breasts as perfect as mine.

Playboy: What’s the toughest part of the job?
Christalee: You are dealing with people’s health. You are with them at their most vulnerable.

Playboy: That must take a lot out of you. What do you do to unwind?
Christalee: I like to go dancing or take spontaneous trips. And I have another favorite hobby that I’m really good at.

Playboy: If it’s what we think it is, ever consider trying that hobby on the sonograph table?
Christalee: That sounds really cool. That’d be a lot of fun. But it would be risky and I wouldn’t risk my job for that. Got any other ideas.

Check out Christalee Kay at Playboy

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Megan Heaton Playboy Employee of the Month for January 2010

December 19, 2009 | Playboy Employee of the Month | 2 Comments

Megan Heaton is the Playboy Employee of the Month for January 2010. Megan Heaton is a busty brunette who wants to sell your house!

Playboy asked Megan Heaton all the hard hitting questions

Playboy: What do you do?
Megan: I’m a real estate agent….

Playboy: Is that rough right now?
Megan: Times are tough in real estate, but I’m always okay.

Playboy: Do you have any tricks?
Megan: If you’re referring to my career, I try to play into my clients’s senses.

Playboy: How so?
Megan: It’s all about having a good feeling in the house. I like to appeal to people’s sense of smell. If I show a house to a new couple, I light vanilla and cinnamon candles in the bedroom to elicit thoughts of spicing things up. If I show to a family, I make sure the homey aroma of fresh linens is in the air. Regardless, I try to bring something I’ve baked to permeate the house with a warm feeling.

Playboy: So you court the couple?
Megan: I kind of flirt with the woman. Even if a guy thinks he’s the decision maker, if she’s not happy, it’s not happening.

Playboy: Do you get a thrill when making a close?
Megan: That’s what makes work exciting.

Playboy: Do real estate agents ever have sex in an empty house?
Megan: Contrary to the myth, houses are where someone will make a home, and I would never disrespect that.

Playboy: Bigger rush: sex or a close?
Megan: Technically they’re both closes.

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Cheri Leah Employee of the Month June 2009

November 28, 2009 | Playboy Employee of the Month | 12 Comments

By popular demand Employee of the Month from June 2009 Cheri Leah makes her appearance on the Playboy Blog. This cute babe has a nice set of titties, which I am sure most of you would like to suck on.

Playboy. What is it that you do?
CHERI: I’m a trip coordinator. I schedule flights for rich people at a private hangar.
PLAYBOY: So when they come to your office….
CHERI: No, it’s all done over the phone. I don’t meet the clients.
PLAYBOY: You mean they don’t use a pretty girl like you to drum up business?
CHERI: I guess they don’t need to. It’s great for me. I can just roll out of bed, throw on sweatpants and head to work.
PLAYBOY: Well, you do have a sexy phone voice and a cute name.
CHERI: At least my name isn’t something boring like Sarah. I like having this crazy name. Thanks, Dad!
PLAYBOY: Craziest thing you’ve done?
CHERI: Sex on the beach.
PLAYBOY: In the sand?
CHERI: Nope. Cheri on top.

Cheri Leah sent me this brand new photo so share with you. Check Cheri over at her myspace page


Photos from her photoshoot from Playboy.

Cheri Leah 1 Cheri Leah 2

Cheri Leah 3 Cheri Leah 4

See Cheri over at Playboy

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Tiffani Shipman Playboy Employee of the Month December 2009

November 14, 2009 | Playboy Employee of the Month | 10 Comments

Tiffani Shipman is the Playboy Employee of the Month for December 2009. This sexy busty blonde gets to sell trucks for a living.. so guys.. looking for a new truck.. you know where to go!!

Playboy got all the hot news from Tiffani Shipman

Playboy: Where do you work?
Tiffani: I work at South Central Sport-Chassis,… which sells trucks.

Playboy: What do you do exactly?
Tiffani: I sell trucks, and I do everything from going to events like the Barrett-Jackson car auction with them to getting dirty in the shop working on them.

Playboy: Wow.
Tiffani: Yes, that’s the reaction I normally get. [giggles]

Playboy: What type of clientele do you have?
Tiffani: We have sold trucks to Chris “Birdman” Andersen, Leonard Davis of the Cowboys, Shaquille O’Neal and a few other celebrities.

Playboy: Shaq Diesel?
Tiffani: Yep, we sold him a P2.

Playboy: What’s your favorite model?
Tiffani: I love the P4XL. It’s just a big, sexy truck.

Playboy: Does size matter?
Tiffani: Definitely—that’s what we print on the back of our pit shirts.

Playboy: Do you have a shop shirt with your name on it?
Tiffani: You know it.

Playboy: Now that’s a turn-on. Can one have sex on a creeper?
Tiffani: There’s a lot that can go on under the hood….

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Amber Jay : Employee of the Month November 2009

October 17, 2009 | Playboy Employee of the Month | 5 Comments

Amber Jay is Playboys Employee of the Month for November 2009.

Playboy found out a little more about Amber Jays job!

Playboy: That’s quite an outfit. What do you wear to work?
Amber: This….

Playboy: Okay, what do you wear over that?
Amber: No, this is my uniform. Almost, at least.

Playboy: Huh?
Amber: I work at Knotty Bodies Espresso. It’s a coffee stand in Seattle where we wear lingerie and bikinis, and every Friday is costume day.

Playboy: Costume day?
Amber: On Knotty Fridays you get to put on outfits. I rock full-on thigh highs.

Playboy: That made us perk right up.
Amber: That’s kind of the point. It’s an awesome job. I love my customers.

Playboy: We didn’t think Seattle had year-round bikini weather.
Amber: We have a space heater.

Playboy: What’s the hardest part of the job—picking out what to wear?
Amber: No. It’s either being on my feet all day or waking up at four in the morning and leaving my little black pug, Mia, in my bed.

Playboy: We want to wake up to you every morning.
Amber: I’ve heard that one a few times before.

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Sarah Pine : Employee of the Month September 2009

August 14, 2009 | Playboy Employee of the Month | 9 Comments

Sarah Pine is Playboy’s Employee of the Month for September 2009

Playboy Magazine asked our Nurse Sarah Pine all the hard hitting questions.

Playboy: Judging by your outfit, you work in the medical field, correct?

Sarah: I’m a nurse for a private-practice plastic surgeon….

Playboy: So you….
Sarah: Like you guys, I look at breasts all day. There’s a little more to it than that, though. I assist in surgery, monitor patients post-op and do a lot of clerical stuff.

Playboy: Have you gone under the knife?
Sarah: I brought my cup size up to a full C.

Playboy: Yet they’re usually hidden under your uniform. Do you like wearing scrubs?
Sarah: Yes, I guess you could say that I wear pajamas and look at breasts all day at work—much like Hef.

You can see all of Sarah Pine’s photos at Playboy

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