Christina Santiago Playboy Playmate August 2002

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Christina Santiago is the Playboy Playmate for August 2002, and this gorgeous brunette won the crown of Playboy Playmate of the Year for 2003. The 20-year-old Chicago native’s striking features helped her become a professional model, and she appeared in Fox’ Girl Next Door: The Search for a Playboy Centerfold. “I didn’t feel uncomfortable, because I’m content with my body, and I’m not afraid to show it.” She was even less shy around the cameramen recording her every move for two weeks — much of the footage was deemed too hot for television. “We couldn’t talk to the crew at all,” she says. “The only thing that we could do when the cameramen left the room, which was probably mean on our part, was to purposely do something outrageous so they’d run back to the room trying to get to their cameras. I made out with this girl on the show, but I don’t think you see that on network TV.” So all signs point to the contestants’ getting along, right? “Everyone thought there would be catfights. But the contract specifically said, ‘No pulling hair, no spitting, no biting,'” she says. “I was laughing so hard!”

“I’m attracted to guys who are older than 26, over six feet tall, with a nice ass. I’m a butt girl, so I like a guy who has a nice body and takes good care of himself. He doesn’t have to be cut, just not fat, OK? I would love it if a guy would take me out to karaoke on a first date, because that would show how open-minded and courageous he is. I can always feel the vibe right away if there’s the potential to date someone seriously. In the near future, I see myself with my man in our house, being very happy.”

Christina Santiago Bio

Name: Christina L. Santiago
Birthplace: Chicago, IL
Bust: 34″
Waist: 24″
Hips: 33″
Height: 5′ 5″
Weight: 108 lbs

Ambitions: To become an actress or choreographer.
Turn-Ons: Good looks, honesty, good sense of humor, intelligence and a man in touch with his sensitive side.
Turnoffs: Vanity, dishonesty, superficial people and stupidity.
Every Woman Should Have: Great shoes, sexy underwear, and Eminem CD and a toothbrush!
My Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers, pizza puffs and goat cheese salad.
Five Movies I’ve Watched Several Times: “Pretty Woman,” “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” “Friday,” “What Dreams May Come,” “Ace Ventura – Pet Detective.”

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