Deisy and Sarah Teles Playboy Playmates December 2003

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Deisy and Sarah Teles are the Playboy Playmates for December 2003. Brazilian twins Sarah and Deisy Teles make us wish that studying Portuguese were mandatory in college. Although the girls are also fluent in Spanish and Italian (their grandparents moved to Brazil from Italy), they are just learning English, so we have to share them with a translator. When they arrive in Los Angeles from their home in São Paulo, the 20-year-old bronzed beauties exude a zest for life that crosses all language barriers. “We love the tropical weather and the amazing food in Brazil,” they say. “The carnival is so vibrant, with music and dancing on the beach all night. Still, we would consider moving to America because the economy is better and crime is lower. You can’t walk alone on the streets at night in São Paulo — it’s too dangerous.”

The double Miss Decembers were working in a hair salon a couple of years ago when a modeling agent discovered them. Though their parents are proud that their daughters have now come to America to work, the twins plan to return to Brazil to attend college soon. “I want to study psychology,” says Deisy, “because I think the human mind is fascinating and I want to know why people behave the way they do.” Sarah plans to study medicine and would like to open her own beauty salon. “I want to have it in Brazil, because my aunts and my mom are all stylists,” she says. “It’s always better when your family works for your business. I want to be surrounded by family and friends and enjoy every moment of life to its fullest.”

Name: Deisy and Sarah Teles
Birthplace: Muçum – RS – Brazil
Bust: 36
Waist: 25
Hips: 36
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 123 lbs

Ambitions: Finish my psychology course and be always healthy / study medicine.
Turn-Ons: A guy with nice eyes, back, smile, beautiful tan.
Turnoffs: Guys who like to show off, who have a bad attitude, dirty shoes, dirty teeth.
Jobs We Had Before We Were Models: Manicure, makeup stylist, clothing sales, secretary, singers in pizzerias.
Eight Cds We Can’t Live Without: Sade, Eric Clapton, U2, Eminem, Terra Samba, Ivete Sangalo, Milton Nascimento, Caetano Veloso.
Favorite Foods: Rice, beans, steak, french fries, salad and at the end of the year for Christmas, a whole turkey!!

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