Jennifer and Natalie Campbell Playboy Playmates December 2008

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Jennifer and Natalie Campbell are the Playboy Playmates for December 2008. The identical twins from Colorado who delight in their differences despite their obvious similarities. Both played volleyball in high school, both attended the University of Northern Colorado, both have dogs, and they all live together. Jennifer, the older twin feels she is more of a girlie-girl and more studious, notwithstanding her racy tattoo — a butterfly on her lower stomach. Natalie describes herself as more of an athletic tomboy who enjoys boating, camping and fishing. “Our parents were really good about letting us be individuals,” says Jennifer. “We each definitely have our own personality.”

The two Misses December were discovered by a Playboy scout when Natalie entered a swimsuit contest at a Hooters. The twins moved to southern California last May to pursue the opportunity. “We miss home, but we love it here,” says Natalie. The sisters plan on returning to Colorado to spend Christmas with their parents and older brother, all of whom support their decision to pose for Playboy.

Natalie and Jennifer say they’ve never gone for the same guy at the same time, but they both have a thing for men in uniform. “Whether it be policemen, firemen or military men — it’s all so sexy,” says Natalie. Jennifer, who has been in only two serious relationships, adds, “I’ve always been the type of person who, if I’m going to be intimate, has to be in love.”

The Campbell twins want to continue modeling before returning to finish school. Jennifer desires a degree in psychology and wants to work with kids; Natalie loves animals and is eyeing a career in the veterinary field. Though they’ve enjoyed their party days, they both say they’ve settled down a bit. “Our close friends would say we’re double the trouble,” says Jennifer. “I think we’re double the fun.”

Jennifer and Natalie Campbell Bio

Name: Jennifer and Natalie Campbell
Birthplace: Greeley, CO
Bust: 34″
Waist: 25
Hips: 35
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 115 lbs

Ambitions: To further our careers in modeling and finish our degrees.
Turn-Ons: Men in uniform, honesty, a good sense of humor, a nice smile and men who are tall, dark and handsome.
Turnoffs: Liars, bad hygiene, egotistical guys, laziness and men with a bad sense of style.
Favorite Things To Do Together: Modeling, shopping, traveling, playing volleyball and watching TV.
Jobs We Had Before Playboy: Hooters Girl, jewelry salesperson and full-time student.
Plans For Furthering Our Education: Jennifer — finishing my degree in child psychology. Natalie — finishing my degree in biomedical sciences.
The Wilder Sister: Natalie

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