Jennifer Pershing Gets Naked After a Concert

May 17, 2014 | Jennifer Pershing, Playboy Playmates | 1 Comment

Sexy blonde Jennifer Pershing is backstage at the club, after enjoying the performance of an awesome local band. You can’t help but love the idea of running into such a stunning Playboy Playmate this way, and she is looking fine in her black shirt and little gray skirt! But you’re about to get very lucky, because when this golden beauty looks at you, she likes what she sees.

As soon as she’s sure you are alone together in your little corner, she slips off her clothes to give you a personal show. She smiles over her shoulder at you, knowing that she’s driving you a little crazy with every move she makes. Her tiny panties leave very little to the imagination, but you still get excited when she slips them off. Jennifer Pershing loves feeling so free and naughty as she stands naked before you – wearing only her boots.

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Jennifer Pershing Playboy Playmate Xtra Week 3

January 20, 2011 | Playboy Playmates, Jennifer Pershing | 5 Comments

Its that time of the week when our Playmate Xtra Jennifer Pershing graces our screen with her amazing body. Our blonde bombshell is a sailor girl this week.. well she is wearing a sailors hat and a frilly red dress with cream stockings. Its not long before Jennifer’s breasts come out of her bra and she drops her dress to the floors revealing her gorgeous hot body! Enjoy these preview pictures and be sure to see the video as well in the member area.

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Jennifer Pershing Playboy Playmate Xtra January Week 2

January 13, 2011 | Playboy Playmates, Jennifer Pershing | Post A Comment

Jennifer Pershing is back again this week as the Playboy Playmate Xtra for January. This new exclusive pictorial has Jennifer Pershing in a sexy bra and panties up against wire mesh.. looks like in the basement of a building. Jennifer takes off her bra to release her perky breasts, that are an amazing site to behold. Be sure to enter the Playboy Cyberclub to grab this weeks pictures and movie of Jennifer!

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Jennifer Pershing Playboy Playmate March 2009

January 6, 2011 | Playboy Playmates, Jennifer Pershing | 3 Comments

Jennifer Pershing is the Playboy Playmate for March 2009, and for January 2011 she has been named as the Playboy Playmate Xtra. Four hot weeks of new pictures and videos of Jennifer Pershing await us! At Key Club one night we spotted Jennifer Pershing, a 28-year-old platinum goddess, dancing onstage. “I go there every week to see a band called Steel Panther,” says Jennifer. “I grew up loving Motley Crue, Guns N’ Roses and Poison, and this is my outlet because these guys are so good at recreating that vibe. Maybe I’m attracted to guys in spandex who wear makeup. It’s just my thing.”

Jenn’s idea of a good time is to hit the Strip with her gal posse and party like it’s 1989. “My friends are superhot. We put on little shiny pants and rock knee-high boots and all that fun stuff,” she says. “One night a Playboy scout approached me and asked if I would pose for the magazine, which had been my dream since I was 18. What’s funny is that just before he asked me, I had watched the movie The Secret. The idea in the film is ‘If you want something, ask the universe for it.’ So I would do this little meditation and imagine how I would feel when my dreams came true. It seemed so stupid when I was doing it, but literally a month later I was at a Playboy test shoot.”

Jennifer Pershing Bio

Name: Jennifer Pershing
Birthplace: Somers Point, NJ
Bust: 35″
Waist: 27
Hips: 37
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 125 lbs

Ambitions: To be a stay-at-home mom, run my own day care and follow Dave Matthews’s tour bus!
Turn-Ons: Bald heads, concerts, motorcycle rides, a nice smile, cologne that smells good — not strong!
Turnoffs: When guys huddle in a group to decide which one will approach but no one gets the nerve to.
A Website That I Always Visit: (I’m addicted!).
I Have A Weakness For: Chili’s, Denny’s, ramen noodles.
Someone I Want To Meet And Why: There are two…(1) Dave Matthews because his music is my happy place, and (2) Jenny McCarthy because her work for autism awareness means a lot to me.
The Best Way To Get A Man’s Attention: Smile at him.
My Favorite Book: The Notebook

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