Tina Jordan Playboy Playmate March 2002

December 4, 2011 | Playboy Playmates, Tina Jordan | 6 Comments

Tina Jordan is the Playboy Playmate for March 2002. Tina has had her exclusive online pictorial restored and added to the Playboy Cyberclub today as well as two video clips.

Miss March Tina Jordan is a California girl with a serious need for speed. “I grew up in the Los Angeles area and can’t imagine living anywhere else,” she says. “I have six sisters and two brothers and we were a his, hers and ours family — very Brady Bunch. I can be soft, sweet and personable when you meet me, but I have an edgy side, too. I like to go out at night and have serious fun!”

The 29-year-old thrill seeker started her career at a modest pace. “I went to college, business school and cosmetology school,” she tells us. “I tried many different jobs and just wasn’t happy. I was a loan processor — boring! — for two years and met Hef when I was going to get my real estate license.” The two hit it off at LA’s Garden of Eden and Tina eventually moved into the Mansion. “Hef just wants to have a good time and be happy,” she says. “He’s a warm and generous person — a family man — who cares a great deal about me and my three-year-old daughter. My 16-year-old brother thinks I’m so cool now because he got to meet Fred Durst at Hef’s birthday party.”

Tina Jordan Bio

Name: Tina Marie Jordan
Birthplace: North Hollywood, California
Bust: 34DD
Waist: 24
Hips: 34
Height: 5′ 5″
Weight: 115 lbs

Ambitions: To live my life with laughter and lots of love.
Turn-Ons: A tall, dark and handsome Italian man who smells good! I like Ralph Lauren’s Romance!
Turnoffs: Freeloaders, laziness, negativity, dwellers and arrogance.
My Ideal Romantic Getaway: Somewhere tropical, so you could make love on the beach. Then it would rain and you’d run inside, soaking wet and make love again by the fireplace during the storm!
If I Had More Time I Would: Finish all the books I’ve started!
My Favorite Cd: Ginuwine – The Life and of course, the ones I burned myself!
People I Really Admire: Oprah Winfrey and my mom!

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Heather Carolin Playboy Playmate April 2002

November 27, 2011 | Heather Carolin, Playboy Playmates | 9 Comments

Heather Carolin is the Playboy Playmate for April 2002. In what can only be described as a disgraceful oversight on the blog, we finally showcase Heather Carolin, who was one of the hottest redheads to have graced the pages of Playboy. With her exclusive online photos and videos restored and re-released today, it is time to revisit this naturally gorgeous Playmate!

Heather has the mantra to kick a party into high gear. “Sex, drugs and rock and roll, baby!” she chants. “I can get a little rowdy, but I live my life so I don’t regret anything. I lost some friends a few years ago in a car accident. They were only 14 — a blonde and a redhead, just like my best friend and me. It made me realize that you have to live for the moment.”

Miss April isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty, either. “I don’t like girly girls,” she says. “My best friend is a girl and I have 20 guy friends. They’re more fun and like to party all night with me. Most girls come off as too prissy — they whine about spilling a little beer on their shirts. I don’t understand them at all. I love four-wheeling in a field with lots of mud.”

So what kind of guy captures Heather’s attention? “There’s something about tattoos and rock music, guys in bands,” she says. “I want someone who will go to a concert with me and go crazy in the mosh pit. I’m always going somewhere — spur-of-the-moment stuff. I’m just not a stay-at-home kind of girl.”

Heather Carolin Bio

Name: Heather M. Carolin
Birthplace: Harbor City, CA
Bust: 34B
Waist: 22
Hips: 30
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: 98 lbs

Ambitions: I might pursue modeling or acting, but otherwise psychology.
Turn-Ons: Confidence, men in uniform (especially firemen) and nice pecs.
Turnoffs: Egotistical and superficial people, bad hygiene and negative attitudes.
The Sexiest Man That Ever Lived Is: Jim Morrison.
My Favorite Bands: Metallica, Korn and AC/DC.
In Five Years: I hope I am happy and successful in whatever I do.
If I Had More Time, I’d Pursue: Photography, scuba diving, boating and traveling.
I Wish I Had: A 1967 Chevy Camaro SS.
If I Could Change Anything: I would want a bigger lung capacity.

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Kyra Milan Playboy Playmate Xtra November 2011 Week 3

November 22, 2011 | Kyra Milan, Playboy Playmates | 8 Comments

The delicious Kyra Milan has returned this week to please our eyes with her lovely figure dressed in sexy stockings. Kyra stands seductively in the doorway, and enters the bedroom. She slowly pulls down her nylons and poses on the bed, revealing her natural beauty in all the right places. This is a very sexy set of photos, be sure to check them out along with her video inside the Playboy Cyberclub.

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Vanessa Gleason Playboy Playmate September 1998

November 19, 2011 | Playboy Playmates, Vanessa Gleason | 6 Comments

Vanessa Gleason is the Playboy Playmate for September 1998. Vanessa Gleason was one of the hottest Playmates in the 1990’s and came back as a Playmate Xtra a few years ago to show that her body is still as hot as it was back in 1998!

“I was born horse crazy,” 19-year-old Vanessa Gleason declares, plopping her size-three figure into a seat at a sunny Santa Monica eatery. “I rode seriously from the age of 12 to the age of 16. I did the horse shows. Then I discovered boys, and I had no time for horses!” Horses, boys, surfing, modeling. Lately, the ebullient Mexican American, who grew up on the beach in San Diego, has had many options on her plate, and given her I-can-do-anything attitude, we can’t wait to see what she does next.

Vanessa Gleason Bio

Name: Vanessa Gleason
Birthplace: San Diego, CA
Bust: 34D
Waist: 23
Hips: 32
Height: 5′ 5″
Weight: 110 lbs

Ambitions: The next challenge for me would be to study acting.
Turn-Ons: Nice tans, confidence, honesty, skinny-dipping in the ocean, sex on the beach.
Turnoffs: I can’t stand obnoxious drunk guys, “macho” men and sugar daddies.
Travel Dream: I would love to see India and be immersed in what seems to be an exotic, elegant and very different culture.
Phrase I Live By: Carpe diem — seize the day!
I Stand Up For: Animal rights. I have been very active with many animal rights groups fighting animal cruelty, animal testing, fur farming and other essential issues.

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Kyra Milan Playboy Playmate Xtra November 2011 Week 2

November 15, 2011 | Kyra Milan, Playboy Playmates | 7 Comments

The gorgeous Kyra Milan is back this week in another amazingly sexy set. Posing in her white see through mesh top, and bikini bottoms, perky Kyra exposes her natural boobs before sliding down her bikini to reveal that she is bald down stairs. One of the hottest natural Playmates in recent years, be sure to check out her latest new pictures and video inside the Playboy Cyberclub.

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Leola Bell announced as the Playboy Playmate February 2012

November 14, 2011 | Leola Bell, Playboy Playmates | 5 Comments

Leola Bell has announced as the Miss February 2012. We met Leola earlier in the year in the Playboy Golf casting calls, and in the Playboy Miss Social contest. A recent interview with Leola Bell gleened the following information which you are sure to find fascinating.

Interview with Leola Bell

I think my best physical feature is: My eyes, but people never see them because there always staring at my breasts ha ha — so I’ll throw those guys on the list too.
Men say my best physical feature is: My small waist and my breasts for sure.
I wish more men would: Realize they don’t have to try so hard! Be yourself. And when you’re on a date, keep your eyes off other women! Jeez!
The key to my heart is: Laughter, respect, and good sex.
Compliment me on: My intellect and my Playboy spread. (I will get one, dammit!)
How much should a man groom his private parts?: As much as possible, with daily touchups. Nothing worse than smells and tangles down there.
My grooming down there: Goes between waxing and shaving. No hair. I live in Florida, and it’s hot!
Favorite style of panties: That would be a big none, but if I’m going to church, a wedding, or a funeral I wear thongs as a rule.
What I like in a bra: Something sexy and comfortable.
Pet name for my boobs: Ha! Um, I haven’t really thought about it. Let’s go with “the girls.”
What I love about my boobs: They are pretty big, but they are very nice to look at. And perky!
Physical feature I like to show off: My legs. I’m a Daisy Dukes kinda girl.
Something stupid men do or say when they first meet me: Are you a model? ‘Cause you should be. Ugh. Hate that.
I will sleep with you when: We are in a relationship, or headed for one very soon.
I will never sleep with you if: You are pushy about it.
My philosophy of sex: It’s amazing. Do it every day. Even if you’re just doing it with yourself.
My philosophy of life: Be true to yourself, march to the beat of your own drum and don’t be afraid of what other people think. As long as your not hurting anyone, do what you want!
I should be on the cover of Playboy because: There’s never been a Playmate quite like me. I’ll bring a quiet, confident sexiness that hasn’t been seen since the first lady of Playboy, Marilyn Monroe

Leona Bell Vital Stats

Measurements: 35D-23-34
Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 114 lbs
Hometown/Birthplace: Rockville, MD.

Enjoy these hot preview pictures and video from her casting call and modelling pictures, and be sure to see her get naked in a brand new pictorial in Playboy next year!

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Michele Rogers Playboy Playmate June 2002

November 13, 2011 | Michele Rogers, Playboy Playmates | 3 Comments

Michele Rogers is the Playboy Playmate for June 2002. In the Cyberclub today her exclusive online pictures and video have been restored, so be sure to log in and check those out.

“I am a mutt,” says Michele Rogers of her exotic good looks. “My dad is Hawaiian and my mom is a mixture of French, Irish and German.” The Honolulu native abandoned leis and pristine beaches when, at the age of three, she moved to Michigan with her mother after her parents’ divorce. “It was total culture shock,” she says. “From there we moved to California, but I like to go back to Oahu or Maui a couple of times a year.” The 26-year-old makeup artist is now in the business of making women more beautiful. “I’ve been doing makeup since I was 18,” she says. “I love art, and my work is so creative. You can transform a person by using different colors and textures. It’s fun.”

Michele is also drawn to body art of a more permanent nature. “I find it sexy when guys have tattoos,” she says. “My boyfriend is fully sleeved on both arms and has a big maze on his back. It is completely sexy. Playboy is Michele’s foray into modeling. “I feel comfortable being nude,” she says. “Having to change facial expressions and building a relationship with the camera were difficult, but you get used to everyone being around you. If this leads to other modeling jobs, I’ll go for it.” Michele says she is protective of her family and friends and has zero attitude. “People have a preconception that I’m bitchy or stuck-up, but I am really goofy and approachable,” she says. “In five years I see myself married and starting a family. I want five kids and want to be surrounded by my friends and loved ones, having the time of our lives.”

Michele Rogers Bio

Name: Michele Rogers
Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii
Bust: 32B
Waist: 23
Hips: 33
Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 103 lbs

Ambitions: To lead a happy, healthy and prosperous life surrounded by friends and family.
Turn-Ons: Rock and roll, full lips, intellectual strength and most important, someone who can make me laugh.
Turnoffs: Men who tweeze and shape their eyebrows and guys who are overly cocky — it only proves their insecurities!
Favorite Bands: Billy Idol, Guns n’ Roses and Mötley Crüe. (I can’t help it. I’m addicted to glam rock.)
Three Places I Need To Experience: Greece, Tahiti and Thailand!
What I Miss Most About Hawaii: The laid-back vibe of the locals, the true blue ocean, unspoiled beaches and the lush rain forest.
Pets: I just got the cutest, fattest pug — Lola!! (She’s not a showgirl!!)

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Heather Knox announced as the Playboy Playmate January 2012

November 11, 2011 | Heather Knox, Playboy Playmates | 14 Comments

Heather Knox has been announced as Miss January 2012. Heather is a busty blonde bombshell who was discovered in the Columbus Casting Call back in September. We have some pictures and video from that shoot to wet your appetite for next year!

Heather Knox Bio

Measurements: 34DD-24-35
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 124 lbs
Age: 26

Enjoy these sneak peak pics and video from her casting call, and we will be sure to have all her exclusive new content up as soon as it is released!

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Rainy Day Jordan Playboy Playmate December 2011 Exclusive Pictures

November 11, 2011 | Playboy Playmates, Rainy Day Jordan | 7 Comments

With the Playboy Magazine December edition now released, the Playboy Cyberclub has the exclusive online pictures of Miss December Rainy Day Jordan. With her hot natural body on full naked display, enjoy these pictures before the full pictorial becomes available online next month.

Rainy Day Jordan Bio

Measurements: 34C-24-37
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 125 lbs
Birthplace: Abilene, TX

See more of Rainy Day Jordan nude inside the Playboy Cyberclub.

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Ciara Price Playboy Playmate November 2011

November 10, 2011 | Ciara Price, Playboy Playmates | 14 Comments

Ciara Price is the Playboy Playmate for November 2011. Forget Microsoft Support. Allow Miss November Ciara Price to troubleshoot your digital woes. “Ever since the seventh grade I’ve been a closet nerd who took apart computers and put them back together again,” the 21-year-old wireless consultant says. At school Ciara realized her techie wiles had the power to short-circuit the opposite sex. “I was the only girl in my computer class, and because tech talk is like a competition, the guys loved that I could keep up with them,” explains Ciara, who when she wasn’t online as a teenager was pirouetting in dance class. “I was like, Yes! I can finally talk to the boys about something!” Next on the Maine native’s drop-down menu is a move to Los Angeles, which of course will require packing up her iPad, MacBook, digital cameras, flash drives and whatever cell phone she’s toting around at the moment (“It’s a problem–I go through two or three of them a year”). Charged up over becoming a Playmate, an unexpected turn of events that came about when a photographer friend urged her to try modeling, Ciara says, “I’m so proud, excited and, yes, thankful!” Then she winks. “See, I figured I’d be spending the month at my desk back in Maine, but now I’m totally hardwired for the L.A. experience.”

Ciara Price Bio

Name: Ciara Price
Birthplace: Portland, ME
Bust: 32C
Waist: 25
Hips: 35
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: 118 lbs

Ambitions: To start my own photography business and become a permanent part of Playboy Enterprises.
Turn-Ons: Guys who kiss great and have toned backs, blue eyes and a little scruffy facial hair.
Turnoffs: Sloppy boozehound slackers who don’t make the effort to step up to the plate–Get off your mama’s couch now!
My Music Hero: Jared Leto and his band Thirty Seconds to Mars. His music and videos empower me by showing that positive change is possible.
Unexpected Interest: It surprises people that I love intense contact sports like hockey and the WWE.
Thanksgiving Confession: I’m crazy about turkey dinner; it’s yummy and the tryptophan gives me extra beauty rest!

See all of Ciara Price’s stunning nude photos inside the Playboy Cyberclub.

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Kyra Milan Playboy Playmate Xtra November 2011

November 8, 2011 | Kyra Milan, Playboy Playmates | 6 Comments

Kyra Milan is the Playboy Playmate Xtra for November 2011. Our gorgeous Miss March is here to dazzle our senses with her amazingly sexy body all this month as she brings us new pictures and videos each week. In this weeks edition, Kyra Milan finds herself in a diner, dressed in her checked shirt and denim shorts, which naturally must come off.. wouldn’t this be a sight to see at lunch time!

Kyra Milan Bio

Measurements: 32B-24-33
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 120 lbs
Hometown: Lake City, FL

See more of Kyra Milan naked inside the Playboy Cyberclub.

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Olivia Paige Playboy Lingerie December / January

October 29, 2011 | Olivia Paige, Playboy Playmates | 10 Comments

Olivia Paige makes a welcomed appearance in the December / January edition of Playboy’s Book of Lingerie. Our Miss September 2010 gets to wear a sexy little pink and white checked lacy bra and panties, which naturally gets removed so that we can also admire her hot body. Miranda Jordan, Rachel Louise, Monique Moore and Lacy Ann Spice also make an appearance and you can see some of their photos inside the Playboy Cyberclub from the magazine.

See all the hottest Playboy models in Lingerie at the Cyberclub

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Dalene Kurtis Playboy Playmate Xtra October Week 4

October 25, 2011 | Dalene Kurtis, Playboy Playmates | 8 Comments

Dalene Kurtis is back one last time as the Playboy Playmate Xtra for October and it is with great sadness we only get to see her hot body one more time. Wearing a pair of skimpy purple panties, our Playmate from September 2001, slides the off, and her smooth pussy (she was the first Playmate to pose bald!) on show, as well as her hot ass. After all these years Dalene is still smoking hot. Jump into the Playboy Cyberclub to grab all her latest photos and video clips and lets hope she comes back again one day!

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Shallan Meiers Playboy Playmate September 2002

October 23, 2011 | Shallan Meiers | 4 Comments

Shallan Meiers is the Playboy Playmate for September 2002. Today inside the Playboy Cyberclub, Shallan has had her online exclusive pictures and videos restored.

Shallan Meiers had the right look to become one of the three finalists on the Fox special Girl Next Door: The Search for a Playboy Centerfold, but the 20-year-old model had to overcome serious jitters about baring it all. “The show was one big Fear Factor for me,” she confesses. “I’ve been a shy person all my life. If I was ever into it with a guy, by God, the lights were off. I didn’t even want to change in front of anyone on the show.”

Shallan says she bonded with Miss August, Christina Santiago, after the program ended, and admits to cooking up a little mischief with contestant Jill Scott. “One night the cameramen watched us all go to bed,” she says. “I asked Jill, ‘I wonder what would happen if you jumped into bed with me right now?’ I thought it would be funny. So she jumps into bed, throws the covers over our heads and starts moving around like she’s humping me. The cameramen sounded like a herd of elephants running up the stairs. We were both in our own beds by the time they got there. They probably thought I was wild, and then I disappointed them. You put yourself out on a limb for a reality show, especially one with a controversial topic. I feel like it is easier now to let things roll off my back. I’m a more confident person.”

One thing Shallan isn’t shy about is what she looks for in a guy. “I have noticed that the conservative types tend to think alike — and that really bores me,” she says. “I gravitate toward people who live on the edge. I like a guy who has many layers. A lot of girls just base things on looks, but I don’t. Also, I don’t always go with what is logical, and I’ve never had the urge to try something that everyone else talks about — I never took any drugs or even smoked a cigarette. I get my own natural rush from things, and I like going out and finding that thrill in life.”

Shallan Meiers Bio

Name: Shallan Meiers
Birthplace: San Diego, CA
Bust: 34D
Waist: 24
Hips: 36
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 125 lbs

Ambitions: Grad with a degree in communications, pursue career in acting, marry the man of my dreams, have my “happily ever after.”
Turn-Ons: Humor, spontaneity, confidence, independence, gorgeous smile, ambitions, intelligence, how about a Boy Scout with piercings and tats?
Turnoffs: Side hair parts, Speedos, arrogance, dishonesty, a guy who needs to be perfect…. If you’re human, you’re not perfect. (Mean people suck!) Most important: someone who could treat their mother bad!
Favorite Authors: Anne Rice, Stephen King, Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe.
Five Bands I Listen To: System of a Down, Metallica, Unwritten Law, Staind and — who could forget — Sublime.
I’d Like To Travel To: Bali, Jamaica, fun under the sun and by the beach…perfect! But my dream is to visit Machu Picchu…sigh.
Sports That I Play: Snowboarding (yay!), mud or snow football, darts, is Play Station 2 a sport yet? I want to try more x-treme sports. Here I come Playboy X-Treme Team.

See all of Shallan Meier’s nude photos inside the Playboy Cyberclub.

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Victoria Silvstedt Playboy Playmate December 1996

October 22, 2011 | Playboy Playmates, Victoria Silvstedt | 2 Comments

Victoria Silvstedt is the Playboy Playmate for December 1996 and of course the Playboy Playmate of the Year 2007. One of the all time favourite Playmates, and its been remiss of us to put her pictorial up!

“The world thinks everyone in Sweden is tall and blonde,” says Victoria Silvstedt, who is grandly both. At six feet plus in high heels, Miss Sweden 1993 is blondeness perfected, the tallest and fairest of all. Growing up in the village of Bollnas near the Arctic Circle, Victoria had two goals: “I wanted to live in Paris and to be in the American Playboy,” she says. Miss December accomplished both goals this year. At 22, she has an apartment near the Arc de Triomphe. “I adore Paris. Frenchmen love to date models, so a girl can always have dinner for free. Of course, some guys think that means they can take you to bed,” she says. “But it’s not always so.” Victoria models all over Europe and occasionally in Asia, where she is seen as the ultimate blonde, the one to call when your product’s sales need a boost. Impulse buyers love her. But Victoria says, “I was doing well but wasn’t where I wanted to be” — meaning she wasn’t well known in her favorite country. “The whole world watches America. Even if we have to wait a year, we see all the American movies and wear all the American clothes. Even before I got to Paris I knew I wanted to make it in America.” This month the village girl whose teen rivals derided her ambitions officially becomes victorious.

“I want to make my boyfriend proud and my enemies jealous,” Victoria says. What better reasons to be a Playmate? Her Parisian boyfriend knew nothing of her plans. “I just told him I had a job to do,” she says. “Then he called the number I left him. They answered, ‘Hello, Playboy Mansion,’ and he said, ‘Aha!’ He was mad. But I think he’ll like the pictures.” As a world traveler, she gets weary of being away from her mate. “Too much telephone sex. I’m always seeing cute guys when I’m on my own — it’s frustrating! But who knows what might happen? I’m not married yet, am I?” she asks, smiling. Life wasn’t always so full of good opportunities. In tiny Bollnäs, “most girls get jobs or go away to the university. A few go to Stockholm, but most stay in the village.” Victoria entered the Miss Sweden pageant, which she won. Next came modeling jobs worldwide, and one day this blonde tower of Scandinavian design appeared at our Los Angeles offices. She said that she was ready to be a Playmate. We considered it for about one second before saying Ja.

Victoria Silvstedt Bio

Name: Victoria Silvstedt
Birthplace: Skelleftea, Sweden
Bust: 35
Waist: 25
Hips: 37
Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 140 lbs

Ambitions: To live and work in Paris and Los Angeles and make all of Sweden proud of me!
Turn-Ons: A suntanned wet body and a sexy butt!
Turnoffs: Pushy people, dishonesty, show-off guys!
American Men: They are active, gentlemanly, good looking — but I don’t know how they are in bed yet!
Favorite Foods: Lebanese and Japanese — and American, of course, because the portions are so big!
Sex Advice: Don’t go too far too fast.
Last Word: Watch out — I’ll be back!

Be sure to join the Playboy Cyberclub to see all of Victoria Silvstedt’s nude pictures and videos.

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Jaime Faith Edmondson Seagram’s 7 Crown Parody Ad

October 19, 2011 | Jaime Faith Edmondson, Playboy Playmates | 3 Comments

Simply because anything Jaime Faith Edmondson does is worth seeing, here is Jaime trying to do a Seagram’s ad. Our sexy Playmate can’t seem stick to the script at hand, and ends up on all sorts of tangents as she tries to explain how to make her favorite Seagram’s 7 Crown Stone Cherry drink in this parody video. The only version missing is one where she ends up naked, alas I will have to follow up and find out how this didn’t make it!

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Dalene Kurtis Playboy Playmate Xtra October 2011 Week 3

October 18, 2011 | Dalene Kurtis, Playboy Playmates | 6 Comments

Dalene Kurtis is back this week with some new photos to dazzle your senses. Posing outside in a pair of denim shorts and an off the shoulder top, Dalene is quick to let her big boobs go free. The denim shorts are slid down her legs, followed by her panties, leaving us to gaze on her still ever hot body. One of the hottest Playmates of all time, enjoy this months Playmate Xtra while it lasts!

See more nudes of Dalene Kurtis inside the Playboy Cyberclub.

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Rainy Day Jordan to be the Playboy Playmate December 2011

October 15, 2011 | Playboy Playmates, Rainy Day Jordan | 6 Comments

Rainy Day Jordan has been announced as being the Playboy Playmate for December 2011. You might recall Rainy Day was the Playboy Coed of the Week back in April, so be sure to refresh your memory of those pictures and also enjoy these pictures of her taken at the same time. She has also taken the time to make her name longer by adding Jordan, so we wait with anticipation to see how hot her new pictures will be!

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Tiffany Toth Non Nude Photos

October 15, 2011 | Playboy Playmates, Tiffany Toth | 1 Comment

This one is for all the Tiffany Toth fans that have Tiffany withdrawal systems already after her Playmate pictorial two months ago. Even though these are just non nude photos, wow does Tiffany look smoking hot so enjoy!

See Tiffany Toth nude Playboy

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Ciara Price Playboy Playmate November 2011 Online Exclusive Pictures

October 14, 2011 | Ciara Price, Playboy Playmates | 8 Comments

Ciara Price the Playboy Playmate of the month for November 2011, has had her Playboy Cyberclub exclusive pictures released today. This sexy blonde playmate is posing in black lingerie, sexily stripping it off for you giving you great view of her hot natural body! Certainly looking forward to seeing her full pictorial which will be released at the beginning of November.

Ciara Price Bio

Measurements: 32C-25-35
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 118 lbs
Birthplace: Portland, ME

See more of Ciara Price nude inside the Playboy Cyberclub.

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