Playboy Air Has the Hottest Flight Attendants

April 25, 2014 | Playboy Playmates, Marketa Janska, Pamela Horton, Alyssa Arce, Val Keil | 12 Comments

We’re hitting the runway with some of Playboy’s hottest Playmates. These babes are transporting us back to the golden age of air travel where everything was lavish and full of naughty behaviour! As you can see here, these vixens have skipped the traditional stewardess uniform and doned nothing more than a little hat, their big smiles, and each and every curve to their perfect bodies.

Even though these sirens are getting up to trouble on their own – smoking together in the lavatory and sneaking bottles of whisky and gin – they still manage to find the time to take care of the passengers. There’s plenty of issues of Playboy on hand for everyone’s in flight entertainment and what man wouldn’t want Val Keil kneeling before them pouring a glass of champagne?

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Raquel Pomplun and Pamela Horton on Epic Meal Time “The Holiday Platter” Video

November 26, 2013 | Playboy Playmates, Playmate of the Year, Raquel Pomplun, Pamela Horton | Post A Comment

The best way to heat up your kitchen this festive holiday season is by cooking with Playboy Playmates! 2013 Playmate of the Year Raquel Pomplun and Playboy Playmate October 2012 Pamela Horton are hanging out with YouTube chef Harley Morenstein to create a festive meal for Thanksgivukkah 2013. Once every thousand years or so, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving meet up on the calendar, so this is truly a special event. These babes really know their way around a kitchen, making such tasty treats as sweet potato latkes, cranberry-stuffed-challah French toast, and turkey bacon. With a sense of humor that matches their incredible beauty, these lovely Playboy models encourage you to step into the kitchen and get cooking too! With gifts like Playmates Raquel Pomplun and Pamela Horton around to be thankful for – every day is Thanksgiving and Hannukkah!

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Pamela Horton Dresses Up as Kick-Ass 2 Characters

August 15, 2013 | Playboy Playmates, Pamela Horton | 2 Comments

It’s extra special to see a deliciously hot Playboy Playmate like Pamela Horton embrace her inner cosplay fangirl and dress up as her favorite characters from the movie Kick-Ass 2.

Her green Kick-ass costume is definitely sexier than the character himself – and might stop the bad guys in their tracks a lot more effectively! She embraces her inner villain when she poses as MotherFucker in sexy red and black. And then there’s Hit Girl – all purple and ready to put a world of hurt on you if you cross her!

We’d love to hear from fans of Pamela Horton and Kick-Ass. Which character do you like seeing her dressed up as best? Which do you think suits her the most? One thing is certain – this Playboy Playmate kicks ass in all kinds of ways – and her cosplay is only one of many examples of that!

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Pamela Horton Playboy Playmate October 2012 Online Exclusives

October 16, 2012 | Playboy Playmates, Pamela Horton | 6 Comments

Miss October 2012, Pamela Horton has had her online exclusive pictorial finally released at Playboy Plus. Our Playboy Playmate is looking super sexy in a little black bra and thong number… one that she is more than happy to strip off as well! Pamela sheds her bra to expose her firm perky breasts, and the thong follows soon after, so that her hot naked body is on full show. Celebrate October with Pamela Horton and her amazing body!

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Pamela Horton Playboy Playmate October 2012

September 25, 2012 | Playboy Playmates, Pamela Horton | 12 Comments

Pamela Horton is the Playboy Playmate for October 2012. It’s an indisputable fact: Art envelopes every aspect of Pamela Horton’s life. “I embrace any art form,” says the 24 year old multimedia artiste from Kansas. “I’ve delved into everything, acrylics, pastels,
sculpting, and even glassblowing.” Inspiration has a tendency to strike her at will. “When I hear a song – especially a Queen song – I picture an image in my head that I must put down on paper. I’ve also always loved video games and comic books, so when I paint in oil, I start with something realistic, but it inevitably scoots off into cartoon territory. I’m definitely prone to the fantastic!”

Pamela actually began her career on the other side of the canvas as a nude model. “There are very few nude models in Kansas because it’s such a conservative place. But I think the human body is God’s greatest artistic creation, so I have always been totally comfortable posing nude. I see myself and everyone else as a piece of art.” Since we consider Pamela a masterpiece, we enlisted her for our cover in addition to her duties as Miss October. “I’ve had many blessings in my life, but this double whammy is the biggest of them all,” says Pamela, who is attending Wichita State University for two years with the intention of becoming a children’s art therapist. “I loved school, and I’m dying to return,” she says. “But for now, my head is reeling from the opportunity before me. Catch me before I faint, because this is the most emotional moment of my entire life!”

Pamela Horton Bio

Bust: 32C
Waist: 22
Hips: 35
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 110 lbs
Birthplace: Whittier, California

Ambitions: To work for a well known video game company as a character designer. Acting wouldn’t be bad :)
Turn-ons: A man (or woman :) ) with a strong physique who isn’t afraid to hit the gym with me!!
Turnoffs: Guys who can’t appreciate a person for who they are on the inside. Thanks for thinking I’m pretty, but this girl is looking for a real connection.
Feline Pals: I would not be able to survive without snuggles from my three cats, Moose, Squirrel and Turtle
My Confession: I am obsessed with MMOs! I love being known as every gamer guys dream. It makes me feel sexy!
My Favourite Artist: My father. He definitely has a unique vintage style. I learned from the very best!
My Hero: Freddie Mercury, the creative mastermind!

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