Stephanie Larimore posing in body paint

September 20, 2013 | Playboy Playmates, Stephanie Larimore | 2 Comments

Thanks to our friends at The Smoking Jacket, I stumbled across these smoking hot new photos of Miss June 2006 Stephanie Larimore! And what better thing to do than ask her a few questions while staring at her perfect set of painted breasts. We could all learn to love baseball after these photos!

Playboy: Is this the first time you’ve done pictures with body paint?
Stephanie Larimore: Yes it was my first time photographed in body paint. however, I was body-painted once before, for Hef’s Mid Summer Nights Dream party.

Playboy: How long does it take to apply?
Stephanie Larimore: It took about an hour to do, which was surprising to me.

Playboy: Does it feel strange when people are applying the paint on your more sensitive bits?
Stephanie Larimore: It didn’t feel strange, just a little cold.

Playboy: Did you guys shoot the pics outside? Anything risky happen?
Stephanie Larimore: We shot the pics outside at an actually baseball field. We had a few onlookers but it didn’t seem to bother them at all.

Playboy: Does it take a long time to wash the body paint off? Do you need a lot a lot of soap for that purpose? Or just a medium amount of soap?

Stephanie Larimore: It took quite a while to get the paint off. I must have scrubbed for 30 mins and red paint was all over my shower curtain.

Playboy: What else are you up to, when you’re not being secretly naked in body-painted duds?

Stephanie Larimore: I work as an esthetician and beauty advisor, and I still do work for Playmate Promotions on the side.

Playboy: What was your first Playboy?
Stephanie Larimore: My first Playboy was a copy signed by Hef…it had Pamela Anderson on the cover. I had it framed. It’s a gorgeous cover!

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Stephanie Larimore Playboy Playmate June 2006 Xtra

December 7, 2011 | Playboy Playmates, Stephanie Larimore | 7 Comments

Stephanie Larimore was the Playboy Playmate of the Month for June 2006 and these Playmate Xtra images are stunning evidence of how she has managed to stay in the dreams of fans ever since.

The busty babe from Indiana started off as a Cyber Girl and then progressed to Cyber Girl of the Month and appeared in the Vixens Playboy Special Edition.

I dreamed about being a Playmate every night after becoming a Cyber Girl,” she says. “Then it just happened, and I was jumping around and doing cartwheels.

While we would have oved to see that sight, we are even more thrilled to see these sexy shower images of the buxom brunette getting wet for us. She handles the showerhead like a pro as she soaks her white shirt and shows her exposed cooch with it’s thin landing strip of hair. Damp cotton clings to her ample breasts as excited nipples poke against the material. Stephanie strips it all off and then lets her hair down to really enjoy the eroticism of the moment while knowing that you are looking at her in this moment of provocative play.

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Stephanie Larimore Playboy Playmate June 2006

February 9, 2011 | Playboy Playmates, Stephanie Larimore | 10 Comments

Stephanie Larimore is the Playboy Playmate for June 2006, and she is back once more with some hot new photos to spread the love for Valentine’s Day. Playboy asked Miss June what else makes her jump for joy. “The Indianapolis Colts,” she says. “I go to every game I can, and I need a guy who enjoys that too. He should wear Colts jerseys with me, as well as paint his face and dye his hair blue for the games…. Okay, I’m just kidding. I may paint a number on the side of my cheek. But I love to hang and flirt with the guys.” When absent from the RCA Dome, Stephanie enjoys a quiet night at a lounge with close friends. “I’m not the crazy girl who starts dancing on top of the bar,” she says but then reconsiders. “Well, I’ve calmed down. I used to be a go-go dancer, and once I was doing a choreographed dance on the top of a bar. I was wearing little Daisy Duke shorts and a cowboy hat. As soon as I started, I slipped on some ice and fell into the ice trough. It was the beginning–and pretty much the end–of my go-go-dancing career.”

Stephanie Larimore Bio

Name: Stephanie Larimore
Bust: 34C
Waist: 23
Hips: 34
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: 105 lbs
Birthplace: Ft. Wayne, IN

Ambitions: To put 100% effort into anything I do, whether it’s modeling, acting, fashion coordinating or owning a spa.
Turn-Ons: Eye-contact, good manners, intelligence, confidence, a sense of humor, nice abs and a smile.
Turnoffs: Arrogance, materialism, smoking, spitting, bad hygiene, drug use, shallowness and laziness.
Previous Modeling Work: I have been modeling for about six years, doing various work for companies such as Lucas Oil, Hawaiian Tropic, Pirelli tires, Joe Rocket and Miller Lite.
If I Had More Time, I Would: Do more charity work, adopt a pet, spend more time with my family and friends & take culinary classes.
Five Movies I Watch Repeatedly: Titanic, Meet Joe Black, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Scarface & The Wedding Planner.
My Three Favorite Cities: L. A., Las Vegas and New York City.

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