Fran Jeffries Playboy Magazine February 1971

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Fran Jeffries is a very special Playboy Celebrity. This wonderful American actress, singer, and model had a fun cameo in The Pink Panther in 1963 where she danced around a fireplace while singing. She also sang in the first sequel. She released the album (and single) “Sex and the Single Girl” in 1964 and recorded other albums after that. She has appeared in Playboy twice and dazzled the world with her beautiful pictorials.

Whether showing off her statuesque physique in flowing fabrics, or standing up to her waist in water, the sunlight dancing off her lovely breasts, Fran Jeffries is a stunner. Her fresh natural beauty is the kind of thing that leads men to sensuous fantasies and after that, her many talents as a singer and actress are simply the decadent icing on a wonderfully delicious cake!

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