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Leeann Tweeden appears on the cover December 2011 edition of Playboy Magazine. If you’re a professional poker player, you know not to chase an inside straight and are careful not to get bluffed out of a pot on the flop. But some… dangers will blindside you—like appearing on NBC’s Poker After Dark and finding yourself completely distracted by the vision of your hostess, Leeann Tweeden.

“A lot of the poker players are math whizzes, MIT grads with multiple doctorates,” Leeann reports. “They’re brilliant, and they’re cool people, but a lot of them are not socialized. They spend their time online.” So when she interviews the players, she says, the reaction is often hormone-induced paralysis: “Ooohhh, pretty girl.”

Leeann may not have advanced degrees, but she was smart enough to graduate high school early, at the age of 16, in Manassas, Virginia. She then won a model-search contest and moved to Hollywood. “I never had to be a waitress or a call girl,” she says. Instead, she became a model for Frederick’s of Hollywood, a regular on ESPN2’s Fitness Beach and, for nearly seven years, a correspondent for Fox Sports’ Best Damn Sports Show Period.

Leeann’s latest thrill: posing for Playboy. It’s not her first time. Back in 1996 she appeared on an Olympics-themed cover but declined to do a pictorial. “Growing up, I was sort of prudish about being nude,” she explains. Now, at 38, she’s ready: “I’m secure in who I am now. I’ve always been a goody-two-shoes girl, but I’m making a choice to shake things up. Posing for Playboy is iconic. All these women I look up to have done it, like Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson and Bo Derek.”

Leeann Tweeden Bio

Measurements: 34-24-35
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 115lbs
Birthplace: Manasass, VA
Birthday: June 13, 1973

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